The Sectarian Speakeasy

 “There are some 
difficult things you have to listen to, regarding your heritage, your family or your background.” 

The aforementioned comment by Neil Lennon refers to the visit of Hibs to Ibrox today. On paper this fixture is the pick of this week’s SPFL card. However the large majority of recidivists in the Rangers Lite support will turn it into a hate-fest. In the Scottish Cup Final of 2016 when these clubs last met, a five goal thriller on the park was overshadowed by 200 or so Rangers thugs who took their hatred for all things Hibernian onto the turf of Hampden. The stupid people in the SMSM ran with Jim Traynor’s spin cycle that the thugs were protecting their players.

It was the least they could do.”

It was of course a lie as the players had left the field unscathed by the time the rioters turned up. The Hibs fans had spilled onto the turf to celebrate their first Scottish Cup win since 1902. The Rangers Lite fans, many of whom are drawn from the criminal classes, could not take it and lashed out with hands and feet. Some enterprising Lite thugs used a corner flag as a weapon. A fully grown man was captured attacking a teenager, who had been felled by another thug’s punch, with a two footed lunge to his head. This thug who has more criminal convictions than tattoos, was sent down for his assault.

However will he be banned from the Sectarian Speakeasy today? Almost certainly not. Had he been fined the thug apologists at The Vanguard Bears would have paid the penalty on his behalf. This online group, whose members are welcome at Ibrox, paid the fines for many of the Rangers thugs. It was open season on Hibs fans. This was 2016 in Scotland.

A year later those who turn up at Ibrox to wade in fenian blood are tolerated. A thug who issued racist tweets to Dembele, and anti Irish pejoratives to Chris Sutton appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court this week. His defence solicitor stated that he would relinquish his season ticket and take a step back from all things Rangers.

This in instructive. There are those who excuse the bigotry as a necessary evil. A pressure valve that allows the hatred to seep out over ninety minutes. This is palpable nonsense. The Sectarian Speakeasy amplifies and reinforces their bigotry. Bigotry that should have no place in any society.

The odious Stewart Regan excuses Police Scotland’s inertia by claiming that they cannot arrest thousands. May I suggest they make a start by arresting Regan for condoning this behaviour and other crimes against Scottish football governance.

Regan fought tooth and nail for this bigot festival. I trust he’s pleased with his handiwork.


A Five Way Omnishambles

The late Paul McConville compared The Five Way Agreement to The Holy Grail. He would have loved to have deconstructed it in his own inimitable fashion. The twists and turns that led to Charles Green signing the final 6th draft can now be exclusively revealed for the first time. I have been liaising with Charles on this topic over the past few days as I wanted to put it to bed once and for all. The following in bold italic typeface is reproduced verbatim:

The whole story of the 5 way agreement is in my book and there are pages of it, starting with meetings at Hampden followed up with 3/4 meetings with Rod Petrie at Hibs , Hampden and Edinburgh Airport hotel. Rod (McKenzie) had been nominated by the SFA and the SPL to try and get me to agree a settlement.The man is a slime bag and Ally McCoist nearly hit him ( the only time he ever supported me). On the Friday the 5 way agreement was signed it was like an episode from the keystone cops.

The meeting started in the morning at the lawyers office I didn’t go until late afternoon early evening. I had two representatives present.I knew that the first few hours would get nowhere and I had huge problems to resolve at the club. When I arrived in reception waiting for the lift to go up to join the meeting Stewart Reagan came out of the lift . He had to leave early to get back to Yorkshire for a special occasion. Incredible really Scottish Football is about to go bust and he has a more pressing appointment in Yorkshire. The final document was signed around 10 pm, I understand SR left a signature page with his lawyer to attach on behalf of the SFA.”

As much as we eagerly anticipate Mr. Green’s books he has given us some scintillating takeaways. McKenzie is a slime bag. In fact I would go so far as to remove the bag. Note how the SFA and SPL are using the same counsel to twist Green’s arm. There can be little doubt that the Conveyancing Consigliere Gerry Moynihan is the man behind the SFA’s inertia and the SPFL faux review.

