The Supporters Direct Squirrel

If I could write this article in blood it would be apposite as I’m spitting it right now. The Supporters Direct Survey of 16,000 fans has concluded that Scottish Football could be better value. Stewart Regan will be delighted with this conclusion as it is not in any way  germane to the corruption at the heart of Scottish professional football. Regan will be all over this like a rash as it’s a bent administrator’s wet dream.

Let’s talk about value and change the agenda from cheating.

Regan will be cock-a-hoop that 16,000 misinformed fans have no idea about how the SFA/SPFL are running a rigged game to conceal their complicity in the systemic cheating by Rangers. A rigged commission. A rigged transfer of titles from one non extant club to a new club. The appointment of a bent, and by all means sue me Mr. Dickson, football administrator to the SFA Congress. The inertia on a review and title stripping. These are the real issues not a couple of quid off the price of admission.

What a perfect squirrel for the bent administrators.

I have never hidden my anathema for the individuals who run the Scottish Football Monitor. They allow bitter old women to have a go at me. They approve ad hominem attacks. However one of their contributors Easyjambo deals in facts and is worth reading. Then there is John Clark who met with McRae and at that time Darryl Broadfoot at the SFA; challenged Regan at Potter Row in Edinburgh; and wrote to the new chairman of the SPFL on the 12th July. He received the following response which he won’t thank me for reproducing:


AUGUST 22, 2017 at 21:20


I today received a reply from Mr Doncaster, on behalf of the new Chairman of the SPFL ( Mr MacLennan) to my letter of 12th July.

He encloses the SPFL’s media statement of 26th July, which contains the written advice from Senior Counsel Gerry Moynihan Q.C., and the the SPFL’s support for the calls which have been made for an independent review.”

He continues:

“We’ve all seen those already, so there’s nothing new. I will acknowledge receipt of the reply. And I will include in my reply a contradiction of what was put as a statement of fact in Question 4.2 of the list of questions on which the QC was asked to advise, namely, the statement that “in the case of Rangers FC, it was a member  of the SPL and it was owned and operated by Oldco until Rangerc FC became owned and operated by Newco”.

I will remind him that there was never a ‘holding club’ owning and operating Rangers FC of 1899. The only entity incorporated under that name was the club founded on Glasgow Green.

And it was the club ( that very incorporated Rangers FC) that in 2012 lost its entitlement to a share in what by then had become the SPL by suffering the Insolvency Event of Liquidation: in consequence of which it ceased to be entitled to membership of the SFA, and ceased thereby to be a recognised professional football club in Scotland.

It was not sold to a new ‘owner and operator’

Some but not all of the assets of the football club were bought by an individual/consortium. This individual/consortium then set up a new club which had to apply for the first time for league membership.

Only when that membership was granted ( finally, and with many objections) did it become entitled to membership of the SFA.

And it was much later before the new club, bearing its own brand new Companies House number was purchased by a ‘holding company’ which has its own (unique) Companies House number. The holding company that is Rangers International Football Club plc is the parent company NOT of the Rangers FC of 1872/99, but of SevcoScotland Ltd of 2012, renamed as The Rangers Football Club Ltd.

And I shall add that the deceitful use of ‘Rangers FC’ to imply that two quite different entities are one and the same has been and remains a hallmark of the deceitful and dishonest approach brought to the business of dealing with the most dreadful episode of sustained football cheating that Scotland has ever seen .

I will assert that as long as that deceit lies at the heart of Scottish Football governance, Scottish Football will deserve to be regarded as no more than a shady , shabby and unsavoury business to be involved in.”

I added the bold typeface and one word for emphasis. The core messages are untouched. Neil Doncaster is engaging in a lie. The lie of continuation. He is switching tack between the SPL and SPFL (the successor of the SPL has the same Companies House number) to assert that his hands are tied on the LNS recommendations as if they were written in blood as it suits his gameplan of Continuation. Doncaster does not wish to disappoint the blue horde with the facts and the bookmakers who prey on them.

But it’s a lie and no amount of lingual gymnastics will ever make it ring true. It’s not dry and boring Mr. Doncaster. Rod McKenzie has not covered it. Gerry Moynihan has not covered it. They are unable to do so because it’s a lie. You also know that it’s a lie Mr. Doncaster and we are never going to let you forget your mendacity. We won’t rest until your bags are packed and you are on the M74 heading south.

You and Regan seem to have enlisted the support of the BBC to present the EBT all-stars of yesteryear to add to your myth of continuation. Putting up tax cheats is an own goal Mr. Doncaster.

