Soft Loans For Soft Heads

I truly despair at the fake news being published at The Rectum. The facts are a foreign country to Keith Jackson. His award-winning reportage now reaches an audience that is less than half of what it was when he informed us that The Bellshill Bounder was a self-made billionaire with wealth off the radar.

Things are so bad that I might have to cancel my Tinder Account.”

Let’s look at the facts and the known ‘knowns’ :-

1. Dave King is a glib and shameless liar who should not be believed on any matter unless it is supported by objective evidence. 

2. Ashley sold his shares to a Teutonic Big Cheese and Club Tropicana.

3. There has been no investment in the club save another £1.5m emergency loan in June. This may be converted into equity at a later date.

4. The rogue board have been engaging in a buy/boycott Hokey Cokey with merchandise and have been left with egg on their faces and no new kit launch for season 2017/2018.

5. The laughing stock clearance sale will barely cover the Puma advance and Sports Direct’s uplift. Net Profits will be negligible.

6. The £5m forecast from retail sales for Rangers Lite is a fantasy.

7. There are no investors lined up to buy a toxic stock with no listing.

8. As Ashley no doubt noted, if all soft loans are converted into equity all the current holdings will be diluted.

9. Caixinha’s Gypsey King journeymen are inordinately unlikely to challenge Celtic this season. Seven – in – a- row is a shoe-in.

10. The sale of the laughing stock is King’s Ratner moment.

11. The Takeover Panel will petition the Court of Session. When King inevitably shows his contempt of court, the next petition will be to ban him as a director in any UK plc. A warrant will be issued for his arrest.

12. No investors will look at a company in which the chairman is subject to a Cold Shoulder. Mike Ashley extricated himself before the ice age bites at Rangers Lite.

13. Halliday, O’Halloran and Mackay were sent home from  training on Thursday. They were told in no uncertain terms to find clubs or be confined to training with the youth academy. The austerity is oppressive at Auchenhowie.


Keith Jackson’s reportage is a confection of lies, fantasy and wishful thinking. A soft loan in June, with the majority of the players on 48 week contracts which do not include holiday pay, is a crisis. However you won’t read about this at The Rectum as they attempt to elevate their sales from their 16.4% year on year slump.

Jackson receives awards for his mendacious puff pieces, which tells one all one needs to know about the Scottish Fourth Estate which is in the toilet.

Dodgy Dave Goes To Blazes

As the laughing stock continues to shift at The Sports Direct Superstore, spare a thought for Keith Jackson’s numeracy skills and his mendacious claim that Rangers Lite will earn £5m from the new improved all singing and dancing Retail deal. In the unlikely event that Rangers Lite earned 20% of the £20, it would only take a mere 1,250,000 units to be sold to arrive at the magic quantum. When on the topic of real quanta, the 147,000 and change in average daily sales at The Rectum is leading to a cull at Central Quay. However, call me Mr. Bright Side but it’s good weather for fishing and ultimately a more honest endeavour than working at The Ministry of Pishery.

Jackson’s homage to King is so obsequious that one might find that the award-winning hack is up for adoption. I’m fairly certain that King’s wife Ladana could use a Kitchen Toto at Her Johannesburg pile. Jackson has the balance of bowing and scraping down to pat and would add value to any household where delusion is the common currency.

In an aside from Dave King, he was somewhat dismissive of Mark Warburton’s claim for constructive dismissal. It would seem that the prospective England manager has fallen off the Fire Wagon as it rushes to put out the next blaze caused by the Castlemilk pyromaniac. I believe you will find that The League Manager’s Association will be in touch and might go as far as to sequester any funds raised from the sale of Billy Gilmour.

Meanwhile, Dave seems to have forgotten that his appeal to the Takeover Panel was given short shrift. He has been ordered to make an offer for all shares. The Court of Session will rubber stamp The Takeover Panel’s ruling and issue a legal edict. Should King continue to avoid his carpetbagging responsibilities he will be charged with contempt of court. With his rap sheet he could be sent down.