As for Stewart Regan leaving a critical meeting to attend an ‘occasion’  one could not make it up. If his wife had just gone into labour or there had been a death in the family his absence could have been excused. Did he have a pressing engagement at a barbecue at Yorkshire Cricket Club? Or was it just a pretext to save face given that he  could not shoehorn Sevco into the SPL or SFL 1? As for title-stripping, with fifteen titles up for grabs in draft one and draft two, this was no longer on the table. I can also confirm that there was no side agreement or addendum guaranteeing that titles would not be stripped. Charles, prompted by my questions, responded:

Re title stripping! me paying cash to be divided between the other SPL clubs to mitigate their financial hardship was an early proposal from Rod. Andrew Dickson was present at two of the meetings when this was tabled, however he is such a snake. I only ever signed one document the final version in Biggart Bailey offices. There was never any chance of Rangers being shoehorned back into the SPL . The Rangers fans and management were vocal and the other clubs fans were putting their directors under pressure not to waiver. At one meeting an interesting comment was made that if a Director of another SPL club voted to put Rangers out of the league he or she could be in breach of their fiduciary duty knowing it would not be in the best interest of his company.”

Note the suggestion of a lump sum to be distributed to the SPL clubs. Does Rod McKenzie have no shame?

The final point is instructive. Was this the last throw of the dice by Regan and Doncaster to bully the SPL Chairmen into submission? As for Andrew Dickson, who is snaking his way up the greasy pole at the SFA, I cannot envisage a less suitable individual to participate in any governance committee; or the administrative procedures which provided Rangers with a UEFA licence in 2011. Are the SFA not aware that he took over the mantle for tax evasion and registration malfeasance from Campbell Ogilvie? How on God’s green earth can someone as corrupt as Dickson be given a prominent position at the SFA? Does he know where all the bodies are buried and must be kept close? I can think of no other rationale for retaining Dickson whose lies and obfuscation at the First Tier Tribunal are well documented. Dickson engaged in an unlawful tax avoidance scheme. When side letters were issued the avoidance became evasion. Playing Jerry to HMRC’s Tom might be well received on the 6th floor at Hampden, but had Salmond not intervened Dickson might have been prosecuted.

On a final note I take pause to have a look at the campaign to add the wartime titles to the total won by the former club. It’s our old friend Sevcon 1, the squirrel, deployed by the squatters at Auchenhowie. The titles won during the war years were not national titles. They were regional titles. They were won in tandem to the most blatant cheating by referees since the  systemic subversion of the Struth era. Rangers were awarded a penalty in each and every game that was close.  They received more spot kicks than the fourteen converted by Waghorn in his first season in Scottish football. If the refereeing had been as biased in the present day the £250,000 player would have been a contender for the Golden Boot award. This award would have been the perfect riposte to some teenagers who noted that Waghorn’s fundament was bigger than his head. Waghorn will be joining his fellow fire-sale colleague Joe Garner at Ipswich.






The Silver Bullet

There are a number of issues bubbling under in what passes for Scottish football governance at the moment. Celtic called for a review. The SFA maintained their stony silence. The SPFL read a ludicrous pre-prepared statement by Gerry Moynihan and decided no further action was necessary. It was all done and dusted in forty-eight hours. Neil Doncaster engaged in an interview with Grant Russell and blatantly lied. The latest event is Pargate. The CQN’s inertia on this does not bode well. If they had been told by the Judicial Review Requisitioners to keep their powder dry they would not have passed their information to the SFA Compliance Officer, Tony McGlennan.

A cynic might conclude:

Why would dust present itself to a vacuum cleaner.

Meanwhile the latest innovation by the squatter at Auchenhowie is to counteract the clamour for title stripping with a call to ‘add the titles.’  The titles won by Orange Ordure draft dodgers who claimed that they were members of the cloth. How the denizens of Ibrox can wear poppies truly beggars belief. If anyone ever thought integrity would break out at Ibrox, then think again. These individuals would mug their grandmothers to reinforce their deluded sense of supremacy and to get one over Timmy.