As for Jane Lewis of the BBC trying to make a name for herself in a tweet which challenged Celtic supporters for bringing up EBT on the night Celtic qualified for the group stages, we will not be seduced by the opiate of football until the titles are stripped and those complicit in the cheating are dismissed.

John Clark should ask Doncaster to justify his nomination of Andrew Dickson to the SFA Congress. Dickson should be behind bars for fraud, not propping up the corrupt SFA,


The Ibrox Condom

I take a lot of flak on this site for adding some exclusives to my narrative. When a source at Woolgar Hunter apprised me of the fact that three of the stand roofs would have to be lifted to replace the connectors, I was derided. However word has now ‘leaked’ out that my exclusive on the specific problem and the quantum was accurate. A figure of £7m is now being bandied about but this is conservative. If all the connectors have to be replaced and panels on the stand roofs reaffixed or replaced a quantum north of £10m would be closer to the mark. When Ibrox is described as ‘The Crumble Dome‘ it’s amusing because it’s true.

Dave King asserted that the remedial work would be done seamlessly in the background. When one translates his mendacious Limpopo vernacular into his former Queen’s English, what he is actually doing is kicking this problem into the long grass as Douglas and Graeme Park have had quite enough of throwing good money after bad. As soon as The Cold Shoulder takes hold there will be no equity for loans transactions as they will be suspended. Any UK Plc with King as chairman will pay a high price. But then what did one expect from a career criminal? Integrity?

As for ‘seamlessly’ I present by way of rebuttal The Ibrox Condom:

As opposed to repairing the broken glass and permanently arresting the ingress of water, The Old Lady of Edmiston Drive has to suffer a permanent condom in her petticoats. How discomfiting.

Even the fandans at Rangers Lite’s Social Media platform for the gay supporter, Follow Follow, are wondering what has happened to their Pink Pound? Has Primark Pedro spent the kitty and the tea money on his motley crew of second tier journeymen? There is even chatter about no titles being won this season. Another year in the doldrums? I warned them about King but they refused to listen.

When the Red 32 contact runs out will Durex consider Ibrox as a viable totem?

As one flies east over the crumbling infrastructure, the contrast is stark. Celtic have secured yet another group stage berth. Should Liverpool progress tomorrow evening, Celtic will be in Pot 4 of Thursday’s draw in Monaco. Roberts will put pen to paper and there is talk of a new centre half arriving from Ajax Cape Town. Rodgers will strengthen his squad.

Will Rangers be more than 39 points adrift this season? If only they could have wrappped a condom over their support they could have precluded the arrest of an EDL supporter who was taken into custody for inviting the Pope to have sexual congress with himself. It must be comforting to have the Orange Ordure and the EDL in the Ibrox mix.

One can but hope that they don’t have unprotected sex as their offspring could be the worst of both worlds; a Hitler Youth if you will. Safe sex with the Ibrox Condom should be mandatory.





Andrew Dickson – The Gallant Pioneer of Tax Evasion & TPE Response

Prior to the main thrust of this article I take pause to inform readers of a response to my e-mail from The Takeover Panel Executive. I have redacted my e-mail address:

RE: Mr. David Cunningham King

Support Group <>
To ‘xxxx’
Monday, 21 August, 2017 17:29

Dear Mr James

Thank you for your observations in your email of 18 August. Matters are ongoing before the Court of Session. You will appreciate that we are not able to comment further.


Support Group


Despite other social media commentators erroneously stating that The Court of Session is in its summer recess, a change was announced on September 26 of last year.

Under a Direction issued by the Lord President, Lord Carloway, the traditional three court terms of the Legal Year will effectively be abolished from the start of the legal year 2017-18.

Two vacation periods, each of a fortnight, will be observed at Christmas and Easter, while the summer recess will end.

I will maintain my watching brief  for the forthcoming  TPE v King petition.

I digress. In yesterday’s piece I laid out my case that the BBC in Scotland are engaging in an exercise to undermine the growing consensus for title stripping. It is my contention that they are working in concert with the SFA. It’s not a coincidence that Darryl Broadfoot, who is assisting the SFA while they source his replacement, has been invited to be a guest on Radio Scotland. The SFA are attempting to control the narrative so as to avoid a review. Radio Scotland are their accomplices in this subterfuge.

