A Penniless Arcade

What should have been a binary issue at The Court of Session has been obfuscated by a bare-nippled entreaty to swing the lead for Dave King. King claims to be penniless but he had sufficient means to hire the former Advocate General of Scotland. Neil Forbes Davidson, The Baron of Glen Clova, keeps his high-ranking freemasonry cards close to his chest. Iain Alexander Scott Peebles – Lord Bannatyne – is a former Sheriff of Glasgow and Strathkelvin, where it was well known that two thirds of his ilk were inducted in the craft. Bannatyne would not have ascended this greasy pole without a tip of the hat from his lodge’s grandmaster.

Davidson might as well have inquired of Bannatyne:

” Iain don’t listen to McNeil from The Faculty of Taigs. King is on the square. His wife Ladina is a leading light in Eastern Star circles. Can we not cut some slack to a Third Degree Initiate?”

This is a smart play by King. When caught bang to rights he can always fall back on a Scottish justiciary that is riddled with freemasonry. The disgraced Peter Smith, who openly stated that his fervent wish had been to have been nominated to freemasonry by John Greig, threw out Ashley’s attempt to imprison King for his blatant contempt of court. Those who argue that King could not be imprisoned for contempt of court on a ‘civil’ transgression should revisit this case.

To my mind if Lord Bannatyne does not legally enforce the TPE edict he will have been nobbled by the unseen hand of freemasonry. Bannatyne would be as bent as King.

Davidson, counsel for King, reverted to an old chestnut to give Bannatyne a rationale for subverting the course of justice. An old chestnut from 2006:

King argued that the case against him could not continue because he had insufficient funds to pay for legal representation.

King was facing 322 charges, ranging from tax dodging, violation of exchange control measures, extortion and money laundering. The charge sheet covered more than 700 pages. The State planned to call 117 witnesses against him.

Advocate John Myburg, representing The State at Pretoria High Court, asserted:

 “King doesn’t want to lodge a formal application for the postponement of the hearing, because he would then have to declare his sources of income under oath. He is not prepared to do that.”

The State’s investigations revealed that the sale of shares of his business ( Specialist Outsourcing) earned a profit of R1bn. This money was transferred to Guernsey, but R160m remained in South Africa.

I turned my forensic eye to King’s purported wealth. I framed my conclusions in a comment that was published on the RSL site. Nota bene : This analysis was not in any way influenced by David Somers or Jack Irvine, nor am I either of these individuals. The claims by SFM to discredit me says more about their failing organ than it does about our thriving site.

“The problem is simple. King does not have the wealth that he claims to have. All he has is paper wealth. There is this myth being created by either Traynor, Kerr or Je Suis Graham, who all have had their noses in the PR trough, that his daughter has a family trust worth £50M. However the truth of the matter bears no relation to their spin. This figure is predicated on the family trust which owns 76% of the equity in MICROmega Holdings Group. King has recently elevated his daughter to the board, as she, and not King, is the principal in this enterprise. The other 24% in this group is held by King’s co-defendant on racketeering charges, Iain ‘The Greg’ Morris.

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), which lists the interests of 400 companies all desperately jockeying for overseas investment, came under stinging criticism for the Specialist Outsourcing debacle, which provided King with precisely £90M. As we now know £20M of this was used to buy shares in Murray’s holding company. This was not an act of philanthropy on King’s part as his slavish followers would have us believe. It was an exercise in tax evasion. King, who would flip his grandmother like a pancake on Shrove Tuesday if it resulted in a tax fillip, flipped his RFC shares from Metlika to Ben Nevis when the former was tracked down by SARS.

There is no market maker willing to step forward to allow King to dump his shares on the JSE as was the case in the boom years of 1997 -1999. Then there is the small matter of exchange controls. So even if King could find a private buyer he could not get any of his money out of South Africa. What King & Morris are hoping for is a private overseas buyer, who will offer equity as part of the price; equity listed on a non South African exchange. They would then aspire, yet again, to avoid capital gains tax on this equity. However there are no takers for their company that is built on sand.