However there is one scenario in Pargate that could prove to be a silver bullet. If several former Dunfermline players have gone on the record to assert that they were told, or worst still bribed, to throw the game at Ibrox then it will be difficult for the SFA to finesse it. No-one expects them to act. If only one player volunteered information, he will be dismissed as a bitter fantasist, as was the case with Hugh Adam when he lifted the lid on Rangers cheating in 2002. Did the SFA intervene when the cheating was presented to them on TV? Of course not. The cheating continued for another nine seasons.

Jimmy Calderwood is a buffoon who fancied himself as a celebrity after overcooking his bloated body in a sun bed. He made not to put too fine a point of it, a total prick of himself. He would tell anyone that would listen that he would be the new Rangers manager. Did anyone actually anticipate Advocaat who bore a striking resemblance to Hitler, being replaced by the Pars answer to Eva Braun? The closest Calderwood got to managing Rangers was on Football Manager.

Yet the scenario of Murray dangling this carrot at Calderwood is not easy to dismiss. Calderwood was already beholden to Murray for his job at Dunfermline. Could he be further compromised by an EBT? Would Murray have him at his beck and call as was the case with The Gallant Pioneer of Tax Evasion, Campbell Ogilvie?

On the 25th May 2003 all Rangers had to do was to beat Dunfermline by more goals than Celtic could score against Kilmarnock. Chick Young, who at that time was pretending to be a St. Mirren fan but had to use Tom Tom satnav to find Love Street, was in his element. BBC Scotland only had one outside broadcast unit and the Hun loving Teuchters who run this Rangers-facing state broadcaster insisted that they set up shop at Ibrox.

Celtic fans were treated to a broadcast from a tin can. The party was at Ibrox, and the mantra was  ” Party Over Here, Fuck You Over There.” (Ice Cube lyric).

Rangers duly won by one more goal than Celtic with ten of their players, two substitutes and their manager all ‘imperfectly registered.’

This game should have resulted in a 3-0 reverse for Rangers but not in the corrupt fiefdom that is Scottish football governance.

Murray was a gambler with the Bank of Rangers’ money, but would Daddy have cut off his allowance if the lucrative Champions League was out with his grubby gift?  We know that Murray was prepared to bribe to get his way, so why not throw a season ticket at a tanning salon, or even better an EBT, Calderwood’s way, to ensure that his players engaged in an exercise in shadow football?

As I watched both games with the Celtic game’s picture being inferior to those that were beamed back from the moon in 1969, it was obvious that Rangers could score at will and would outgun Celtic. They even had the luxury of allowing Dunfermline to score from distance to give the impression that the fix was not in.

Murray must be exposed as a criminal. He must be banned from the game. His accomplice, Calderwood, should also be banned sine die. This is their JFK moment and should the SFA attempt to pin it on the patsy in the book depository I would anticipate some triangulated CQN cross fire from the grassy knoll.


Pargate: The Known Knowns

Celtic effectively played their ‘B’ team last night and scored five without reply. My tip for the runners-up spot to Celtic, Hibs, did likewise against Ayr United. I revealed exclusively on Twitter that Patrick Roberts will sign on for another loan period at Celtic. My source has a link to the CFC dressing room and access to a football agent. As he has proven to be reliable in the past I have no reason to doubt him.

However when it comes to what I have decided to call Pargate, sorting the wheat from the chaff is no easy task. In the 1960s Dunfermline reached the semi-finals of the European Cup Winners Cup. They were a force to be reckoned with. When one fast forwards forty years, to 25th May 2003, when the Rangers EBT juggernaut prevailed by one goal to win the title, they were a shadow of the proud team that took the field with honour in the 1960s.

I have revisited the highlights of this game. One can find a package on YouTube presented by Derek Johnstone. Derek is not exactly ‘slimmer of the year’ on this tape, but his days of being carted around the Radio Clyde studio in a makeshift wheel barrow are ahead of him. The stairlift is his faithful friend. No-one could ever accuse BFDJ of the same. Two children from affairs while a married father of four suggests that he is an accomplished liar and a serial adulterer. He is also not averse to driving while intoxicated. As a Real Rangers Man he won’t lack company and is probably shacked up with a former beauty queen who is now as old as cheese. BFDJ enjoys a quart of port with his cheese.