But then it was always thus. Chick Young defended Campbell Ogilvie when it was discovered that he picked up a £95,000 EBT as part of his severance package from Rangers. Young asserted that it was not enough for a good night out in Glasgow. As a student I have had good nights out in Glasgow with £9.50 in my pocket. When rubbing shoulders with footballers at Victoria’s in Glasgow I had enough change from £95 to take a taxi home. How Young, who was renowned at the BBC as the man least likely to pull in any social setting, could spend one thousand times this quantum smacks of disingenuousness. A more accurate comment would be one in which the £95,000 was considered a drop in a £46.2m ocean of systemic tax evasion.

Ogilvie relinquished his executive duties at Ibrox in September 2005, following a boardroom reshuffle. His protégé Andrew Dickson, who is a qualified Chartered Accountant, picked up the toxic baton and proceeded to cheat and steal from the exchequer with impunity.

One would not ordinarily anticipate that a mendacious tax cheat such as Andrew Dickson would go far once his fraudulent activities were exposed. However in the corrupt cabal of Scottish football governance Mr. Dickson has recently been voted onto the SFA congress by the SPFL.

Was one Gallant Pioneeer of Tax evasion not enough for the SFA? Did they have to hire Dickson to cover the entire 12 years of systemic fraud?

One of the prerequisites for a successful career at the SFA is the ability to lie. Mr. Dickson’s performance at the First Tier Tribunal proved that he was made of the right stuff.

When asked about the side letters that turned EBTs into secondary contracts Dickson told the FTT:

 “I can’t comment on whether Sir David would mention the Trust to them (the players) or not.”

Given that he continued to buy shares in the Jersey trusts on behalf of the players Dickson knew precisely what had been agreed upon. He most certainly could comment on the 55 players who were complicit in the tax evasion. He knew where all the bodies were buried.

Did Dickson act with ‘the utmost good faith’ apropos the SFA and SPL. Did he disclose accurate information about contracts as he was duty bound to do by SFA regulations? No he did not. He lied with impunity.

Could someone ask Regan and Doncaster how someone who has so openly flouted their rules can be expected to bring any integrity whatsoever to their remit at the SFA Congress? It’s a clusterfuck of an appointment that would not pass muster in one’s local golf club, never mind the inner sanctum of the SFA.

Dickson cheated the tax authorities and every club in Scottish professional football. Neil Doncaster should get his jotters for proposing Dickson. Regan should get his jotters for accepting Doncaster’s proposal.

This bent individual has been given the keys to the SFA Council to regulate the game.

It’s analagous to a sheep rustler being invited to a lamb dinner by the gamekeeper. You could not make this up.

Stewart Regan is trying desperately to conceal the fact that Dickson was a key member of the team that approved Rangers UEFA participation in 2011. Dickson knew that the Wee Tax Case had crystallised. Dickson was cognizant of all the cheating. Yet he seems to have been the final arbiter in this appalling decision.

Has Dickson been promoted for keeping his mouth shut, just as Rod Petrie was rewarded for cutting clandestine deals with Charles Green?

“In the 2013 SFA Disciplinary Tribunal into Rangers (IL) and Craig Whyte (pages 16 & 17) the role of Dickson is laid out explaining: “That for some years commencing prior to 6 May 2011 Mr Andrew Dickson C.A. has been the Head of Football Administration of Rangers FC. His duties prior to 6 May 2011 included preparation of players contracts with players and their agents. His duties included representing Rangers FC and the Glasgow Football Association on various committees within the sport. His duties included all administrative responsibilities, and in particular he dealt with all football registration requirements and documentation which required lodging with the Scottish FA, the Scottish Premier League, UEFA and elsewhere. The role included preparation of the Official Return detailing the identities and personal details of all directors and officers of Rangers FC which required to be lodged with the Scottish FA each year prior to the new playing season and any amendment form which might become necessary on account of board or management changes occurring during the playing season. Mr Dickson had carried out this role continuously and competently for many years and is highly experienced and knowledgeable about club, player, official, and ground registration and licensing matters.” (Source: The Celtic Blog and Celtic Quick News).

Continuously and competently while gouging the eyes out of their heads.

The blogger behind the Rangers Tax Case has just published a lengthy and detailed blog. I have asserted on several occasions that Graeme Souness and Walter Smith were on the EBT take for engaging in transfer activity to the benefit of Rangers, while employed at Blackburn Rovers and Everton respectively. The RTC blogger couches his contentions in ambiguous language. I prefer to publish and be damned. The following is an excerpt from his excellent  blog:

“Could someone ask the SFA’s Andrew Dickson, who administered Rangers’ payments to sub-trusts, to explain the many questions raised by the timeline of these events? After all Mr. Dickson received an email from Ian MacMillan on 16th July 2002 asking him to look into why Smith had not drawn down the £80,000 in sub-trust number 4 by that date. Obviously, Mr. Smith will know what happened, but it is especially important that a man still involved in the administration of Scottish football for the SFA should explain what did he know about the Smith payment and what did he do with that information. Mr. Dickson, did you ask anyone at Rangers or the Murray Group why the club was making payments to coach(es) of other club(s)? If not, why not? You were certainly aware that such payments had been made.”