King was allowed to draw a £1.6M stipend from his Marianda (frozen) funds in Guernsey from 2006-2013. We also now know that The Scorpions raised £30M from the sale of all his assets and equity in Talacar in which the majority of them were held. Interests in property, stud farms, wineries and aircraft contract hire were all sold under hammer to pay his tax bill. He was fortunate to avoid a 200% penalty that usually applies in systemic tax evasion cases. With the  paying of the shortfall to SARS and the CPA fine, King was left with sufficient funds to pay his legal bills of £40m

All that’s left is the interest that he accrued in his accounts in Guernsey. We know that the interest on his cash reserves was £82,000 per month. So for a 7 year period that is approximately £6.9M.”

When one adds the sale of his Financial Services Division, King has circa £17m to his name.

King will seesaw between being a pauper and a prince to suit. Is it not about time that the Gullibillies realised that King’s money will be a ship passing in the night?




























No Unwitting Innocent

Yesterday’s denouement, of a two day hearing to address a petition by the Takeover Panel Executive (TPE) was not without incident. However these incidents went largely unreported by the SMSM. I was surprised when Alasdair Lamont of BBC Scotland dropped the ball on the second day. As BBC Scotland is run by Masonic bigots who can swing the lead with the best of them, I suspected that he had been pulled. My well-placed source, who is au fait with the machinations behind the scenes, demurred. He offered that Lamont is central to the broadcasts by Radio Scotland and could not be spared for another day.

In his summing up, James McNeil for the TPE, stated that King was ‘no unwitting innocent.’  King avoided this hearing to avoid being cross-examined. His claim of not having the wherewithal to fund an £11m share purchase offer, as per his affidavit, would have been quickly exposed as a lie.

MICROmega – a company built on mendacity and sand.

No-one can deny that I have been at the front and centre in challenging the Traynor led narrative and in presenting the prosaic facts about King. In July 2015 I wrote the following:

James Traynor is continuing to feed Radio Clyde, Derek Johnstone and anyone who will listen about a utopian King, but he had a real go at Jackson and Ralston when their clever internal politics paved a path for his departure from the Record. Accepting that Whyte was a billionaire with wealth ‘off the radar’ should have led to a much earlier denouement to his mainstream media career, but prior to packing his carboard box of office effects and chin supports, he let rip at his ‘insolent’ former subordinates. Mr Kerr is a much more savvy character than Traynor could ever be.
There are many flaws in the preferred narrative that King had engineered a ‘favourable result.’ Keeping King out of prison was an expensive enterprise. He even employed leading QCs to challenge the authority of The Serious Fraud Office and HMRC in Guernsey. To mount this challenge in The High Courts Of Justice Chancery Division would have cost a minumum of £3-£5M. Only someone as stupid and as inordinately arrogant as King would have taken on the SFO and HMRC. He lost. His funds remained frozen for 7 years.
King states that his legal bill during his ‘pariah’ years was 50M. He did not state which currency he was referring to, which led me to initially believe that he was referring to Rand, until I had a look at his appeal to the Pretoria Supreme Court. The total cost of this enterprise, to King and the state, was £40M. King lost and picked up the state’s costs.
Then there is his arrest and imprisonment on racketeering charges with MICROmega CEO Iain Gregory Morris. Their bail was expensive as was their alleged use of an underworld figure in an attempt to apply pressure to some individuals in the CPA, and when that failed, it was interesting to note that the state’s case collapsed when their expert witnesses failed to attend court.

Some people have called King a psychopath. He is not. He has a white ‘colonial’ attitude that has never accepted the post-apartheid elevation of former ethnic minorities to positions of power and influence. He thought that he could take on SARS and crush them. He failed.
In another post I calculated his net worth as circa £6.9M or £4.4M if he actually paid for his shares in RIFC, which many have reason to doubt because of exchange controls. The money behind New Oasis Asset Limited is not King’s or in his family’s gift. Another individual, most likely to be Gordon Taylor or Douglas Park has staked King.
Finally there is the £50M family trust myth to debunk. His daughter, in whose name the 76% family holding in MICROmega was registered during King’s pariah years, has recently been appointed to the board. She does not have a portfolio of disparate shares. She is the nominee of a group that has acquired a number of smaller companies in South Africa.

