Compliance In An Age Of Unreason

How do you solve a problem like our Andy?
How do you catch his sophistry and pin it down?
How do you find the word that means his duplicity?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!

Many a thing you know you’d like to tell him
Many a thing he ought to understand
But how do you make him stay and listen to all you say
How do you take a knuckle shuffle from his hand?

Oh, how do you solve a problem like our Andy?
How do you hold a Minty moonbeam in your hand?

When I’m with him I’m confused, out of focus and bemused
And I never know exactly where I am
Unpredictable as weather, he’s as flighty as a feather
He’s a darling! He’s a demon! He’s a succulent lamb!


I have no way of knowing whether SFA Compliance Officer Tony McGlennan is a fan of The Sound of Music but I contend that one of the biggest problems on his plate is Andrew Dickson. It has been six months since McGlennan was tasked with a binary issue. Did Dickson in his capacity as Head of Football Administration at former club Rangers subvert the decision of an SFA Licencing Committee? Did he lie to this committee, a committee of which he was a member, apropos an overdue payable? Testimony at the Craig Whyte trial leads one to the conclusion that Dickson either lied through his back teeth or that a committee headed by Rod Petrie decided to sweep the social tax shortfall under the table.

This leads to two more important questions:

1. Why was Dickson, The Head of Football Administration at applicant club Rangers, allowed a say in their UEFA application? He was severely compromised and should have played no part in this decision.

2. Did Rod Petrie engage in a backroom deal with Campbell Ogilvie to pave the path for Rangers in exchange for a leg up the SFA’s greasy pole?

It’s my unshakeable conviction that the SFA should be abolished. They have failed Scottish football. They are incapable of fair play. Sporting Integrity is a foreign land that the SFA sinecures have yet to visit.

As Rangers stole 17-20 titles, the SFA drove their get-away car.

When the game’s policeman is bent and its judiciary is on the take from bookmaker sponsors you have what passes for football governance in Scottish football. Video Assisted Refereeing will be introduced at this year’s World Cup. I doubt that it will be introduced any time soon as the SFA want the pro-Lite decisions to continue. Goal-line technology has long been a feature in the EPL, but not in the backwater of Scottish football governance. As for drug testing, should Bradley Wiggins lose his Halford’s sponsorship he should try his hand in Scottish football where his intramuscular injection of steroids would go undetected.

What do the 180 staff at Hampden do all day? The square root of fuck all?

Those who follow me on Twitter, last count 6,211 (@Sitonfence), will know that I only follow The Rangers Tax Case Blogger and The Football Blogging Awards site. The latter will be of little relevance this year as I won’t be able to follow my New Football Blog Award win with a significant showing in the 2018 awards which are a few months away. I don’t anticipate even making any shortlist. Given my enforced exile I would be eligible for an International Award but to compete with Phil Macgiollabhain, who is quick to remind us that he is a fully-fledged journalist, would be too much for a humble social media correspondent. He has 32,000+ followers on Twitter. He spent eleven eleven years as a staff writer for Sinn Fein. One can understand why the Irish diaspora clasp him to their bosoms and open their wallets to support him. He does not have to struggle.

Had it not been for the intervention of one 11th hour benefactor I was intent on walking away. Running a blog is for those other than the favoured few a thankless task. I receive brickbats about a password as my free to air pieces are taken for granted.

Someone who was honoured for his blog was the anonymous Rangers Tax Case Blogger. He received the prestigious Orwell award. I am so low on the pecking order of social media that I would not be invited to clean this award. Donations tell me all I need to know about the longevity of this site. Like Rangers Lite my future as a blogger will be short-lived and increasingly troublesome. When I block thoughts of credible death threats from my head and revert to our site, I receive criticism and accusations of operating a ‘fucking con.’ Some of my readers should take a long hard look at themselves. I don’t write for these ungrateful wretches who will soon be weeded out. I write for my most valued readers.

I am indebted to the RTC blogger for his transcript of Murray Group v HMRC, which began on 18 April 2011. The cross-examination of Andrew Dickson by counsel for HMRC (Mr. Thomson) gives one the measure of Dickson. He is a mendacious tax-cheat with selective amnesia.

When pressed by Thomson why he had not presented the schedule of player payments preceding season 2005/2006, which he was compelled to do, Dickson Rangers’ Head of Football Administration, responded:

” The SPL didn’t — never contacted us coming looking for it.”