When we add these events to the Wee Tax Case, the Big Tax Case, lying for years about the existence of side-letters, shredding of evidence of a contractual obligation, bilking Everton out of at least part of the transfer fee for the re-sale of Michael Ball, lying about the date of crystallisation of the Wee Tax Case bill- there is a pattern that emerges. There are prima facie fraud cases awaiting at least some of these events. It is blindingly obvious. Yet neither the Scottish Football Association nor the Scottish Professional Football League appear to “have any appetite” for investigating let alone addressing what was very clearly a major problem in the Scottish game. Many of the people who have serious questions to answer about this pattern are still in positions of authority within the Scottish game. What else did the men who ruined Rangers get up to?”

Note the use of ‘prima facie fraud cases’ by an individual who chooses his words very carefully.

Andrew Dickson received a £33,000 EBT. Will Chick Young pop his head above the parapet to suggest that this was not enough for happy hour cocktails in his much fabled night out in Glasgow?


A Boycott State of Mind

As one awaits news of a judicial review one should note that the lies that are being perpetrated by the SFA and SPFL have already been exposed at The Court of Session. Charles Green told the remedial group known as ‘the people’ what they wanted to hear. He stated that he would be around until The Champions League Anthem, Tony Britten’s rip-off of Händel’s Zadok the Priest, as performed by London’s Philharmonic Orchestra, rang out at Ibrox. Charles Green is not a young man. I venture that it won’t ring out in his lifetime. Ceteris Paribus it won’t ring out in the lifetime of anyone reading this blog.

Green spoke about buying the history as if it were a commodity that could be traded from one club to the next. He even pandered to the Orange Ordure recidivists in his milieu with plans to launch an orange strip. It was unadulterated bullshit washed down with lashings of hot Yorkshire tea, that he personally served to the press who lapped up more than his builders’ brew.

Green, despite the best efforts of Dave King with his Charlotte Fakeovers and McCoist briefing the press against him, never lost site of his objective. He raised £22m in an IPO and cashed in on his shares at 70p a throw. Not bad for a new club playing against plumbers and postmen at grounds that could barely accommodate one man and his dog.

News reaches me from Charles that all is not well on the legal front. The cost of his defence against Jim Robertson’s witch hunt is fast approaching half a million pounds. A significant part of this quantum was spent in a forlorn attempt to force RIFC to indemnify his legal expenses.

At this point we were confronted with the stark reality. A reality that exposed the lie at the heart of Scottish Professional Football:


So clear and unequivocal? Still not convinced? How about Lord Brodie who decided that the myth of continuity was a Metaphysical Concept. 

However when one reverts to Alan Dewar’s incontrovertible and unchallenged rhetoric it follows that there are die hard supporters in both the SFA and SPFL. Die hard supporters at the SFA who transferred the history of Rangers to The Rangers at the behest of Neil Doncaster. They perpetrated this fraud in broad daylight and they believe that they have gotten away with it.

So despite the legal ramifications that expose the myth Regan and Doncaster go out of their way to maintain this lie. They go out of their way to avoid title stripping lest it exposes their lie. The bookmakers and broadcasters who pay their bloated salaries are more than happy to exploit this lie. One of the latter group, BBC Scotland, has taken this lie to a new paradigm.

The BBC is to create a new channel, named BBC Scotland, as part of a plan which will see the “biggest single investment” in the corporation north of the border for more than 20 years. The channel will include an hour-long news programme, combining Scottish, UK and international news, at 9pm every weekday. Lord Hall of Birkenhead, the BBC’s director-general, said it would begin broadcasting in the autumn of 2018 and would have a budget of £30 million, similar to the amount spent on BBC4.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has previously called for a new channel, took to social media to say there was “lots to welcome” in the announcement, adding that the new channel was progress and hopefully a “sign of new thinking“. New pro-SNP thinking.

Lord Hall unveiling the plans asserted that Scotland should receive about £40m in new funding annually – £19m for the new channel and digital developments, and £20m for making network programmes. The corporation anticipates that spending on network programmes made in Scotland for a UK-wide BBC audience will rise from about £65m this year to closer to £90m over the next three years.