Mike Ashley may have taken a £350,000 bath on his shares, but in the final analysis this is a small price to pay to avoid The Cold Shoulder which will bring a new ice age to Ibrox. If Rangers Lite cannot raise an I.O.U. in a matchsticks poker school, getting to the end of season sailing on the sea of illiquidity will be somewhat hazardous.

King may have dodged a bullet but the Takeover Panel are not firing blanks.








Crouching Puma – Crushing Board Ineptitude.

The revolving door at Ibrox is spinning like a whirling dervish. Mike Ashley’s decision to sell his shares, at 27.5 p, to a big cheese in Hong Kong’s equivalent of ‘The Milk Marketing Board’ and Club Tropicana came as a shock to a city source who envisaged an Ashley putsch and a relisting on LSE AIM.

It will be celebrated by those who prefer King with barely a pot to piss in to a real billionaire. Also celebrating will be Celtic FC who realised that only Ashley could have put a spoke in the wheels of their ten-in-a-row ambitions. King’s statement that Celtic should have been further ahead of Lite last season is further evidence that this guy has a screw loose. Thirty-nine points is unprecedented. Was he referring to the four points dropped as a result of a blatant dive by Schalke and Madden’s decision that Clint Hill can engage in a flying drop kick to deny Griffiths a goal scoring opportunity? CFC were unbeaten in all domestic competitions, only dropping 8 points all season while winning the treble. King promised that Lite would be a solid second. Wrong again. They lagged Aberdeen by nine points. Would you buy a second-hand strip from this man? The gullibillies queued up to buy last season’s laughing stock from Mike Ashley’s superstore. How stupid are these people? It beggars belief that last season’s mothballed shirts, that should be in a bargain bin at Sports Direct, are being sold at £20.

This board is so incompetent that they could not launch a new strip.

A board that now includes yet another absent director to patch in to the weekly Skype conference calls. King badly needed an ally as he trusts Mountie Murray about as far as his beleaguered wife does, and he knows that Park and Taylor are sick of the sight of a career criminal stinking up their board with his stupidity. The Takeover Panel are going to ragdoll King. The absent chairman will be gone prior to Theresa May leaving Downing Street.

After a day of self-congratulations and spin, yesterday was actually a reverse for the rogue board. Club 1872, the rogue board’s bank of last resort, used the money in their kitty to line Ashley’s pockets. The Big Cheese also bought his shares from Ashley. Lite’s bank balance continues to provide the level of comfort of a church mouse on death row.

The only positive I can glean is that the soft loans will be converted into equity.  This should take care of next season’s FFP compliance in The Europa League, not that it matters as Lite will most probably be suspended for this year’s transgressions and the  sectarian singing that accompanies them on their travels as they wreak havoc on unsuspecting European Capitals, whose denizens are unfamiliar with the social mores of the late 17th century.

However what  is uppermost in my mind is what compelling event forced the board to capitulate to Ashley. Could there be any credence in James Forrest’s ‘rumour’ that  Puma and Sports Direct were threatening to sue Lite for breach of contract unless a deal was struck which allowed them to clear out all their surplus stocks?

One is led to believe that Puma is spitting blood. Their seven figure advance on anticipated sales last season has not been repaid. The clearout of the old stock should be sufficient to pay back this advance and Sports Direct’s cut. But at £20 a throw there is no fat for any profits to Lite. Puma and SD are covering their costs. So much for King’s more profitable arrangement.  As I suggested yesterday, King is bent over a barrel having his arse caned for being a bloody-minded spiv with an IQ that defies Darwinian evolution.

Lite’s ineptitude in getting the 32 Red deal over the line put paid to any new strip launch this season. The conspicuous absence of a Puma advance this season will have a severe knock-on effect on Lite’s liquidity.

King’s hand-picked audience of SMSM nodding dogs refused to unpick their host’s humiliating admission that it was too late in the day to get a new strip launched to comply with SPFL and UEFA regulations.