All Rangers players in season 2005/2006 were ineligible. They were not imperfectly registered. When pressed whether this flagrant breach of the rules had been the case since 2000, Dickson disingenuously responded that he could not be sure. What was crystal  clear was that the side-letters, the tax-free payments, were excluded from all submissions to the SFA and SPL.

Thomson now had Dickson where he wanted him. When he pressed him further apropos the conspicuous absence of side-letter payment schedules being presented to the SPL and SFA, Dickson responded:

“Because there was no need to. The only information that the SPL and SFA needed to receive are payments that are due to players and the letters of undertaking were not payments directly to players.”

Thomson continued:

“All that was happening here is the player agrees to play for the club on a package of conditions which are artificially split, Mr Dickson, between what you choose to put in the formal contract, which is lodged with the SFA and SPL, and what you choose not to put in that, which goes into the side letter. It’s not sophisticated. It’s simply choosing not to put some stuff into a formal document.”

Thomson’ position in 2011 was accurate, however we had to wait six long years prior  to the ultimate endorsement of his position by The Supreme Court.

Dickson was on the ropes, but his sophistry knew no bounds. Thomson would not be deterred. He referred Dickson to a bundle in which this regulation was housed:

 “All payments to be made to a player relating to his playing activities must be clearly recorded upon the relevant contract and/or agreement. No payments for his playing activities may be made to a player via a third party.”

Thomson asserted that payments made via a sub-trust were third party payments. Dickson countered that they were loans and were at arm’s length from the club.

Thomson wrapped up day one of proceedings with his conclusion that Andrew Dickson, the Head of Football Administration, deliberately withheld side-letter schedules from the SPL and SFA. Dickson wanted the tax evasion and the flagrant breach of regulations kept under wraps.

Dickson in 2005 was personally responsible for 29 of 56 side-letters. Ian Macmillan of the Murray Group was fully aware of this but denied their existence when approached by HMRC at that time.

Dickson is evidently cut from the same cloth as King. The latter appointed Dickson to the board of the member club. A member club which continues to be governed by Dickson in his role as an officer of the SFA.

If Dickson who participated in three of the Licence Committee meetings of 2011 cannot give a straight answer under oath, why should one believe him on any matter?

If Tony McGlennan does not unsheath his sword to cut Dickson off at the knees, the stench of a corrupt whitewash at Hampden will resonate with the public at large.

Who in their right minds will venture their hard-earned cash to pay off Alex McLeish’s very own overdue payable when he and his colleagues continue to escape the consequences of their actions by an SFA compliance officer who seems to be asleep on the job.









Sir Bribe & Lie Rides Again

The SMSM never fails to amaze me. Scott Burns’ and his editor have the audacity to publish the following as an exclusive:

The former chairman stepped down and sold his Ibrox shareholding for £1 to Craig Whyte in 2011. But it’s understood Murray is weighing up a move to buy back into the club. He could buy out existing shareholders or try to muscle in on the upcoming share issue – if the current board give him the go-ahead. Rangers are set to announce a share issue but it is unlikely to be a public flotation.

The move was passed at the club’s last AGM, but shares would only be offered to existing shareholders and preferred purchasers. Current chairman Dave King may be reluctant to allow Murray to buy into the club again. The pair had an uneasy relationship when King lost millions when he initially invested under Murray first time around. It could all come down to the level of investment Murray would be prepared to offer.

The 66-year-old’s time at Rangers was tarnished by the way he departed. The sale to Whyte saw the club go into liquidation in 2012. Rangers had to start again in Scotland’s bottom tier before being taken over by Charles Green and his consortium.Many blame Murray for selling out to Whyte in the first instance although he claimed he had been duped.”

I exclusively revealed this months ago. Has it taken this long for Burns to scroll through my articles? He evidently did not learn anything in his voyage of discovery. Is it any wonder that Trinity Mirror are eyeing up Burns’ beleaguered title and that his P45 will soon be in the post?

Rangers are in the final throes of liquidation. They did not start again in Scottish football’s bottom tier. An entirely new club was formed viz The Rangers Football Club Limited, formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd , and was shoehorned into the SFL. There is no Rangers. Burns is more than a dollar shy and a day late. He is the mark in a Continuation three card trick.