Lord Hall continued :

All of this combined amounts to the biggest single investment by the BBC in broadcast content in Scotland in over 20 years. This will be a huge boost for BBC Scotland and for the Scottish creative industries. This is an exciting time for BBC Scotland and for the millions of Scots who love TV.”

However will this innovation be stymied by the Rangers-facing toadies at Pacific Quay? Will the ‘Huns With Microphones‘ fall silent? They have recently been using Scottish licence players money to solicit the views of EBT tax cheats Michael Mols and Ronald De Boer. They flew Tom English to Amsterdam so that Mols could opine that he would have played for petrol money.

If that is the case why does he not donate the £260,000 he received to charity.

Of course English did not ask that question as his remit was to undermine the clamour for title stripping.

Recently Ronald De Boer, with his £1.2m EBT, has been rolled out to opine on The Old Firm and his pick of the best Rangers player he ever played with. With 55 EBT tax cheats to choose from he opted for Mikel Arteta and his £674,603 EBT.

In what part of the BBC Charter does it state that tax cheats will be front and centre of BBC Scotland broadcasts? Does it not behove the BBC to set a good example for the tax-paying citizens of Scotland?

One of most flagrant abusers of the BBC’s charter on balance is Kenny Macintyre. He is a real hard-wired Hun who makes no apology for creating what is effectively a Rangers podcast. He must be the darling of the Highland Huns who run BBC sport north of the border.

Now if one has had enough of Macintyre’s Blue Utopia the ultimate sanction would be to stop paying one’s licence fee. One could still watch BBC content on their I Player. The BBC failed in its attempt to link their licence fee to this application which is free to air.

Stop paying for Macintyre’s lies, English’s away days and Chic Young who has recently come out to reveal that he is and has always been a die-hard Hun. So much for his support of St. Mirren.

If you’re in a boycott state of mind, don’t stop there. Do not in any circumstances pay £20-£30 to watch Scotland toy with Maltese minnows on the 4th September. It’s more one-sided than Sunday’s  Mayweather v McGregor mismatch. The bookmakers have ‘The Money‘ as 1/4 favourite.

Scoring five past the minnows at their Ta’ Qali stadium leads one to anticipate that it will be no more than a light training exercise.

There is nothing crucial about this game as the SFA would have us believe. They are just trying to soak the Scottish football supporters for all their worth prior to yet another failure to qualify for the World Cup Finals.

Malta have scored 2 goals and conceded 15. Their six games have all been lost.

Boycott the SFA. Put Regan’s nose out of joint. Don’t pay for his extra leg room on flights. Tell him in no uncertain terms that he can stick the lost receipts from this ‘crucial‘ match in the confidential file that was used to confer titles from Rangers to Rangers Lite.

Walking The Plank with Primark Pedro

Caixinha really should keep his own counsel on Rangers Lite. His excuses and justifications are pulling up as lame as some of Lite’s play. He opines on Hearts showing his team respect. Nothing could be further from the truth. Daly set his team up to mute the 49,000 crowd, keep a clean sheet, and leave with a minimum of one point. Mission accomplished. If he wants to see them playing more expansively he will be given an opportunity when he visits Tynecastle (or Murrayfield if the seats don’t arrive).

I’m growing tired of his whining. He is lucky to be in a job after the shocking Europa Cup first qualification round exit to Progrès Niederkorn. What a way to make your first bow in Europe. And not to put too fine a point on it he can be dismissed immediately with only ninety days severance pay. Those claiming it would cost Lite too much to sack him are misguided. I exclusively revealed his notice period on this site.

Traynor has taken to filming journalists who ask difficult questions of Primark Pedro. The only question to ask is how will he spending his time when he is hooked after the next embarrassing result? The consensus to replace him with a Real Rangers Man is building. How about the Incorrigible Tax Cheat Barry Ferguson? He could do with a bob or two. Primark’s team is unbalanced, lacks invention and continues to rely on Kenny Miller who is a few month’s shy of his 38th birthday. When Daly took the same tactics to Celtic Park his team were routed 4-1. It would have been 4-0 but for a Gordon error; and this from a team without Dembele and Patrick Roberts. The latter’s imminent arrival on a one year loan deal is now being reported by Chris McLaughlin. The BBC radio journalist is still banned from Ibrox for reporting on the support’s canon of anti Irish/Catholic invective.

The Gullibillies are now beginning to realise that they have been sold a Portuguese Pup. The team sheet may have a more exotic ring to it but the stark reality is that these players were out of contract for one simple reason: they were just not good enough.