However King took his lying and contradictions to a new paradigm when he stated that Lite would launch a second and third strip in the next six days. Is the SMSM stupidity congenital or acquired by osmosis to King?

Even though Puma would like to maximise returns in their last year of a relationship with Lite, how could they possibly expect those buying tat today to buy more tat  tomorrow? Will the sale of last year’s laughing stock be Lite’s Who Shot JR moment? Will it all be a dream prior to a shining high-kicking replica launch?

Only in Scotland could the rogue board’s ineptitude to get a new strip out the door be ignored in favour of a fable that Ashley caved in to the piss-ant that is King. I’m more persuaded by James Forrest’s thesis that King’s rogue board went crawling to Sports Direct and asked “what will it take to give us the appearance of a win?”

King will be long gone when we discover that Ashley actually extended the contract and changed the terms to the benefit of Sports Direct.

The Iliad at Ibrox

The empty-headed hubris at Ibrox is a site to behold. It is truly epic and if we were to accept the narrative of a career criminal who lies for a living we could be transported back to Ancient Greece and Homer’s ‘The Iliad‘.

Mike Ashley is cast as Agamemnon, who has captured the intellectual property (Chryseis) and is loath to return ‘her’ to her Trojan Father Chryses and threatens to impose a ransom demand for ‘her’ return.

Agamemnon eventually relents and allows her to rejoin her father, but in a move that serial adulterer Mountie Murray would approve of, he takes in her stead Briseis, Achilles’ favourite war-prize concubine.

Those thinking that Mike Ashley has given away Chryseis for no return should think again. He had his boot on King’s scrawny neck and could have snapped it in two. The Court Case would have been a slam dunk for Ashley. King and Murray clearly abnegated on their fiduciary responsibilities at Rangers Retail by unilaterally withdrawing the use of the intellectual property. Even the disgraced Masonic wannabe Peter Smith could not have helped King and Murray as he has been suspended from the bench for being a self-serving prick ( not to put too fine a point on it).

However King is not the man of letters of world renown. He is more akin to Homer Simpson. He really is that thick:

This inordinately embarrassing surrender by King is being spun as a victory. Traynor is pedalling so furiously at Auchenhowie that his spandex cycling shorts might combust. The image of a Bactrian camel on a unicycle comes to mind.

Ashley had King bang to rights. A £5m hit would have put an end to Charles Green’s basket of assets. So King climbed down and engaged in a deal with his sworn enemy that he could not refuse.

If Lite don’t shift last year’s stock, they have to make reparation to Sports Direct by paying the full retail price for each unit. As the gullibillies rejoice they don’t realise that they are buying old rope from a dodgy salty sea dog.

When the devil in the detail eventually comes to light it will be revealed that King is bent over a barrel and is being caned for being a stupid spiv.

There will be only one winner in the Greek tragedy at Ibrox and it won’t be Homer King.







Craig Whyte’s Belt & Braces

I have been engaged in showcasing some of the articles that are indicative of my work. I’m also engaged in open consultation with my readers on the best way to fund our site going forward. My detractors refer to me as ‘bheggar’ but this is inaccurate on several levels. I provide a service and seek a modicum of recompense so that one can continue to provide this service from a foreign shore. I am in exile as a consequence of credible death threats. This site, our site, stopped being a hobby some time ago.

As I solicited input on a paywall and price points, a thought occurred to me on a ‘lurker’ amnesty. If only 10% of everyone who read and value this site were to contribute £5 as a one-off subscription per annum one could kick the paywall into the long grass. This quantum would not last long but as it would be supplemented by our site’s more generous sponsors it might just be tenable. I open this offer to all readers. The future of our site is in your hands. Please mark your contribution as JJ amnesty on PayPal so that I can distinguish any take up from other donations of a similar quantum. Two groups of readers will emerge:

1. Readers who value the service and wish to fund its continuation.

2. Readers such as Salted Popcorn (who is no longer welcome on our site) who contend that the many hours I spend approving their comments should be provided free.

