Snake Eyes in Scottish Football

I am passionate about Scottish football. Nothing gave me more pleasure in my callow youth than to play the beautiful game at a decent level. When I was not in exile I would happily venture a fiver to watch Largs Thistle or watch The Undertakers (Port Glasgow Junior FC)  at Parklea. Both teams are run by grass roots football enthusiasts.

I guarantee that each player in both teams was watching Scotland come up short against Slovenia. They would be as crestfallen as I am, even though I did not accept for one minute that Scotland would secure six points from their last two group games.

Northern Ireland secured a play-off place in a group that included Germany, The Czech Republic and Norway. With apologies to Northern Ireland I would be hard pressed to name one member of their squad. I would have no problem reciting the Scotland team, particularly household names such as Fletcher and the six Celtic players in the squad.

So why are Northern Ireland progressing? I posit that their FA does not pander to one club and devotes its time to developing young players. The SFA might talk a good game about developing woman’s football, but when it comes to funding development they use the same ears that cannot hear the sectarian chants at Ibrox.

Failure to qualify for a fifth successive World Cup Finals falls squarely at Regan’s door. Will he fall on his sword? Of course not. Accepting responsibility requires integrity; a quality that is conspicuously absent at Hampden.

It’s a simple formula. If one does the square root of fuck all, one should not be surprised when one achieves the square root of fuck all.

England qualified with flying colours. Is there a causal link between their progression and the £100m National Football Centre at Burton? If this is too rich for our blood why does Performance Director Malky Mackay not commandeer Murray Park which was partially funded by The Lottery Commission and The Sports Council? It was sold to both bodies as a facility to be used by the entire sports community. Why is it being used exclusively by Rangers Lite?  The Scottish public paid for Murray Park but are excluded from using it. Just another stitch-up by the SFA for the benefit of the SFA Eleven.

However there is one silver lining in the dark clouds over Hampden. Regan was denied an opportunity to gloat at our progression. He was not allowed to assert:

” Look at the great strides we are making. Is it not time to embrace our bright future and move on?”

Move on to a bright future where cheating goes unpunished and Sir Bribe & Lie is rehabilitated in the SMSM for Govan consumption? Forgive me if I demur.

Regan would have milked Scotland’s progression like a dairy maid with Parkinson’s disease. He had the audacity to turn up at Monte Carlo and ride on Celtic’s Champions League coat-tails. He is a self-serving prick with a sinecure. I hope I did not leave anything out.

Whilst on the topic of self-serving pricks like Sir Bribe & Lie and Stewart Regan, it would be remiss of me not to mention the less than lovable rogue that is career criminal Dave King. There is some confusion on what will occur on Thursday at The Court of Session. The matter is slated for two days but I would be inordinately surprised if it’s not all over by the lunch recess of day one.


The Takeover Panel Executive’s petition cites clause 955 to seek enforcement by court order if the court is satisfied that:
1. There is a reasonable likelihood that a person will contravene a rule-based requirement, or
1.1. that a person has contravened a rule-based requirement or a disclosure.

The court may make any order it thinks fit to secure compliance with the requirement.

This is a binary issue. King did not comply. The Court of Session will enforce the TPE edict. There will be no discussions on the merits of King’s spurious appeal. King’s last throw of the dice came up ‘snake eyes.

The maximum penalty which can be imposed for contempt of the Court of Session is two years’ imprisonment, a fine, or both.

If King continues to be in contempt of a court order he will be staring down the barrel of extradition and two years inside.

Is it not about time some of the Real Rangers Men were sent down. Paddy Power will not be taking bets that Sir Bribe & Lie will be King’s cellmate.