However try telling that to BFDJ who has never been in the loop at Ibrox. He knows as much about what’s happening behind the scenes as he does about the two children he abandoned and refused to acknowledge or support. This despicable glutton should not have a voice. He was a half decent journeyman centre forward/half three decades ago. He is hardly the Sage of Omaha. He is not even the sage of Lesmahagow. One might even suggest that he has gout of the mouth. Derek Go-Lightly thinks that the hate-fest at the Sectarian Speakeasy should continue. But when did he ever speak with any authority other than to deny his responsibility to the CSA? Is it not high time that the SMSM stopped soliciting the views of this tub of lard?

Celtic by contrast, who invested in a Rolls Royce of a manager and not a washed-up old banger from Qatar, continue to go from strength to strength and have extended their unbeaten domestic run to 52 games. Rodgers rotated his squad and gave many of us our first sighting of Miller and Benyu. They both looked like they have never been out of the team. Ajer was sound and Ralston continues to impress.

Rodgers, who will be buoyed by Armstrong signing on for two years (as exclusively revealed on this site one day before the announcement) will be keen to avoid last season’s cliffhanger at Hapoel Be’er Sheva. If the Israeli team had scored one more goal Celtic would have missed out on the CL group stages on the away goals rule ( 5-2; 0-2).

Astana don’t have that cushion. If CFC play their normal game they will score and put qualification to rest. The £365,000 solidarity payment to Rangers Lite will be but a drop in the ocean to their deficit. I guess howling at the moon does not come cheap.

Aberdeen and St. Johnstone both prevailed and are now five points ahead of Rangers Lite in sixth. My tip for runners-up this season suffered a humiliating 3-1 defeat at home to Hamilton. Lennon will beast the shirkers at Monday’s training in East Mains. Motherwell put their first points on the board with a home win against Ross County. Rangers travel to Dingwall next Sunday. In the highly unlikely scenario that Lite lose, Primark Pedro will be a Ped Man Walking. But then surely they’re used to dead men walking at the beleaguered new club?

Willy and Billy are sporting replica shirts and scarves from our Retro Laughing Stock Collection.”

The opiate of ‘The People’ has done nothing to assuage the clamour for title-stripping and regime change. If Regan comes out to congratulate Celtic on achieving a CL group stage berth, having denied them their rightful place in 2011, he should be next to walk the plank after Primark Pedro.

Boycotts & Bullshit

The latest Press Gazette figures for average sales in July make grim reading for the Daily Record and its Sunday spin-off. The new lows, of 143,635 and 152,892  respectively, are unprecedented. They represent a drop of 13.78% year on year for the daily title, with a drop of 14.3% for the Sunday Mail.

I cannot envisage how this dying patient can be revived. A newspaper insider has informed me that should sales continue on their death spiral to less than 140,000 the blood will be on the walls. With a boycott of the title now being implemented by Rangers Lite supporters it does not bode well.

Will these titles be missed? Probably not. At one time the Daily Record was the working class bible. You would find it in the shipyards and construction sites. There was something for everyone, with a challenging cryptic crossword and an award-winning comic strip in ‘Garth.’

I must admit that I have never bought either title. I have always read The Guardian and The Sunday Times. However I have filled in a survey or two to access their online sports copy.

James Traynor was an obsequious Rangers-facing SDM lickspittle of the highest ordure. A creeping Japanese knotweed of a man who almost single-handedly killed their sports desks. He continues to undermine both titles in his capacity as an Auchenhowie squatter. When he met Charles Green he told him that he had the power to make or break him. It was an audacious statement by a man whose intellect and influence is in inverse proportion to his burgeoning waistline.

Traynor also has an affection for Airdrie who were put out of business by Sir Bribe & Lie. It was not too much of a stretch for him as they sang from the same hate-filled anti-Catholic hymn sheet. He seems to have a penchant for dead clubs; or in his deluded mind did he break them? When Charles Green hired him he changed his position from Rangers died, RIP,  to Rangers Then, Rangers Now, Rangers Forever, so quickly that describing this transformation as a Damascene conversion would not do it justice. If you paid Traynor enough he would support Celtic.

His protégé Keith Jackson would be a loss to our site. His reportage on the Australian Open from his south side living room was so cringeworthy that it deserved the media equivalent of ‘The Raspberries.’ However in the dead pool that is the SMSM he is what passes for balance. He is loathed equally by the Celtic and Lite support. He is banned from Ibrox and Celtic Park. The latter was due to his tendency to give Ronny Deila a good kicking. But as we have seen in the transformation in Celtic’s fortunes since the advent of Rodgers, was he right all along?