Sir Bribe & Lie misses the limelight. He paid a $1m cash bribe to be the big swinging dick at Ibrox. It was a personal triumph for the boy who was sniggered at when his tax-evading father was sent down for two years and he had to leave Fettes in humiliating ignominy.

Murray misses his calling card. What true blue mason could resist a free nosebag and a skinful of malt from the comfort of an Ibrox box? If one needs planning permission Murray just passes the port. Need to get your leg over? Leave it to David as being the Chairman of Rangers Lite is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Gold-diggers will form an orderly queue in Royal Exchange Square for a bite at Rogano’s and afters at Malmaison or One Devonshire Gardens.




So who is going to stop the modern-day David Van Horne from subverting Scottish football one more time? Our ursine chums in the guise of The Witches Of Eastwick? They are in over their heads. They would be afternoon pussy in David’s hands.

What about Career Criminal King? Having paid £5m for the privilege of Sir Bribe & Lie laundering £20m of the South African’s exchequer’s money, he knows that Murray drives a hard bargain. It would be the perfect out for the cold-shouldered and contemptible spiv. I am of course referring to King although one could understand any confusion as they are both cut from the same cloth. A cloth infested with bacillus anthracis.

The criminal spiv is dead! Long live the criminal spiv!

What about the SFA?  Would their faces follow their ties into the soup course as they ducked out? Indubitably. He only cheated his way to 17-20 titles but there’s nothing lost that is lost to a friend, right?

If this mendacious criminal bastard is passed fit and proper by the SFA, Scottish football is finished. If you thought appointing a tax-evading cheat, Alex McLeish EBT. (£1.7M) as Scotland manager was as low as the SFA could go, get ready for the bends should they welcome Lucifer Murray back to the table.

Anyone for a rack of succulent lamb?


A Glasgow Derby

For many deluded Rangers Lite fans a game against Celtic is a re-enactment of The Battle of The Boyne. The prosaic facts of this battle, a defeat for The House of Stuart led by the deposed King James II of England, has been subverted to fit a narrative of Protestant ascendancy. The fact that the morbidly obese pederast that was William of Orange was an ally of the Vatican is conveniently overlooked. The fact that the Eindhoven Dutch went into battle under a Papal flag has been airbrushed from the WATP playbook. The fact that William of Orange was wont to stay in Catholic convents as a guest of the Pope is best ignored.

The Vatican and Holland were allies at that time. Their bitter enemy at that juncture was King Louis XIV of France. The ‘GodGiven‘ as he was known refused to accept the supremacy of The Vatican and was waging a war against the Dutch. The Vatican wanted King Louis XIV brought to heel and were happy to assist in a skirmish in Ireland.

James II was opposed to The Anglican Church. He represented both Catholics and non-conformist Protestants.

These historical facts have been altered to fit the anti-Catholic, No Popery, rhetoric of The Orange Order. An order with traditions that are predicated on lies. If one acknowledges that Rangers continuation is a lie one should take pause to consider the grandmasters of mendacity in The Orange Order.

The Orange Order is an anti-Catholic sect. Rangers 1873-2012 was an anti-Catholic club until 1989 when they were threatened with UEFA expulsion. Those whom revere Bill Struth venerate an unreconstructed bigot. Struth may have not been the founding father of sectarianism at Ibrox but he was a pivotal figure in its proliferation. Harland & Wolff which opened a shipyard in Glasgow (1912 -1915) had a no-Catholics employment policy. They were the harbingers of hard-line sectarianism.

When the Irish Famine forced destitute families to flee for their very lives to Scotland, the Orange Order whipped-up their anti-Catholic brethren to do everything  in their power to crush them. Jobs for Irish emigres were like hens’ teeth. Poverty was widespread.

Celtic were formed as a charity to provide school meals to the underprivileged kids in the East End of Glasgow. Many of the hardships these children endured had a causal link to The Orange Order.

In the 1930s Billy Fullerton and his gang would attack, maim and often kill Catholics for sport. The Billy Boys is sung by upwards of 40,000 at Ibrox as Fullerton is an anti-Papist hero.

Rangers 1873-2012 were not a Protestant club. They were an anti-Papist association football club forced by UEFA to hire a high-profile lapsed Catholic.

A mutation of Rangers 1873-2012 now plays at Ibrox. The fans of the new club have a huge chip on their shoulder. They actually believe that Rangers 1873-2012 was demoted. They rail against the SFA for allowing this to happen. They are as deluded as their Orange Order brethren.