Ten In A Row Aversion Therapy

The following article appeared in yesterday’s edition of the Scotsman:

” Sir David Murray’s sprawling family business donated £1.5 million to a new charitable foundation after paying out a record £8m dividend, it emerged yesterday. Managing director David Murray, Sir David’s son, said the decision to pay the “exceptional dividend” came after a year of consolidation in 2016. The charity donation was given to the Murray Foundation, set up earlier this year to help several causes close to the family’s heart including those supporting amputees and cancer charities. Turnover at the group, which owns a number of companies including metals, wine, IT and property, rose by 2 per cent to £69.5m last year. Last year Murray Capital received a “minded to” planning permission decision for 1,300 houses at its Edinburgh Garden District site in west Edinburgh. The decision was called in by the Scottish Government with the outcome due at the start of next year. The group is also hopeful of gaining planning consent for its commercial site at the International Business Gateway near Edinburgh Airport.”

Is it just me or do others smell a rat? Yesterday’s exclusive on Sir Bribe & Lie’s designs on Ibrox is followed by a puff piece on his charitable munificence. However if one reads between the lines one can easily discern why he wants to rape Rangers Lite. He is going to use the Directors’s box as his conduit to lucrative projects receiving planning consent. His calling card if you will. All he needs is a cabal of Rangers-facing Huns in positions of influence and his wet corporate dreams will become a reality.

This is the man who ripped off a bank for £700m and who was the architect of Rangers’ implosion with debts and evaded taxes of £168.6m. He was the assassin of a Scottish institution.

To facilitate the rape of the original Rangers to the tune of circa £120m he engaged in a $1m bribe to Lawrence Marlborough.

He is such an outstanding citizen that he set up and managed two tax dodges and ripped off any unsuspecting investor, such as Joe Lewis, who had the misfortune of crossing his path.

He is a laughing stock in the City.  One anticipates more puffed mendacity as the wool descends on the Gullibillies eyes.

Anyone for Ten-In-A-Row aversion therapy?


A Catastrophic & Catalyzing Event

If we are going to transform America into tomorrow’s dominant force  it will be a long process unless there is a catastrophic and catalyzing event- like Pearl Harbour.”

This is a direct quote from a neo-con think tank’s report on how to achieve America’s global leadership in the 21st Century.

Toward a 21st Century Army was circulated to the U.S. chain of command one year prior to 9/11. Cheyney and his chief of staff, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Jed Bush were all party to it.

When outlining America’s response to 9/11, George Bush asserted:

” This is an opportunity to do generations a favour by whipping terrorism.”

Usama ibn Mohammed ibn Awad ibn Ladin was cast as the 21st Century’s Saladin with Bush and Blair leading their crusades into Afghanistan and Iraq. ‘The War on Terror’ was a pretext for illegal wars, economic rape and genocide. Throw in a couple of dodgy dossiers and faked intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction and the racketeers in the Oval Office were good to go.

The 9/11 Commission found no evidence that NORAD had been directed to stand down but it’s difficult to comprehend how the following exchange could have occurred:

FAA: ” Could you scramble a few F-16s to help us out.”

NORAD: “Oh God I don’t know. Everyone has left the room.”

Michael Meacher MP speaking in a Channel 4 documentary stated:

This is the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. It’s difficult to believe that they were so incompetent.”

Were they incompetent or complicit? Complicit in an event to fulfill their objective of global leadership?

I am convinced as to the rationale and the architects behind  9/11, although I can understand why others might demur. If one proceeds with the premise that the Oval Office is the causal link to this ‘fortuitous’ foreign policy event, could there be any other reasons for pursuing a strategy that takes Israel’s and The House of Saud’s enemies to task? How about $1.4b of investment/donations by the House of Saud in Bush enterprises? How about 20 leading Saudis being spirited out of America as soon as the air embargo was lifted?

I am equally convinced that the CIA are behind the execution of this atrocity.

Bin Ladin from his cave could not have pulled this off. Al Qaeda is the patsy. MOSSAD were aware of the attack two hours in advance of the first drone hitting the North Tower. It advised its field agents to get out of Dodge. Five of these, who were working for a MOSSAD front company Urban Move in New Jersey, were arrested by the FBI after being seen celebrating the attack. Were they celebrating their fellow explosives’ experts artifice, or their own handiwork? They were some time later expelled on visa violations. They revealed their espionage activities when safely ensconced in Israel.