When one revisits this tape it’s evident that no-one in Dunfermline colours is prepared to make a tackle. They shadow the Rangers players without impeding their progress. On the one occasion a tackle is made they concede a penalty. The penalty was converted to win the title for the EBT juggernaut.

Dunfermline’s chairman has now released a statement which at best is disingenuous; at worst it’s downright duplicitous. He made a less than veiled reference to this site. Keith Jackson has jumped on the bandwagon to contain the narrative for Level 5. A cold dispassionate appraisal of the facts, the known knowns, is called for.

‘Sir’ David Murray is a crook. He is bent. A ‘wrong un.’ Readers of this site know that he acquired Lawerence Marlborough’s equity in Rangers with a one million dollar bribe; in addition to the six million pounds registered purchase price. Both the bribe and the official purchase price were loaned to SDM by Gavin Masterton at The Bank of Scotland.

Readers of this site will also know that David Murray arranged for lifelong Rangers fan, Jimmy Calderwood, to take over as team coach of Dunfermline using his influence with Gavin Masterton. This was revealed by Calderwood to Stuart Cosgrove on the latter’s satirical radio show. Calderwood also revealed that ‘they’ (Murray, Masterton & Calderwood) controlled Dundee.

David Murray therefore had de facto control of three football clubs. If Murray was an honest man, this authority would not have been abused. However we know that Murray is prepared to lie, cheat and steal from the exchequer while running a coach and horses through Scottish football regulations.

When one reverts to CQN, the Pars chairman’s statement about the timing of these revelations does not ring true. CQN first went to print on this matter one week ago. Keith Jackson, who is always one week late, may have just woken up to the developing story, but it was not timed to in any way derail tonight’s bare nipple bared knee extravaganza in the Argyll Suite. Nor to in any way upset the travelling Pars fans who have been unkindly described as ‘Huns without the bus fare.’ One of the three groups who are actively conspiring to assassinate your humble correspondent are denizens of The Kingdom of Fife. One can but hope that they follow the bum steers of The Lawman who has not got a fucking clue about me. He has his knickers in a bunch since I banned him from this site. He is making things up as he goes along to those too gullible to question him. Good luck with that Gullibillies.

Back on planet Earth, we find that CQN have handed copious amounts of incriminating documents to the SFA’s Compliance Officer, Tony McGlennan. Paul Brennan is not engaging in click bait. This narrative is nuclear.

Getting back to the known knowns, would it be fair to conclude that Jimmy Calderwood, who cannot currently buy a coach’s position in football at home or abroad, owed a debt of gratitude to David Murray?  Would this debt have been brought into sharper relief with the offer of managing Rangers? Would Calderwood have been tempted to lie down to Rangers as he did in September of season 2002/2003 when his team lost 6-0?

If the fix was in as many suspect, a number of players would have to be bought. The Pars players were in a jubilant mood after being trounced 6-1 in the Ibrox showdown. Champagne had been supplied in the team bath to toast their heroes and to launch into a lusty chorus of The Billy Boys. It was a win-win for Calderwood and his charges.

The SFA solicitor Tony McGlennan already has egg on his face. He was humiliated when hand ball cheat Josh Meekings was allowed to participate in the Scottish Cup final. ICT disproved the adage that cheats don’t win. McGlennan will be loath to intervene unless the evidence is compelling.

The difficulty in establishing the facts is exacerbated by CQN playing cat and mouse on Twitter. Dingwall Fandango’s ‘Follow Follow’ alleged that Mr. Brennan tweeted that Calderwood had an EBT in 2002/2003, prior to hastily removing this tweet.

If the players were in on this, their palms would have also been greased. What happened when Dunfermline went bust is a squirrel. With the greatest respect to Pars fans few of us give the square root of fuck all about Masterton’s ill-starred misadventure. We have long known that he is a bent as his old china David Murray.

CQN are sitting on an ICBM. They are not sabre rattling about Guam. Their target is the sixth floor at Hampden. The fallout will be devastating.

Unexploded Ordnance from 2003 Title Race is about to ignite.

Our site has up to 40,000 readers in any given day. It’s followed by 5,394 readers on Twitter and circa one thousand on WordPress. My articles are regularly featured on aggregator site Celtic News Now  which has north of 33,000 Twitter followers. I’m grateful to this site for taking my work, and the insightful comments of my readers, to a wider audience.