King has spent a career on the wrong side of the law, which resulted in 328 charges being acquired over the years. He has allegedly defrauded four of the six major banks in South Africa. He could not raise one rand from any bank in RSA. His reputation precedes him.
King was forced to repatriate NOSA (Hong Kong) that he had previously decoupled from MICROmega, to South African ownership and corporate governance. This led, on inordinately thin trading of less than 11 trades per month, to an exponential growth of 462% of the MMI share value. For two individuals that have lied about their accountancy qualifications for decades, there can be little doubt that when it comes to creative accountancy they have few peers.
If my analysis of the facts exposes the Messiah Mantra, then please continue to put your head in the sand for the next seven years as you await vice-chairman Murray’s patient plan to challenge for titles. Are King apologists satisfied with the rag tag out of contract individuals from Alvechuch FC turning up at Auchenhowie? Are you seeing any over-investing? Has anyone seen the business plan?


So detractors I suggest you stop playing the man and if you have the intellect take on the facts.”

john james (@sitonfence)
July 4, 2015 at 3:17 pm

The deal in which King hived off the Financial Services Division of MMI (its JSE Listed name) in 22 December, 2016, netted King circa £10m. When added to my estimated wealth of £6.9m – assuming he had no ‘Freed capital’ to buy his concert party stake – King had £16.9m to his name. If the NOAL loan in 2016 emanated from King as he would like us to believe, one can deduct £2.2m – £3m to arrive at a quantum of £13.9m – £14.5m. Even if he repaid the loans that were used to purchase his shares, he would still have as a minimum just south of £12m

This amount is more than sufficient to fund a share offer. In my opinion there would be a stampede to sell at 20p, save the deluded who would still cling onto their sepia-toned certificates with the same emotional sentiment in which the shares were originally purchased. £12m would be enough.

I have been telling people since July 2015 that King’s proposed investment of £30m was electioneering bullshit of the first ordure. I highlighted the fact that no NOMAD would touch any company chaired by King. I correctly anticipated that the equity would be de-listed from the junior division of AIM. I called it right time after time.

I engaged in the research. I read all the court transcripts. I had the measure of King. The SMSM ran with the PR fed to them by Traynor and Kerr. They all have egg on their faces this morning. There is no excuse for their slovenly journalism.

Lord Bannatyne will in my considered position legally enforce the TPE edict. King is finished. His written judgment will put King to bed. His contempt of court and Cold Shoulder should bring an end to the failed Sevco project.

We are going back to the future with Sir Bribe & Lie. The puff candy narrative from the SMSM will be just as compelling but on this occasion those who saw King coming will set the agenda.






A Rogue’s Charter

Day one of the Takeover Panel’s petition was nothing if not eventful. However prior to an analysis of what went down, and an acknowledgement of Alasdair Lamont’s Tweeting prowess, one should note that this petition is being presented in one of the highest courts in the UK. The Court of Session is only one step removed from the Supreme Court.

The case presented by King’s Counsel, Neil Davidson QC, (Baron Davidson of Glen Clova) and his two assistants would, if upheld, establish legal precedents. Legal precedents that would so severely compromise the efficacy of the Takeover Panel and the Takeover Appeal Board that they would effectively be no more than Paper Tigers.

I would find it unlikely that a cheap, lying, cheating, career criminal spiv like King, no matter the quality of his consigliere, could neuter these august bodies. King, who lied and cheated his way to a small fortune by bribery, racketeering, fraud, tax evasion and witness intimidation in an emerging Republic in a state of apartheid flux, has never played it by the rules. King believes that anything can be achieved with a dash, which is the slang word for a bribe or gratuity in Nigeria.

If the Takeover Panel is entrusted with policing mergers and acquisitions, it must ultimately be backed by the courts. King is defying their authority. Who the fuck does this jumped up clerk with a modest leaving certificate think he is? Does he think that buying into Rangers conferred him with gravitas? Is he believing his own lies that he qualified as an accountant in a fictitious tertiary education establishment?

The prosaic facts of the matter is that King is playing a shell game with New Oasis Asset Limited (NOAL) In the audited accounts to 30 June, 2016, it unequivocally states:

New Oasis Asset Limited is a company controlled by the Group Chairman, Mr D. King.”

When King asserted to the TPE that NOAL was the shareholder in RIFC he was for once being truthful. However with King a lie is never far from the surface. He further stated that he had no executive authority at NOAL This flies in the face of his statement in the audited accounts. Are Campbell Dallas, the auditors of  RIFC, comfortable with King’s revisionism?