Richard D Hall, who has engaged in meticulous research on the culpable homicide/murder of Madeleine McCann, captured footage of a drone bomb hitting the North Tower at precisely the time  a military drone in the shape of an airplane makes contact. Both Towers, WTC 6 & 7, were all subject to controlled demolitions. The aircraft were either tin drones, photo-shopped images or both.

So what happened to Atta and his baker’s dozen? I emphasise that there was only 13 alleged terrorists, as six on the FBI list were Saudi citizens, one of which had never been to the U.S.

He and his armed team were probably shot down by F-16 jets that were deemed to be participating in a military exercise. Did a 40 foot high 757 leave a 14 foot diameter hole in the west wing of the Pentagon, or was it a mocked up American Airlines drone with a payload?

The calls from the doomed aircraft were staged and fake. Creating a myth of heroism as a squirrel to what actually occurred was unconscionable.

WTC 7 was ‘pulled’ to the order of its owner who collected $4.5b from a recently changed insurance policy.

Many firefighters, some of the bravest in American society, were sent into the wired buildings. They could later smell the thermite from the smouldering ruins. They could smell a rat.

Despite the FBI combing over the rubble on conveyor belts, no aircraft black boxes were ever found.

The Bush Administration dragged its heels for 431 days to prevent an inquiry. They put up the architect of a Chilean Coup d’etat, Henry Kissinger, to hide the smoking guns.

On September 12 Donald Trump asserted that both towers were subject to controlled demolitions. Ten days later he recanted. Was he reminded forcefully that many of his prospective political donors would abandon him if he pushed an anti-Semitic  line? Was the Dean of Texas University, who initially concurred with Trump, threatened with a withdrawal of funding?

Bush and Cheyney had their Pearl Harbour. The Land of the free, the home of the brave, gave us the following images from Abu Ghraib prison:

The latter two images are ‘selfies’ from the ‘War on Terror.’


A Better Class of Criminal

I was tipped off several months ago by a reputable source that Sir Bribe & Lie had apprised those in his social milieu of his plans to wrest control of Rangers Lite. I dismissed the idea as fanciful but maintained a watching brief. My source, who has since ‘earned his spurs’ with other accurate insights, then reverted to me with another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It was time to write to the big hitters that have been with our site from the beginning. One of my media gurus has fifty years experience of the SMSM and is no stranger to the Rangers narrative. He confirmed my source’s information. This morning my original source informed me that Sir Bribe & Lie’s Coup d’état is at an advanced stage.

You will eventually read about this in the SMSM. They hang on my every word as they don’t have the sources that I enjoy. The Gullibillies will swallow the rhetoric of derailing the Ten-In-A-Row Celtic goods train which is laden with trophies. If Nazi gold was behind Murray’s putsch the majority of them would still ‘fall wanking to the floor.’ 

Career criminal King is a debilitated moth who has been singularly unable to penetrate the Celtic cloak of invincibility. Everyone knows that the best Primark Pedro will ever achieve is third place. King was allowed to play fast and loose in a state of apartheid flux, but met his match in the UK when David Somers reported his concert part to the authorities. King’s rag-dolling will be a delicious main. Is it too much to ask that his adulterous Charlotte Fakeovers  factotum will provide the dessert as he is dismissed with prejudice by Sir Bribe & Lie? Paul Murray is in over his hair.

It would be remiss of me not to consider the barriers to entry. One of my long-term contributors of words and much-needed financial support, Only In Scotland,  ventured the following:

SDM was the orchestrator of the liquidation of the previous club of the same name. He introduced an illegal tax evasion scheme and charged the club an exhorbitant annual fee to administer said scheme. He facilitated multiple 3rd party contracts whereby his own companies, acting as middle men, obtained considerable income from management fees and commissions. He made considerable millions through personal share buy backs having manipulated the share price in a way CCK himself would be proud. All in all SDM trousered approx £120Million from the previous club whilst all the while, despite the statements of BFDJ, never investing  a penny of his own money. For SDM to purchase this young growing club the SFA and the SPFl would have to tear up the rule book and throw away any vestige of integrity and legality. So its probabaly odds on then!”