With up to 40,000 readers on any given day, many come on to my twitter page to share insights. To set the scene for what could be an explosive story, one reverts to 25th May 2003. The following is from BBC Sport:

An injury-time penalty by Mikel Arteta clinched the SPL title for Rangers in an amazing afternoon at Ibrox. Rangers were 5-1 up as the match entered the last few minutes, but with Celtic 4-0 up at Rugby Park and still playing, they knew the championship was not yet theirs.But when Arteta stepped up to slot the ball past Derek Stillie after Neil McCann had been brought down, the Ibrox nerves were finally settled. Michael Mols had given Rangers the lead, Jason Dair equalised, before Claudio Caniggia, Shota Arveladze, Ronald de Boer and Steven Thompson put Rangers on the road to the title.”

The Rangers side which won the title on goal difference was riddled with tax cheats:

Rangers: Klos (£2m EBT); Ricksen (£684,225 EBT); Moore (£1.1m EBT and DOS/VSS tax cheating); Amoruso (£639,000 EBT); Numan (£510,000 EBT); Ferguson (£2.5m EBT); Arteta (£674,703 EBT); Caniggia (£1m EBT substituted by Neil McCann £500,000 EBT); de Boer (£1.2m EBT and DOS/VSS tax malfeasance); Mols (£260,000 EBT substituted by Thompson £485,000 EBT) and Arveladze whose tax arrangements are unknown.

They were managed by Alex McLeish who received a £1.7m cash bung. Chris Sutton asserted that Dunfermline had laid down to Rangers to allow the EBT juggernaut to win the title. He was banned for six games, which was reduced to 5 games after appeal.

One then fast forwards to 2015 to this narrative from Chris Sutton:

“Jimmy Calderwood wants an apology from me. I’m afraid he is going to be disappointed because it’s not going to happen.I must admit I was surprised when I read in yesterday’s Record Sport his demands for me to say sorry for insulting his Dunfermline side in 2003. The first thing that struck me was why had it taken so long for him to come out and say this?Perhaps he has a bit too much time on his hands these days and hasn’t got anything better to do but I found it laughable. To dredge it up after 12 years is pathetic.When I accused 
Dunfermline of lying down to Rangers I said it from the heart in the heat of the moment. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I clearly touched a nerve questioning fellow 
footballers’ integrity. I was angry, felt cheated and my blood was boiling. It was my opinion at that time in the aftermath of a weak and puny performance by Jimmy’s team.”

Chris Sutton is still convinced Dunfermline lay down to Rangers to allow them to win the title in 2003.

However it now seems that Sutton was on to something. David Murray arranged for Calderwood to be appointed at Dunfermline via Gavin Masterton. Both Rangers and Dunfermline were heavily indebted to the Bank of Scotland. According to Calderwood in a radio interview, the plan was for him to find his feet in the smaller club before taking over the EBT Juggernaut.

With this in mind, did Calderwood throw the game for Rangers?

A number of documents have recently come to light. These documents have been handed to the SFA for scrutiny. Did Calderwood receive a £1m EBT from Rangers in a pre-contract deal that was swept under the carpet after Rangers won the title in 2003?

What about the Dunfermline players? Were they also on the take that day?

These incriminating documents might well lead to one title being stripped in 2003 and much more besides.








The Missing Article

Prior to my thesis on how the SFA/SPFL overlap is playing us for fools, I will take pause to continue a tradition on this site of reviewing the weekend action in the Scottish Premiership. In many ways it was a tale of two referees. One weak and one bent. The former was Kevin Clancy. Kyle Lafferty was playing like a headless chicken, committing fouls and diving with impunity. His style was a throwback to The Cheating Years when he was in his WATP pomp. Having received a yellow card after committing six unpunished fouls, he then dived in an act of blatant simulation. Did Clancy follow the rules and dismiss Lafferty? No he bottled it. In the final analysis even a weak referee could not stop a rampant Celtic from adding another convincing win to their unbeaten domestic run. If John Daly was hoping to use yesterday’s game to advance his case to be the manager of Hearts then he failed miserably. If Griffiths had not been so profligate CFC would have scored seven. The odds of 1/10 for CFC to win their 7th successive title seem generous.