This faux sense of injustice has been exacerbated by an SMSM who coin phrases such as Engine Room Subsidiary to add fuel to their fire. This fire will burn at its most incandescent when Celtic visit Ibrox on Sunday.

There was a time when Celtic and Rangers 1873-2012 were the top dogs in European football. The majority of the Celtic team that won the European Cup in 1967 played against the holders of the 1972 UEFA Cup Winners Cup. Sandwiched between these two triumphs was a Celtic defeat to Feyenoord in the 1970 European Cup Final.

Willie Waddell stated that Rangers were a big club because they thought ‘big.’ When they were banned from UEFA tournaments for a year ( a two years’ suspension was reduced on appeal) due to the hooligan excesses of their supporters they should have put their house in order. But they had no moral high ground from which to preach to the masses as they held firm to their no-Catholics anti-Papist traditions.

Jock Stein during Celtic’s 9 in-a-row pomp – won fairly with no EBT additives and irregular registrations – asserted that without Rangers and Celtic Scottish football would be a part-time backwater as was and is the case in Northern Ireland.

The Celtic fans who turn up at Ibrox on Sunday know that the spiritual forebears of the new club cheated to win 17 titles. They also know that a corrupt stitch-up by Ménage A Trois Ballantyne and David Longmuir – aided and abetted by Regan and Doncaster – resulted in the new club being ‘gifted’ with the honours won by Rangers 1873-2012, including the titles won by cheating. They also know that Rangers 1873-2012 lied to the SFA to gain a licence to play in UEFA tournaments in 2011. The Celtic fans also have a grudge to bear.

As we fast forward from the late 60s and 1970s preeminence we arrive in 2018 with a Celtic team that is ranked 46th in Europe and a Rangers Lite team ranked at 297. They are no longer top dogs.

Satellite broadcasters have moved the goal posts. The UEFA glory days of a sepia-hued past will never return. When Paris Saint Germain bought Neymar from Barcelona for £200m the paradigm shift in the fortunes of the leading European clubs moved from the back pages to the front pages. One will probably see a player change hands for £300m in our life time.

Scottish football has lost much more than the Glasgow plutocracy that was The Old Firm and European preeminence. It’s Corinthian spirit has been sacrificed at the altar of commercial expediency. If Neil Doncaster can squeeze out a few extra millions of pounds on a Continuation ticket, he will unashamedly do so for the greater good of Scottish football. This artifice pays well. £352,000 per annum in the most recent SPFL published accounts.

The Glasgow Derby is no more than a local skirmish. Celtic will win their seventh successive title irrespective of the result. Rangers Lite will probably want it more but in the final analysis their appetite will not be enough to be Champions.

Lite fans, who now celebrate draws, can delude themselves all they like. They are good at that. But the league flag’s inexorable progress to the East End of Glasgow will not be abated.

Celtic have the options on the bench to achieve the desired result. They have players in their squad of 18 that can change games. Lite can call upon Miller, Holt and Doodoo to their anticipated starting eleven of Morelos, Cummings, Windass, Candeias, Docherty, Goss, Halliday, Alves, Bates, Tavernier and Alnwick. The average value of their starting eleven is 641,000 Euros.

Not for the first time I have revealed the Rangers Lite team and on this occasion I don’t require a tip-off from a source.

I watched a lacklustre Celtic prevail against Morton on Saturday. It took the Scottish Cup holders just north of an hour to breach the Morton defence. This should come as no surprise as the average value of the Celtic starting eleven was 2,700,000 Euros.

However the big picture is the SFA and their skewed misinterpretation of their own rules. Rules that should prohibit Graeme Park playing any part in the transfer of Docherty with no fee upfront to Rangers Lite.

The Orange Order with a skewed misinterpretation of historical facts will be watching a team on the park with a skewed misinterpretation of their history.

The blind lead the blind in a Scottish game where the Corinthian jig was up in 1988 when David Murray paid a $1m cash bribe to acquire a controlling interest in Rangers. This bent spiv and his acolytes have ruined the beautiful game for all of us.

As one watches the game we are all complicit in the SFA’s ‘move on’ mission statement. I urge my readers to turn off their TVs and portable devices and attend a Juniors game. For those who value Scottish football’s future £5 is a small price to pay.