This is just the tip of Sir Bribe & Lie’s artifice. He introduced two illegal tax evasion schemes. If anyone aspired to doing business at Ibrox, he demanded 40% of the preferential shares in the company. SB&L is still having his bed feathered to this day by Garrion Security. He even retained the car park that allowed ingress and egress to The Club Deck and leased it back to Green, prior to walking away with a £1.5m fillip.

Sir Bribe & Lie sent one of his MIHG emissaries to the U.S. with one million dollars in a suitcase to bribe Lawrence Marlborough.

Will SB&L be passed fit and proper? You can bet your blue boots on it. Regan will be first on his knees to welcome him with an SFA blow-job. Doncaster, while less obsequious, will have his cock in a hoop at the return of The Blue Messiah.

The latest word is that Walter Smith is being lined up to front the operation. The Cardigan could use a bob or two to pay off Hector. The latter will be less than pleased to see SB&L back in the Blue Room with the bent Andrew Dickson cooking up schemes to defraud them.

If Walter does not capture the imagination, there is always fellow bung recipient Graeme Souness of the Nine-In-A-Row vintage to soothe the fevered brows of The Klan.

One thing that can be stated with complete certainty is that SB&L won’t be bankrolling his coup.




Cold Justice For King

With the Scotland v Slovakia game and its thrilling denouement providing the usual rollercoaster, few would have taken pause to check today’s listings at The Court of Session. However when it comes to career criminal Dave King being brought to book,  The Sitonfence Speakeasy will never rest:







P341/17 Pet: The Panel on Takeovers & Mergers for Orders Sec955



Thursday 12th October

(2 days)
At 10.00am

P341/17 Pet: The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers for orders sec955
Maclay Murray & Spens LLP



Those of my readers who follow the court’s listings as assiduously as I do will note that this petition has already been rubber stamped by Lady Wolffe on 6th June. It’s good to go.

Today’s unstarred preamble will merely get ducks in a row.

The Takeover Takedown (jj passim) will move up a gear on Thursday of next week.

Let’s be clear about this. King has pissed off a lot of people in the City. He’s an uncouth, uneducated career criminal who has made his way in the world by lying and cheating. He has engaged in bribery and witness intimidation. When being passed ‘fit & proper‘ by Regan’s nodding dogs he was bound by a suspended sentence of three months for being in contempt of court.

King confuses being ‘ gallusly wide‘ with business acumen. He had the audacity to state that he had no executive authority over NOAL despite using this corporate vehicle to call an EGM and oust the former board. If Lite were in the frying pan under David Somers and The Easdales – the last professional board – then they are now in the fire.

King knows he’s going down. He will be ordered to make an offer of 20p for all shares that are not within his concert party’s gift. He will be ordered to do so within a specified time period. I anticipate one month, possibly two, in the highly unlikely event that he issues a prospectus. Let’s call this prospectus ‘The Flying Pig.’

King will not comply. He will expound on a narrative that South Africa’s exchange controls tie his hands. They did not tie his hands when he was decimating the share price and picking up his equity for a song. Who could ever forget dear Charlotte Fakeovers. Paul Murray and Slim Shady Traynor should also be brought to book.

King will be stripped of holding any executive position in a UK plc when he is in contempt of court. If the board don’t keep King at arm’s length, the Sevco project that is already taking on water, will go under.

I’m hearing rumours of a Rangers III and an old face making a grab for the distressed assets. There is nothing more incorrigible than a Real Rangers Man.

I also noticed that SFA Lickspittle  Stewart ‘Move On‘ Milne’s group is also engaged in litigation. One can but hope that his nose is put out of joint.