The bent referee is former Rangers season ticket holder, Bobby Madden. When Lite went one up with a lucky opener which cannoned off two players on its way to the net, Motherwell must have known that they would have to score three goals to win this game. When Madden is in charge of a game involving his team, he will award a penalty should a defender sneeze in the box. Tom English, who seems to be suffering from Hun Stockholm Syndrome at BBC ScotHun,  described the award as predicated on a loose elbow. The linesman did not spot the ‘offence.’ No flag was raised. It was ‘a good spot‘ by Bigoted Bobby who was looking for an excuse to give Rangers an edge.

Later in the game Tavernier blatantly pushed a Motherwell forward in the back to deny him a clear header from three yards. He committed a professional foul to deny a goal scoring opportunity. He should have received a red card and a penalty should have been awarded. What did Madden do? He waved play on even though he had clearly witnessed the cheating.

Cheating by referees is going to be more prevalent this season. The referees can see as clearly as anyone that Rangers cheated to win titles and that their employer, the SFA, refuse to punish them. They can perceive that the Scottish game is corrupt. So why not subvert a game or two for fun when the SFA allowed Rangers to subvert the Scottish game for a minimum of eleven seasons.

The undischarged bankrupt that is Gordon Smith, who went bust owing £644,000 and change, was quick to opine that the EBT did not confer a competitive advantage to his former employer, Rangers. Radio ScotHun provided him with a platform to expound on his thesis. Helicopter Sunday was exciting in Smith’s considered opinion. Tell that to the Celtic fans who lost the title to a team of bent players who were all evading their social taxes. I would like to see Smith try to colour them excited.

Traynor is doing an admirable job of defending the indefensible by pushing individuals like Smith and RFC cheerleader BFDJ into the media limelight. When it comes to BBC ScotHun he is pushing against an open door.

When temporarily reverting to football one should note that Aberdeen made light work of Hamilton, as did Hibs who were the hosts to Partick Thistle. Ross County and St. Johnstone won away by the same margin, 2-1, at Dundee and Kilmarnock respectively.

I digress. I have a lot of time for Brogan Rogan Trevino (BRT) who writes eloquently about a number of topics. I was at one time accused of being him while masquerading as a Rangers supporter. It was of course nonsense from The Klan who have upped their game considerably since this wild goose chase. It was a backhanded compliment to be compared to someone as accomplished as BRT.

He formerly wrote extensively on the late Paul McConville’s site and continues to write for the Scottish Football Monitor. I’m sure he must realise that any Judicial review of the decisions made by the LNS Commission are time barred. I’m surprised that he seems to consider a review as likely while I unequivocally demur. We don’t always see eye to eye.

However he expounds on a thesis that I first encountered in CQN. The author of this thesis, who is known to me and privately corresponds with me, fears retribution by The Klan if he were to break cover. His anonymity is assured. BRT on the other hand is prepared to nail his colours to the mast. BRT makes the following incontrovertible  points:


1. Craig Whyte has already been personally convicted by the SFA for deliberately failing to pay taxes as and when they fell due under article 5.1 of the SFA rules.

2. No such charge has ever been levied against RFC — just against their CEO.

3. Not only did RFC fail to pay taxes as and when they became due under Whyte’s watch, they deliberately failed to pay taxes for a 13 year period under the stewardship of Sir David Murray. They did this by deliberately entering into two unlawful tax aggressive tax avoidance schemes which even their advisers warned them could only be undertaken at considerable risk to the club as the schemes were never guaranteed to be successful.

4. Those schemes were entered into so that the club could buy players they would otherwise not have afforded.

5. In furtherance of those schemes, RFC chose to deliberately withhold the full details of their contractual arrangements with both players and managers from both the SFA and the SPL when submitting their applications to play under licence and in terms of the rules of both organisations.

6. In each of the years concerned, RFC had to apply for both domestic and European Licences to play football, and it is the granting of these licences which allows any football club to play in structured competition organised under the auspices of, or with the approval of, the SFA or UEFA.