If the latter group wins the day and the take up is disappointing then a paywall on the first of July is inevitable.

I digress. Today’s blog is fresh off the press as it were and bang up to date. Craig Whyte’s acquittal was a real slap in the face to Police Scotland, COPFS, the SFA and the Establishment. One prominent member of the latter group, Sir Bribe & Lie Murray, was exposed as a mendacious charlatan who will lie under oath with impunity. However his bribes and lies are no impediment to his eligibility to attend  Bute house for a Tartan hoe-down. As I wish to avoid any discussion of the SNP I will leave it to others to decide whether SBL is the kind of entrepreneur that should be encouraged in an independent Scotland. SBL has already bet one bank and lost, so why not go for the double with The Independent Bank of Scotland? Why not just make him the chairman of IBOS to allow him unfettered access? How about a large swathe of George Street and Charlotte Square at his disposal when the inevitable fire sale ensues?

However pause for one moment to consider what would have played out had a jury of Whyte’s peers found him guilty? What would have happened had Dave King’s Charlotte Fakeovers narrative of criminal collusion held true? Charles Green’s acquisition of a basket of assets would be considered the proceeds of a criminal conspiracy and would revert to BDO. Allow me to throw an exclusive into the mix. The joint liquidators have no interest in the assets. They made this clear to the serial adulterer while guests at Ibrox.

Someone who has an interest in these assets is none other than Craig Whyte. Whyte is an experienced asset-stripper. He would not have put his neck on the block without a back up plan to his ‘shit or bust’ strategy. Step forward ‘the floating charge.’

One can understand why readers cannot get their heads around this construct which is both an asset and a financial instrument. Kevin Bridges has quipped that Celtic fans following the Ibrox meltdown have effectively engaged in an ONC in business studies. The floating charge is from the HND syllabus.

The Bank of Scotland, which regularly oversaw Rangers running up annual losses of £35m – £65m, secured their burgeoning debt mountain  in 1999 by means of a floating charge on all assets classes. The stadium, the legendary car park, Murray Park, the double-dealing contracted players and all income were all within the purview of the Bank of Scotland.

Sir Bribe & Lie had hawked the season ticket income to the bank that liked to say Yes to Rangers. Gavin Masterton received a new hand-made suit as a payment in kind for the bank’s largesse. The corruption was hard-wired.

Donald Muir, the Red Adair of the world of finance, was employed by SBL to get the Rangers Dodo off his back. He managed to reduce the debt to £18m and change. However the floating charge remained. The floating charge gave BOS what is known as paramountcy. They would be first in the queue of creditors after the fire.

It’s significant at this juncture to stress that Whyte has been suspended from exercising executive authority in any UK plc for the maximum term of 15 years. However one of his final acts as a director was to arrange a £25m security over the assets of Rangers Football Club plc, which was renamed as RFC 2012 prior to liquidation. Whyte was also assigned the Bank of Scotland’s floating charge on all assets and as this includes income it encompasses earnings from sales and disposals at any future date.

Whyte’s iron-clad hold on the assets has a belt and braces.

BDO are caught between a rock and a hard place. HMRC are poised to claim £84m yet after Law Financial Ltd has taken its pound of flesh there may be nothing let. Law Financial Ltd co-opted one of Whyte’s companies, including his belt and braces, onto their corporate board

HMRC and the creditors may be in a conflict akin to bald men fighting over a comb. At which point it gets interestng. With nothing but a pot to piss in BDO might be compelled by the disgruntled creditors to pursue a claim to set aside the sale of assets to Green with a view to selling these assets by way of recompense.