In other Rangers news BDO are continuing to pursue Duff & Phelps on behalf of the club’s creditors. The Rangers’ liquidators have spent so much of the pot on litigation that only  3.91p in the pound is currently on offer. Any additional payment will be predicated on taking Duff & Phelps to task.

The Continuation Jihadists would have us believe that Rangers still exist. They only exist as a file in Canary Wharf. Once this file is archived Rangers will be as finished as King.



Unravelling The Cardigan

My exclusive on Advance Payment Notices (JJ passim) has now been picked up by an influential blogger. Regular readers will know that you read it here first. Which seamlessly brings me to the bone of this piece. Is The Cardigan’s financial artifice beginning to unravel:

Court of Session

Wednesday 4th October Walter Ferguson Smith, 26 Blackhall Drive, Helensburgh v AG Neil Caisley, 7 Heath Lane, Codicote, Herts

In Mr. Caisley’s blurb it states:

He is particularly experienced in UK financial planning aspects and one of his specialisms is advising professional sportsmen and footballers. Neil is a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.”

What could possibly go wrong with that kind of pedigree. Does Caisley not purr like a kitten with a ball of wool?

One would like to think that Walter’s EBT, unlike his bunions, is not playing up. Surely his EBT bung for buying and selling players to and from Rangers whilst at Everton was all above board? What better provenance could there be than a tax dodge designed by a stunt cock?


I was loath to get involved in the 9/11 anomalies. One of my sources who prefers to be an unsung hero of our site cautioned that pandering to conspiracy theories might undermine the forensic factual analysis of other topics. There were also consequences in donations to consider. Current affairs pieces lead donations off a cliff; yesterday being a point in case.

However I changed my mind when I watched ‘Loose Change – The Final Cut.‘ The genie was out of the bottle. I devoured thousands of words from The Washington Post. I fell asleep and awoke to insightful documentaries. I will no doubt live to regret this blog and go hungry.

My first revelation, at least to my eyes, is not from ‘Loose Change.’ One of the three authors of this two hour documentary, Jason Bermas, revealed that MOSSAD knew in advance of the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks and had sent a unit to film it. They did not reveal this information to their American allies as it would have exposed their extensive espionage network. There are those who argue that they had no need to inform the Pentagon as they were the architects of 9/11. This is speculation. I prefer the facts.

Osama Bin Laden at no time claimed responsibility for the events of 11 September 2001. The fact that he was holed up in Pakistan was probably at the behest of  the Pakistan intelligence community. The latter was active in the attacks. The head of their inter service intelligence agency wired $100,000 to Mohamed Atta, who organised the hijacks.

I suspect CIA involvement. The hijackers had access to security service passwords. Three thousand American deaths would be small change when weighed up against incursions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the ultimate regional target, Iran.

The Twin Towers were not felled by the airplane collisions. They were taken down by plastic explosives that were probably planted by Delta operatives who were tasked with making sure that the black boxes in the airplanes did not see the light of day.  Building Seven was also demolished by experts in this field. Did the  CIA office hold details on how many of the hijackers were trained by the US military?  They pulled the entire building down to conceal their collusion

The 9/11 Commission findings were a Cover-Up of biblical proportions. The Pentagon were running war games to simulate how they would deal with a hijacked plane being used as a weapon of mass destruction. The FAA were probably led to believe that the rogue aircraft were part of a drill.

As for the “heroes of UA 93” this was a feelgood sop to the American public. This hijacked plane was shot from the sky by an F-16 fighter jet, leaving only telephone book sized debris to fall to earth.

The attack on The Pentagon leads to more questions than answers. Were 115 men and women sacrificed for advances in foreign policy? Dick Cheyney knew it was coming yet did nothing to avert it.

The War on Terror is a construct of 9/11. The deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens is a direct consequence of the events of that day. I live for the day that Bush and Blair are tried for war crimes. Only the most evil of men use tragedy to satiate their bloodlust.

But then what did we expect from the Bush dynasty who enriched themselves by laundering money for the Nazis?