King who has a brass neck that a Bunsen burner could not mark had the audacity to ask the TPE if NOAL could make the offer for the shares that are not within the concert party’s gift. The TPE agreed. No offer has been forthcoming.

King should be behind bars. Is Ibrox the only place in the U.K. where criminal behaviour is expected, accepted and lauded?

The TPE is being represented by a real legal heavyweight. James McNeill QC. was the standing junior counsel to the Inland Revenue in Scotland from 1988 to 1991. He was appointed as a Judge in the Courts of Appeal of Jersey and Guernsey in 2005 .

McNeil asserted that the information in King’s affidavit shows a link between King, Glencoe, Sovereign and NOAL. Counsel for King rebutted by asking how the Panel could expect King to make an offer with no access to funds. King is arguing that he has no access to ‘freed’ capital and that he is at arm’s length from executive authority in onshore and offshore discretionary trusts.

Forgive me if I demur. The following is an excerpt from the notes that accompanied RIFC’s audited accounts to 30 June 2016:

On 22 May 2015, the company entered into a loan agreement with New Oasis Asset Limited totalling £1.5m repayable in December 2015. Since this date, this loan has been available on demand and New Oasis Asset Limited has advised that they will extend the facilities available whilst the funds are required by the Club. In December 2015, a further loan facility of £3m was agreed, of which £2.2m has been drawn down at the year-end. This amount remains outstanding at 30 June 2016 and is due for repayment in December 2017. New Oasis Asset Limited is a company controlled by the Group Chairman, Mr D King. No interest or fees are to be charged in respect of the facilities and the loan is being provided on an unsecured basis.”

King’s affidavit is a farrago of lies. According to the audited accounts King had no problem disbursing ‘freed capital’  from his discretionary trust.

Davidson, acting for King, asserted that shareholders were not ‘chomping at the bit‘ to sell their equity in RIFC to King at 20p per share. Club 1872, having been given a bum steer by the multi-hatted conveyancing consigliere, paid 27.5p for their latest shares acquisition. However as the shares are unlisted they effectively are only worth what a third party is prepared to pay for them. More fool Club 1872 to pay more than King did.

What Davidson is driving at is that the shareholders would have their equity devalued by an offer of 20p. They would effectively be more disadvantaged by an offer than they would if King continued to flout the edicts of the TPE. Interesting argument but I cannot see this establishing a caveat in concert party regulations.

McNeil for the TPE established that correspondence between George Letham and King confirmed that the former had advised King not to breach the 30% threshold. King, buoyed by the success of driving a coach and horses through South Africa’s regulations to acquire 75% of MMI in his daughter’s name, thought that he would get away with it. David Somers thought otherwise and duly reported King to the TPE.

In his final submission of day one, Davidson begged the indulgence of the court. He stated that the situation is stark. He inquired:

Does the court have discretion? If it does what discretion does it have?”

Can the court just deem that it’s in no-one’s best interest to compel King by Court edict to buy the shares? Nice try Davidson but Lord Bannantyne did not come down in the last shower.

I cannot foresee any set of circumstances (predicated on the evidence) where King will not be compelled to act or face the consequences.

The hearing continues today. On a final note what do the Gullibillies now think of King’s boast that he would put up half the quantum of £50m to rebuild Rangers Lite? Are they minded to play King’s shell game?



Primark Pedro Refuses To Do Walking Away

My go-to-guy on matters Murray Park has informed me that Primark Pedro was offered £500,000 ‘to do walking away.’

One can understand why Pedro has become an embarrassment to the beleaguered board. Stating that his squad had moved up a level during the Internationals break resulted in the following comment by The Clumpany:

Were they trapped in a lift?”

Pena is not taking the 5 a.m starts at Murray Park too well.

It would seem that the dogs are still barking but the caravan is going nowhere.

Unabashed by the unequivocal vote of no confidence, Primark is all over The Scotsman today with a thesis on how the national side can improve their fortunes with tactical awareness. Would that be the same awareness that Miller and Mackay could not make head nor tail with and ended up changing?

Douglas Park is still not talking to his son Graeme apropos his naïveté in hiring the Portuguese Imposter. There is talk of Daddy cutting off Junior’s allowance.