Stewart Robertson might well assert that things are looking brighter at Ibrox now that the SFA have ridden a horse and coaches through UEFA FFP regulations, but should a complaint be lodged by the defeated Luxembourg minnows Lite will be out of Europe faster than a verse of the proscribed ‘Billy Boys.’ Anti-Irish invective is fine by the brown brogues at Hampden, but not at Nyon. One anticipates a lengthy suspension and a punitive fine. The blue massif just cannot help themselves. They are hard-wired recidivists.

How bright will the future be if BDO go after the assets Mr.Robertson? Will the future be the bright image of a Tesco Hypermarket?


















The JJ Files: Volume III – The Bellshill Bounder

The article that I have chosen to showcase was first published on 22nd September 2015 which was a mere three days after the inception of our site. It is particularly prescient apropos Craig Whyte’s pursuit of a considerable quantum from the joint liquidators at BDO. It is also apposite in regard to nailing the mendacious Continuation Myth which is expounded by Neil Doncaster in his naked attempt to hawk four ‘Old Firm’ games to broadcasters. As all clubs benefit from these four games the chairmen have kept their mouths firmly shut as any iteration of  “The Punch & Judy Show” is good for business.


In my preceding three articles I have provided some background on Dave King, whom, in my considered opinion, is a white-collar career criminal. I also have misgivings about Paul Murray, whose naked ambition to rejoin the board led to him liaising with this criminal. I don’t see the point of John Gilligan, other than to make up the numbers in the unlikely event that Sports Direct Retail plc choose to make good on their appointment of two directors as per the loan agreement. According to a recent statement all directors are working pro bono, which I do not accept. King flies BA First from Johannesburg to London, and in business class from London to Glasgow, which is circa £10,500. This is paid for by the club. Murray & Gilligan have generous expense accounts that will lead to ‘benefit in kind’ taxes. These individuals are not running Rangers as a hobby. There will be bonuses for promotion, which is a shoe-in this year. Some might speculate as to why one has any need of an absent chairman who resides in South Africa, and who then flies in to make contradictory statements to the media. Everything King does is self-serving. Those who think he he is a man of wealth who will make an appreciable difference to Rangers, should acquaint themselves with my well-researched articles. Those who believe he is a rain-maker who will garner investment from elsewhere, should realize that he is still a pariah in business circles in South Africa for perpetrating numerous frauds.

King’s defence of these frauds is ingenious, as one would expect from any long-term confidence trickster. King does everything as part of a trust and then claims that he does not have executive power in this trust. Of course, to make it even more difficult to secure a conviction he uses what is known as The Russian Doll Model, where each trust is a subsidiary of another company in another locus. He then engages in The Revolving Door Model where the parent of these trusts changes by moving capital between them so as to not only evade tax and launder money with impunity, but to confer temporary nominal control. So if you wanted to challenge King on his fraudulent sale of software (to choose one from many examples), you would have to hire forensic accountants to discern which trust benefited from the fraud, and then attempt to link King to this trust, and then prove that he had executive control. One would then have to go to court in The British Virgin Islands/Guernsey/The Sunshine Islands and South Africa.

However King’s latest statement on Oldco, Rangers (1L), has led to some concern among informed Rangers fans. King stated that the current club is not the Traditional Rangers and that he and his board are looking at transferring the assets of RIFC to Rangers (1L) and then removing the latter from liquidation. He then disingenuously claimed, in an obvious pitch to the supporters, that his motivation was to silence detractors who claim that Rangers Lite are a new club with no claim on any history.

King is lying here on so many levels. The first lie in his statement is that he and his shyster board owns and controls the assets.  King has recently been subjected to the corporate equivalent of a warrant sale. It would be against his long-held traditions of parsimony to offer even 1p in the pound to creditors, which is about as much as he could afford. Then there is the complex legal argument of arranging to sist Oldco from liquidation. This is rarely possible, but would have little chance of success unless the creditors were paid in full. At this point HMRC are owed £14m and change, but if the BDO appeal to The Supreme Court in London is unsuccessful then another £70m would be outstanding.