7. Each and every licence application as submitted to the SFA in the knowledge that key financial and contractual information had been excluded in furtherance of tax avoidance purposes, and tax, which has since been declared to be legitimately due and payable from 1999 onwards, was unpaid and remains unpaid.

8. The above processes and procedures are no different, and indeed are considerably worse, breaches of article 5.1 under which Whyte was personally convicted and fined.

9. Further, as part of the HMRC investigations into the use of unlawful tax schemes, RFC deliberately lied to HMRC, SFA and SPL about the existence of side letters and other contractual documentation. This is particularly so in relation to the annual application for a playing licence.

On 20th May 2011, HMRC, in relation to one of the tax schemes, wrote to RFC and accused the club of “deliberate and fraudulent” behaviour in relation to the continued submission of false PAYE and NIC returns over a period of years.

10. It, therefore, follows that each and every application for a football licence made by RFC to the SFA from 2000 onwards (at least) was based on falsified financial, contractual and tax information and was designed to mislead the SFA with a view to persuading them to grant a licence on misrepresented grounds.

11. Not only is the above a breach of article 5.1 of the SFA handbook, but any licence obtained by misrepresentation has not been validly obtained as it has been obtained by way of false representation and deception.

12. It is a pre-requisite of entry into any league competition that the participating club holds a valid licence to play football.

13. In the event that a club did not or should not have held/hold a valid licence to play, that same club is not free to enter structured competition or register players to participate in such competition. It also follows that any declaration of a result of 0-3 in relation to any particular game as a result of a rule breach (such as fielding an ineligible player) is of no consequence because the club concerned was not eligible to participate at all.

14. The Court of Arbitration for Sport has already been invited by UEFA to hold that any application for a licence or any other compliance submission, which is devoid of all necessary financial and contractual information should be treated as null and void and as never having been received.

15. The same Court has also held that any title, championship, award, record, reward or other benefit which has been gained as a result of an improper or prohibited process should not be allowed to stand, the records of the award etc should be expunged and the sporting records corrected accordingly.


To my mind this is the petition that should be pursued. The SFA’s continued failure to apply the auspices of Article 5.1 is a clear abnegation of their responsibilities as governors of the Scottish game.

Their failure to act must be subject to a Judicial Review. Regan and Doncaster are running a crooked game to avoid doing the right thing. They are both lying through their back teeth and hiding behind the skirts of the ceremonial gowns worn by QC’s. BRT’s thesis is compelling. It’s high time we took these mendacious jobsworths to task.

The Nuts & Bolts of a Barefaced Lie

no evidence was led to the Commission by Harper McLeod, and no statement was made, on the competitive advantage Rangers Oldco enjoyed which effectively ruled LNS from considering it.” Ralph Topping,Chairman of SPFL. on LNS

Neil Doncaster to Grant Russell of STV on question as to whether the Wee Tax Case was covered by LNS stuttered:

The nuts and bolts of it were covered by Rod McKenzie earlier. I don’t want to go into that. It’s boring and dry. It’s covered. The three players that were covered by that The Wee Tax Case were ultimately dealt with in Lord Nimmo Smith’s decision.”

So forgive me Mr. Doncaster when I incontrovertibly assert that you are a barefaced liar. It’s unfortunate for you that I had exclusive access to the minutes and correspondence from an SPL interim meeting to discuss whether to appeal the disproportionate fine handed down by LNS.

Topping’s e-mail was marked “Private & Confidential.” This e-mail was sent to Mr. Doncaster. Topping clearly states that Rod McLenzie did not lead any evidence to LNS on the competive advantage enjoyed by Rangers.

Of even more import in the LNS whitewash fiasco was the decision by Neil Doncaster to change the timeline and scope of the commission to exclude the unlawful DOS/VSS scheme from consideration.

So where is it covered Mr. Doncaster? How about some nuts and bolts from a QC that you prepared earlier?

This individual, the CEO of the SPFL, is prepared to lie to defend the discredited LNS commission. Doncaster must be taken to task.

One won’t be sitting down for a cosy chat to discuss ‘our misconception’ Mr. Doncaster. We will have you in the witness box and invite you to repeat your lies under oath.

The corruption is never far from the surface when Doncaster makes any statement,