I have been excoriating in my criticism of Jackson since he jumped in on a twitter spat between me and his wet sports editor, Darren Cooney. Cooney threatened me with legal action when I asserted that his reportage was bought and paid for by Dave King, via James Traynor. I continue to await his missives.

Jackson’s coverage of the aftermath of the 2016 Scottish Cup final, where 200 Rangers Lite thugs were deemed to be defending their players, was both inaccurate and irresponsible. Was Jackson watching ‘300’ when he received the call from Traynor? He night have well gone to print in Ancient Greek for all the sense it made.

However I have a sneaking admiration for a journalist who despite being loathed by both sides of the divide continues to scoop the top awards in his field. I salute his indefatigability. One can but hope that Murray Foote gives Twitter addict Cooney, who would be missed as much as a tub of lard with a Bluetooth keyboard, the bum’s rush and uses this cost saving measure to retain Jackson. Few journalists make me laugh more. Who needs Garth when you have Jackson?

I digress. The thrust of this article is the fake news in regard to the new retail deal at Ibrox. It was spun as a great victory for King and the phalanx of supporters who boycotted Sports Direct.

I contend that this a lie. A big hairy audacious lie.

The prosaic facts of this matter is that both Puma and Sports Direct want fuck all to do with the toxic board at Ibrox. They have walked away. Puma, in their last year of the contract, have been screwed one time too many by the career criminal. So much so that no replica kits for this season were manufactured. They’re out.

As for Sports Direct their relationship with Puma is much more important to them than with the piss ants in The Blue Room. If there is no manufacture it follows that there is no retail. The purported one year deal was probably no more than a grace period to shift the ‘laughing stock.’ The Gullibillies duly obliged.

Then there is the impending Cold Shoulder to consider. Both of these listed companies will choose to distance themselves as much as possible from King. Sitting across the table from King at Rangers Retail was untenable. The have both slammed the door shut behind King.

It’s now more than two years since the career criminal took the reins at Ibrox. Since then no NOMAD was prepared to touch him with a barge pole. The listing on LSE AIM has gone and if it had not gone immediately RIFC Plc would have been suspended as soon as The Cold Shoulder was implemented.

So now Lite have no retail revenue whatsoever, no retail infrastructure and no supply chain. No stock listing and no credit facilities at the bank. If King was a Celtic-facing criminal mastermind who set out to destroy Rangers Lite he would be lauded. However he is purported to be a Real Rangers Man. Did he need satnav to find his way to Ibrox?

Unlike Oscar Wilde, King is not in the gutter looking up at the stars. He is face down looking at the abyss.



A Letter To The Takeover Panel Executive

As I have stated many times on this site I don’t exclusively lobby for change. I also act for change. To this end I have written to The Takeover Panel today to inquire why career criminal David Cunningham King has not yet been the subject of a formal Cold Shoulder order; nor has he been summoned to the Court of Session for a hearing apropos a judicial order to compel King to make an offer of 20p for the shares not within his concert party’s gift.

I wrote to the Executive and Hearings Committee. I have redacted their e-mail address to make it more difficult for the Gullibillies to write in support of King. My letter as published on this site will be in bold blue italic typeface

Email:  (Redacted)

‘The above email address should be used to notify the Executive and the Hearings Committee of a request that the Hearings Committee be convened in order to review a ruling of the Executive. After such notice is received, the Secretary to the hearing will notify all interested parties to the requested hearing of the contact details to be used for subsequent communications.’

Dear Sirs,

I write to you in my capacity as a shareholder in RIFC Plc. I also write in my capacity as the creator and principal author of an award-winning social media blog which currently has fast approaching 14.5m hits and is read by up to 40,000 individuals on a daily basis (

By way of a preface to my remittance, I have chosen to reproduce the following clause from the Takeover Appeal Board’s findings:

106. We have reached the conclusion, having regard to the grounds and basis of the appeal and taking account of all the evidential materials placed before the Board, that Mr King was acting in concert with Messrs Letham, Taylor and Park in the acquisition of the shares in Rangers on 31 December 2014 and 2 January 2015. On the “acting in concert” point we uphold the findings and ruling of the Committee.

Having followed this matter with interest and having written copious articles thereon, I could see no other conclusion than Mr. King was acting in concert. Allow me to state for the record that David Cunningham King is a career criminal. He has been accused in South Africa of bribing a tax official (who was subsequently forced to resign) and having the audacity to attempt to have the ensuing, inordinately lenient tax settlement, accepted by a court of law. It was summarily thrown out.