Sir Bribe & Lie’s intention to be supping from The Loving Cup next year comes closer to reality with every bollock dropped by the rogue board. With so many headless chickens he might eschew the ‘holy water‘ and have the makings of a good broth. Big Fat Derek Johnstone has promised to provide the bread and dripping as long as he can retain his free seat when the new club, Rangers WTF, is unveiled.

Rangers WTF then; Rangers WTF now; Rangers WTF forever.

Meanwhile Club Tropicana are electing a new board. A concatenation of deck chairs and Titanic comes to mind. Would it not be ever so sweet if Sir Bribe & Lie tapped them for the capital to engage in his putsch?

Reverting to Pedro, will Slim Shady Traynor be briefing against cackhanded Caixinha with a picador’s grasp of invective? With the SMSM in full drool, Primark has never had it so good but that could all change when Traynor uses his alias on Follow Follow. I’m sure there’s no truth in the rumour that his moniker is Gay Fandango?


A Debt Heist

My exclusive on the return of Sir Bribe & Lie to the Blue Room has grown arms and legs and is now swimming in the sectarian cesspools that pass for social media in Govania. The last balanced, measured and informed site, the RSL, closed its doors two years ago. Many thought that it would be business as usual on this site but I am of a different stripe. My mission statement is to publish the truth and highlight the corruption and injustice. I not only lobby, I act, as is evidenced by my correspondence with The Takeover Panel Executive. I risked being sent down for my detailed coverage and forensic analysis of the Craig Whyte trial. When introduced to Charles Green, one of my many sources, he could not fathom how I could be so well informed.

However there is more to this site, our site, than exclusives. I am the proud curator of The Sitonfence Speakeasy. My most popular pieces are read by up to 40,000 individuals on any given day. Forty thousand readers can challenge my facts and opinions at their leisure. If my articles provoke thought and debate, then our speakeasy will thrive. The opinions of my informed and eloquent readers are in high demand.

Some challenge my grasp of the facts on Twitter. David Low, who has followed me on Twitter, @sitonfence, for some time, made the following comment about yesterday’s piece, The Anatomy of a Putsch:

Correct overview, wrong numbers. King finished. RIFC shares worthless. Buy the debt. Action starts pre Christmas.”

Those who don’t know who David Low is probably lurk on Follow Follow, where the blue pound is delivered in a pink purse. The Celtic fans know who he is. Mr. Low lobbied Fergus McCann to save Celtic. David, a financial advisor, is the unsung hero of the Celtic renascence.

I picked up his gauntlet, accessed my archive, and reverted to the figures. Let’s look at the known knowns:

1. Prior to June 30, 2015, the loan quantum was £3.75m.

1.1: £1.5m from King, repayable on demand.
1.2: £750,000 (£250,000 each) of directors’ loans from Park, Bennet & Murray, repayable on demand.
1.3 : £1.5m shareholders loans (Taylor, Letham, Ross, Scott, Murdoch et al) repayable on demand.

2. Prior to June 30, 2016, the loan quantum was £6,275,000. Repayable December 2017. This was purported to be the quantum to pay off Ashley & Sports Direct.

2.1: £2.2m from King (another £800k was available to be drawn down)
2.2: £1.7m from the directors above
2.3: £2.375,000 from shareholders above

An additional £2.9m was borrowed in October 2016.

It is anticipated that a minimum of the 2016 addendum will be required in 2017/2018. As for TRFC, the investment in subsidiaries classification was introduced in 2016. Cross party debt is currently estimated at just north of £26m.

The total of outstanding loans to RIFC is currently £12,925,000.

These loans are not secured on the assets. This is Sir Bribe & Lie’s ‘in.’ SB&L never does things by the book. He acquired Lawrence Marlborough’s equity with a $1m cash bribe. We have his number.

Sir Bribe & Lie will almost certainly acquire sufficient loan debt to be a strategic creditor. A creditor to stymie any post-Administration CVA. RIFC and its subsidiary TRFC would be liquidated. SB&L then acquires the assets from the administrator and hey presto:

Rangers III with a retained place in the Scottish Premiership, and 100% of the equity in Murray’s greedy mits.

Will Slim Shady Traynor be briefing for or against Murray using his alias at Follow Follow? That will depend on much SB&L is prepared to spend on the PR whore. The SMSM is spreading rose petals in the path of Murray. Are there still those who believe that Murray was duped by Craig Whyte?  He was just biding his time. When the barber’s model, who allegedly has a penchant for riding the salon’s floor, turned up at his door with a begging bowl, the countdown to SB&L’s return had commenced.