Mr Whyte and his associates have been inordinately busy of late. Law Financial Plc has recently appointed Liberty Corporate Ltd, a British company whose only director is Whyte’s father, to its corporate board. Craig Whyte has stepped down as a director from the board of Law Financial Plc as he has been disqualified as a director for 15 years by Justice Tyre. This is highly significant.

There has also been activity in regard to The Rangers FC Group Ltd, which was formerly known as Wavetower, where four years of backdated accounts have now been posted which suggests that this formerly dormant company is now active.

A Companies House document, MG01 re Liberty Corporate, discloses that the Rangers FC Group Ltd granted a security in the form of a debenture over all of its assets, present and future. The main assets of Rangers FC Group Ltd were an 85% shareholding in Rangers Football Club Plc and rights under a floating charge over said club’s assets in security for whatever debt is owed to the RFC Group Ltd.

In summary, Law Financial Ltd own the debenture floating charge. This is being challenged in The Court of Session by BDO.

Whyte’s security on the assets is believed to be water-tight. The financial instrument was specifically designed to survive any liquidation event.

Whyte’s objective was to sideline the debt and subsequently float Rangers on the stock-market, thus profiting significantly.

If this was not enough for Rangers supporters to endure, they are now in the hands of someone much more dangerous than Whyte. Whyte has been indicted and charged in regard to an alleged premeditated crime. Mr King was also charged with racketeering in South Africa. It was alleged that Mr King had liaised with an underworld figure, via a go-between. The fact that only five witnesses were prepared to testify against King and Morris was dismissed by King as a coincidence. Mr Whyte has much to learn in regard to how real criminals play the game.

I have kept the last part of this imbroglio to the end as it is a complex affair. Liberty Corporate Ltd was a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Capital Ltd, which was a Craig Whyte’s British Virgin Islands (BVI) holding company.

Ticketus, who successfully won a court order against Whyte in London to the value of £17.1m, then proceeded to pursue the liquidation of Liberty Capital Ltd by order of The Eastern Caribbean Court. However the value of Liberty Corporate Ltd, which is now assigned to Law Financial, is currently unaffected by these liquidation proceedings.

Have the Rangers supporters not had enough of asset-strippers on the make and people like King impersonating Real Rangers Men? Apparently not. They are hard-wired to accept any Sugar Daddy on Edmiston Drive. All their team’s success was predicated on loans, tax-evasion and dual contract cheating. Criminals with a quantum burning a hole in their pocket are most welcome in the Blue Room.

The JJ Files: Volume II – Imagine There’s No Rangers

The JJ Files represent an opportunity to revisit some of the pieces which sparked robust debate in the Sitonfence Speakeasy. It is a showcase of my work. Should any lurkers wish to contribute having revisited my work, they can add their names to the forty-two who rallied to support our site. Forty-two from a regular daily audience of 8,000 to 10,000, whom revisit our site on three or four occasions to read the insightful comments. They could also be perceived as the precursor to the paywall that I’m considering. A paywall where each article costs 65p to access, which is the cover price of a Daily Rectum. To my business-trained mind the sports hacks are completely out of their depth when it comes to court cases and the corruption at Rangers, Rangers Lite, the SFA & the SPFL. This site can pierce the corporate veil.

Other than their award-winning Sports journalist, Keith Jackson, who writes a column once per week, they are not worth the candle. I have been quick to criticise  Mr Jackson for the shocking lie that all Lite players were assaulted by the marauding Hibs fans in the aftermath of a Scottish Cup Final. This was a blatatant reproduction of James Traynor’s poisoned rhetoric at its worse. When left to his own devices he can be entertaining if light fare is your bag.

The showcase of articles will be free at the point of delivery. During this consultation period I will solicit the views of my readers apropos the 65p access charge. I have pegged the price to appeal to the unwaged. I may reintroduce the Sunday Supplement, on demand, so that the unwaged can keep apprised of developments for 65p per week.

The following article was published as: Imagine There’s No Rangers.