Mr. King attempted to have his name removed from the South African Tax Register by mendaciously claiming that he earned less than the Rand equivalent of £5,000 per annum. In this subterfuge he even went so far as to caddy for Gary Player at The Masters in Augusta. The prosaic facts of the matter was that his monthly credit card expenditure of circa £80,000 was being paid in full from significant cash deposits held in Guernsey.

Mr. King was described by Gauteng appeals court judge, Brian Southwood as:

‘A glib and shameless liar who would not hesitate to lie if it served his interests to do so. He should not be believed on any matter unless supported by objective evidence.”

Mr. King has been charged with Racketeering. Only three witnesses were prepared to testify against him, which led to the collapse of the state prosecutor’s case. It was subsequently revealed that Mr. King paid an underworld figure to intimidate the witnesses.

In his four decades as a career criminal he has only been convicted of 41 counts of tax evasion and one count of contempt of court. This is a drop in the ocean compared to the slew of allegations of fraud, share manipulation and insider trading.

Mr. King has also breached South Africa’s concert party rules with his third party acquisition of shares in MHG in his daughter’s name. The mysterious benefactor who instructed the purchase of shares to boost her stake to 75% was none other than Mr. King. The Takeover Panel should be in no doubt that King will lie, cheat, deceive and steal at the drop of a hat. As an example of King’s duplicity, I enclose the following from your findings:

59.In emails to the Secretary Mr.King re-iterated his position that the key representations should be from NOAL as the purchaser of the shares in Rangers, that NOAL was the real party and that he had no locus to represent it. In his replies the Secretary again reminded Mr King of the procedure for NOAL to attend or to make submissions on the appeal. NOAL had made no application to be heard by the Committee and had made no written submissions to it. It has not made any application to be heard by the Board and has not made any written representations to it.

86. Further, Mr. King’s repeated denial that he has any interest in those shares and any voting rights in Rangers is at odds with the evidence as to their acquisition and as to NOAL’s requisition of an EGM that led to Mr King and his nominees constituting the Rangers board, which both clearly indicate that Mr. King had “general control” over the shares within the terms of the Code’s definition of “interest in securities.”

The Takeover Panel Appeal Board came to the following conclusion:

104. We dismiss the appeal and affirm the ruling of the Committee, save that we vary the date and direct that within 30 days of this decision (i.e. by 12 April 2017) Mr. King announce an offer pursuant to Rule 9 of the Code and, save as to the offer date, such offer to be in accordance with the Executive’s ruling of 7 June 2016, as summarised in paragraphs 19 and 20 above.

Mr. King, not to anyone’s surprise, has paid no heed to this conclusion. He has played cat and mouse with the TPE and its Appellate Board. The TPE also stated that they would pursue a petition to The Court of Session with a view to compelling Mr. King to comply with Rule 9.

To date, I see no movement by the TPE. Mr. King, who attended Ibrox on Saturday 12th August and chaired a meeting of his board, is continuing to make fiduciary decisions on behalf of RIFC Plc. There are those who read my blog who assert that the TPE have no teeth. One went so far as to suggest that you are a group of ‘blowhard paper-shufflers.’

I do not concur with this view but it’s difficult to escape the conclusion that Mr. King is acting with impunity and is making complete fools of the TPE.

Mr. King is a slippery character.This trait has kept him out of prison to date. Mike Ashley of Sports Direct had to go to elaborate lengths to serve Mr. King with a court summons.

Is this the rationale for the TPE’s inertia? Are you unable to serve King?

Mr. King, who likes the sound of his own voice, rarely hides his light under a bushel but on his last trip he slipped in and out without fanfare. Was this his way of avoiding a summons?

Plesase advise my readers and I as to when a Cold Shoulder order will be implemented and the term of this order. Please also advise on the latest news in regard to the Court of Session petition. Has Mr. King paid the costs for his spurious appeal to the Takeover Appeal Board?

I would be grateful if the TPE could apprise my readers and I on the impact of a Cold Shoulder order. Will it in any way affect RIFC Plc or its supply chain? Will Metro Bank be compelled to withdraw banking facilities from RIFC Plc? Will RIFC be prohibited from engaging in transfer activity on behalf of its subsidiary, The Rangers Football Club Limited?

I cannot conceive of anyone more deserving of a cold shoulder than career criminal David Cunningham King.

Yours faithfully.

John James (nom de plume).

n.b. I am loath to reveal my real name as Mr. King will leak this to his ‘militia’ who have to date issued three credible death threats. I live in exile to avoid assassination. However if non disclosure guarantees were forthcoming, I will revert to you with my name to accompany my request for a review.”


I will revert to readers should I receive a response.