The blue touchpaper will be lit tomorrow at The Court of Session. Retreat to a safe distance and enjoy the fireworks.





The Anatomy of a Putsch

As Sir Bribe & Lie circles the carcass of Rangers Lite,  the following two events will be instructive on how best to launch his putsch:

1. King’s anticipated ragdolling at The Court of Session on Thursday.

2. The accounts to 30 June, 2017.

In my informed opinion, King is finished as a force at Rangers Lite. Should SB&L wish to maintain the current construct, King’s 14.57% would be a good place to start. With King over a barrel he is not in any position to demand 27.5p per share. Sir Bribe & Lie would to my mind offer no more than 18p. The same offer would be made to Park senior and George Taylor. SB&L could buy them out for just under £5m. Having breached the 30% threshold he would then publish a prospectus to hoover up as many shares as possible at 20p. With circa another £2.5m he could achieve a majority shareholding.

One could argue that £7.5m is a small price to pay for assets that Green bought for £5.5m of other people’s money. However Rangers Lite are small beer and as each season passes under the current board Ibrox will in time only appeal to the 18,000-20,000 hard core of hard-wired bigots who view the matchday experience through the prisms of supremacy and racist invective.

James Forrest, a much admired blogging peer, has noted that viewing figures for this season’s Lite v Celtic Glasgow derby were indicative of a downward spiral. Celtic’s Champions League revenue is a game changer. According to Transfermarkt Celtic’s squad is valued at £57.75m. Rangers Lite’s squad at £20.5m. The gulf in quality leads one to presume that Lite will not earn a point, nor prevail in a cup tie, against the Celtic juggernaut. Celtic have players, such as Armstrong and Dembele, that could be sold for significant profits. They also have the financial wherewithal to retain Scotland’s most improved player, Kieran Tierney. Tierney is a star in a constellation of quality players.

Primark Pedro’s clapped-out caravan squad has little appeal. Second-tier journeymen looking for a pension fillip have limited market value. Lee Wallace was the only player who commanded a bid north of £1m in the transfer window. There are too many crocks, such as Kranjcar and Rossiter, to make a material difference to the P&L.

Will the audited accounts, as anticipated, show that loans have risen from £6.25m to just south of £10m? Will there be more emphasis of matter red lines? Rangers Lite is as unwell as one of its principal shareholders. Its decline could be terminal.

Sir Bribe & Lie watched Charles Green set up Sevco Scotland with only £2 of his own capital. Green raised £22m from an IPO. This would be Sir Bribe & Lie’s preferred route to majority control. He could pay off the debts from the current ‘donors‘ in one fell swoop.

With the Lite horse headed for the glue factory would SB&L’s plans come unstuck at Hampden? Not a chance of it. Regan would be the first on his knees at the Ibrox Glory Hole.

Sir Bribe & Lie, with a flair for the dramatic, disingenuously asserted that for every £5 Celtic spent he would spend £10. A more accurate statement would be one where he highlighted that he would borrow the £10 quantum.

Funding any Rangers Lite renascence would not be easy as Lite and financial prudence are ships passing in the night. Would there be any traction in flogging the ‘Old Firm’ dead horse? I posit that any attempt by Lite to surf on Celtic’s bandwidth would be doomed to failure.

As James Forrest points out, there will be no return to the ‘Old Firm’ joint marketing deals of yesteryear. Celtic is a global brand. Rangers Lite are a small internet casino’s  sandwich board. The gulf in sponsorships deals is much greater than Celtic’s squad value differential. The ‘Old Firm’ will no longer prop up the Ibrox brand despite Roddy Forsyth’s best efforts in The Telegraph.

Rangers Lite is a tainted brand. The Cold Shouldering of a football club Chairman is unprecedented. Celtic and other companies would do well to give Lite a wide berth. Sir Bribe & Lie might prefer giving the rogue board enough rope to hang themselves.