During what became know as ‘The Journey’ did anyone other than those who attend Ibrox via muscle-memory actually miss Rangers?

1. Did one miss the mass unfettered anti-Irish racism?

2. Did one miss the veneration of a Ku Klux Klan leader who successfully pursued an agenda of slashing and maiming Irish émigrés?

3. Did one miss those who mock a potato famine and invite the Pope to have sexual congress with himself?

4. Did one miss the naked apartheid that is Monkey Mimicry?

5. Did one miss the challenge of Scott Brown on the field of play by an individual who exposed himself to an eleven years old girl as she walked down the street with her mother?

6. Did one miss the anti-Irish festival that is Forces Day?

7. Did one miss the lie that a renascent club can claim the titles won by a club that no longer exists.

8. Did one miss how a club in clear breach of FFP regulations is given a green light to participate in UEFA tournaments by a corrupt SFA?

Point 8 is a reprise of the corruption which occurred with the former club which played at Ibrox in 2011. Are the aforementioned points the symptoms of a deep-rooted Sectarian malaise at the former club that now find an outlet for their recidivism in Charles Green’s basket of assets, Rangers Lite?

Could one change the song from :

‘No-one likes us, we don’t care’ to:

‘No-one cares about us as we are largely irrelevant and beneath their contempt?’

Should we be rallying round the new club and hugging ‘bears’ in the street? Forgive me if I for one demur, although many of my best friends and family members are Rangers fans whom I would not hesitate to hug. The perceived wisdom is that the majority of Rangers fans are decent God-fearing family men, but if that is the case why do they transform into what Donald Findlay referred to as ’90 minute bigots’.

Mr. Findlay is now engaging in lifting the rocks on the Ibrox cesspool. One now finds that The Rangers Juggernaut that cut a swathe through Scottish Football was actually a debt-addled junkie on skid row. The methadone was supplied by an odious cabal of Masons at The Bank of Scotland. If anyone has any savings in this Rangers-facing casino, in all its guises, I suggest they withdraw them immediately. Starve the bastards who provided the armaments to assassinate fair play in Scottish Football.

The debt-addled junkie may have visited the Salvation Army and be born again, but I’m not anticipating any Christian fellowship any time soon.

Is Rangers Lite a club run by pariahs for pariahs?

There are those who excuse the systemic criminal behaviour by stating that Rangers Lite merely reflects the social mores of the community it represents. I disagree. Rangers Lite fans the flames and reinforces the recidivist attitudes.

I note that Alex Thomson of Channel Four has been tipped off that the SFA won’t act to strip titles should The Supreme Court uphold the Inner Houses’ ruling that EBT were instruments of tax evasion. If that is the case a root and branch clear out of the SFA is required. At the very least starve the SFA of funds by not supporting the fiasco that is our National team. Let the mendacious piece of shit that is Stewart Regan and Continuation Doncaster know that their days are numbered at The Scottish Cup Final.

I am a late convert to the case for title-stripping. I took the view that Rangers had gone to the wall and that there was no point in flogging a dead horse. However I did not figure on the lie of Continuation having traction and SMSM critical mass. The Continuation Lie underpins the ‘We are The People Supremacy’ at Ibrox.

This supremacy is however built on the sand of tax evasion and a myth that has been exposed time and time again in the highest courts in Scotland. Rangers Lite are not the club formed in 1872 which was incorporated in 1899. If Third Lanark was rejuvenated and chose to play at Ibrox in light blue, could they make a cogent claim for the history of Rangers?

The idea is preposterous. Scottish Football was fine when the new club was in the wilderness. There was a better distribution of titles and higher attendances. The insidious influence of the gaming industry was not a factor in what many will look back upon as The Halcyon Days of Scottish Football.

During ‘The Journey’ we were led to believe that the new club would make friends along the way. All they did was appal a new audience. If the PFA Scotland Awards are indicative, Rangers Lite are largely irrelevant.