However the dying embers of the dead club continue to burn brightly in the Scottish political class. Prior to the green light for the first phase of  The Celtic Village being granted, Peter Lawwell stated:

If you have Celtic who are progressive, say, and (Sevco), who over the last five years, have been trying to re-establish themselves, we have been looking forward and they have been looking at today and tomorrow and trying to keep going. The difficulty for the politicians is to recognise that Celtic is progressive and to help us along the way because someone is going to say: ‘Well, you are doing that for Celtic. What are you going to do for them?’” (Source: The Celtic Blog).

With meeting monthly payroll demands a recurring challenge, it will take more than Sir Bribe & Lie to rejuvenate Rangers Lite. He does not have the wherewithal.

Tina Turner’ belting out ‘Simply The Best‘ at Ibrox has been replaced by Cher’s ‘If I could turn back time.’

There will be no return to the ‘Old Firm’ and Quantitative Easing at Ibrox.


Snake Eyes in Scottish Football

I am passionate about Scottish football. Nothing gave me more pleasure in my callow youth than to play the beautiful game at a decent level. When I was not in exile I would happily venture a fiver to watch Largs Thistle or watch The Undertakers (Port Glasgow Junior FC)  at Parklea. Both teams are run by grass roots football enthusiasts.

I guarantee that each player in both teams was watching Scotland come up short against Slovenia. They would be as crestfallen as I am, even though I did not accept for one minute that Scotland would secure six points from their last two group games.

Northern Ireland secured a play-off place in a group that included Germany, The Czech Republic and Norway. With apologies to Northern Ireland I would be hard pressed to name one member of their squad. I would have no problem reciting the Scotland team, particularly household names such as Fletcher and the six Celtic players in the squad.

So why are Northern Ireland progressing? I posit that their FA does not pander to one club and devotes its time to developing young players. The SFA might talk a good game about developing woman’s football, but when it comes to funding development they use the same ears that cannot hear the sectarian chants at Ibrox.

Failure to qualify for a fifth successive World Cup Finals falls squarely at Regan’s door. Will he fall on his sword? Of course not. Accepting responsibility requires integrity; a quality that is conspicuously absent at Hampden.

It’s a simple formula. If one does the square root of fuck all, one should not be surprised when one achieves the square root of fuck all.

England qualified with flying colours. Is there a causal link between their progression and the £100m National Football Centre at Burton? If this is too rich for our blood why does Performance Director Malky Mackay not commandeer Murray Park which was partially funded by The Lottery Commission and The Sports Council? It was sold to both bodies as a facility to be used by the entire sports community. Why is it being used exclusively by Rangers Lite?  The Scottish public paid for Murray Park but are excluded from using it. Just another stitch-up by the SFA for the benefit of the SFA Eleven.

However there is one silver lining in the dark clouds over Hampden. Regan was denied an opportunity to gloat at our progression. He was not allowed to assert:

” Look at the great strides we are making. Is it not time to embrace our bright future and move on?”

Move on to a bright future where cheating goes unpunished and Sir Bribe & Lie is rehabilitated in the SMSM for Govan consumption? Forgive me if I demur.

Regan would have milked Scotland’s progression like a dairy maid with Parkinson’s disease. He had the audacity to turn up at Monte Carlo and ride on Celtic’s Champions League coat-tails. He is a self-serving prick with a sinecure. I hope I did not leave anything out.

Whilst on the topic of self-serving pricks like Sir Bribe & Lie and Stewart Regan, it would be remiss of me not to mention the less than lovable rogue that is career criminal Dave King. There is some confusion on what will occur on Thursday at The Court of Session. The matter is slated for two days but I would be inordinately surprised if it’s not all over by the lunch recess of day one.


The Takeover Panel Executive’s petition cites clause 955 to seek enforcement by court order if the court is satisfied that:
1. There is a reasonable likelihood that a person will contravene a rule-based requirement, or
1.1. that a person has contravened a rule-based requirement or a disclosure.

The court may make any order it thinks fit to secure compliance with the requirement.

This is a binary issue. King did not comply. The Court of Session will enforce the TPE edict. There will be no discussions on the merits of King’s spurious appeal. King’s last throw of the dice came up ‘snake eyes.

The maximum penalty which can be imposed for contempt of the Court of Session is two years’ imprisonment, a fine, or both.

If King continues to be in contempt of a court order he will be staring down the barrel of extradition and two years inside.

Is it not about time some of the Real Rangers Men were sent down. Paddy Power will not be taking bets that Sir Bribe & Lie will be King’s cellmate.