Scotland’s Dirty Secret

You have ripped the festering scab of the shameful secret of Scotland. Scotland was my place of birth but for thirty years I have called New Zealand home. I was a refugee. A person who felt obliged to forever leave his native land and wipe the dust from his shoes I did not want to bring up my family in a country that asked not what you can do but simply what school did you attend. I have previously detailed the appalling bigotry that I experienced as a young doctor in Paisley that convinced me that the visceral hatred and contempt for the minority of the population who were of Irish Catholic stock was endemic and irremediable. I was correct. It is clear that this cancer lives on in the Scottish police, media, justice system and football hierarchy. Every two weeks they conclave at Ibrox and proudly and safely sing their litanies of assumed superiority and wallow in their xenophobic hatred. I long for the day that their citadel of shame is forever closed. When this version slips into administration all good men and women should ensure that no other vehicle for continued hatred should persist. Enough is enough. Expose and shame Scotland’s dirty secret.”

Fisiani, who wrote this comment, is a doctor. He is the kind of home-grown talent that an independent Scotland should prize. However his experiences as a young doctor in Paisley convinced him to serve a community 12,000 miles from his birthplace.

My attempts to weed out the haters and lurkers will continue, but I stress the need to write to me on PayPal to solicit one’s password. There were 22,000 hits yesterday. Sadly the concomitant contributions were one tenth of one pence. Yesterday’s piece was free to air. It deserved as wide an audience as possible. Fisiani left a community where years later the local MP was reputed to have opined that she ‘fucking hated Celtic.’  Mhairi Black cannot be dismissed as just a typical Irish/Catholic hating fuckwit spitting invective at Ibrox. This is a respected young politician whom with her wit and  her oh so PC and right-on lesbian credentials has already been earmarked as a future party leader of the SNP.

I have long learnt not to be disparaging of the SNP and to those in pursuit of an independent Scotland as my daily contributions, currently stalled at just under £30, can and will go lower. However allow me to ask one question. What kind of independence would one enjoy when one of the largest groups of Freemasons in the UK are to be found in Police Scotland? What kind of independence would you have where the state broadcaster espouses the continuation of an ethereal entity and openly employs tax cheats? What kind of independence would you have where the real movers and shakers in The  Speculative Society divvy up the capital and labour to serve their interests?

Would it be better than the DUP tail wagging the Tory dog? Probably. But how long will this bastardised alliance last? Independence is for all time.

Advocates for Scottish independence include Phil Macgiollabhain. He has an agenda. He wants to isolate the Unionists in the North of Ireland, deconstruct their power bases and move towards a united Ireland. If this resulted in the restricted movement of UVF/UDA paramilitaries then he would have my vote.

The UVF/UDA are now proscribed organisations. The Orange Order, which welcomes these killers with open arms, is allowed to inculcate their hatred all year round and bring it into the public domain during the parades season.

‘The Famine Song’ will always be a firm favourite in Orange halls.

However when a recent West of Scotland rally was organised, only 2,000 die-hard bigots congregated in Glasgow’s George square.


Ibrox is and has always been the spiritual home of the UVF/UDA and The Orange Order. It’s a citadel of hatred where upwards of 40,000 openly express their antipathy to the Irish/Catholic community. They celebrate a KKK member and sing about wading in Fenian blood.

Let’s be quite clear here. If they tried this on in England the FA would rescind their licence and close them down. Yet in Scotland nothing is ever done about Scotland’s dirty secret. The odious SFA who advocate a strong Rangers have looked the other way since their formation in 1873. The Scottish Executive do the square root of fuck all. When the tax evasion shit hit the fan, Alex Salmond called on HMRC to go easy on the tax cheats as this ‘great’ sporting institution was worthy of a tax dispensation and kid-handling.

Stewart Regan warned of social unrest ignoring the social unrest that can be found at Ibrox on match days . Match days where anti Irish/Catholic invective is an intrinsic part of the match day experience.

If Scottish independence was achieved and the concomitant deconstruction of the DUP power bases followed, the bigots in the North would move to a country where their deluded sense of supremacy is upheld. Each and every disenfranchised bigot and terrorist would make a bee-line to the Larne-Stranraer crossing. They would come with murderous intent and with Special Branch holding their coats.

Scotland is a country where one can be convicted of bomb running and subsequently be appointed as a health and safety supremo. What special qualities did Bobby Baird bring to the job? Did he studiously spend all his leisure time when banged up pouring over H&S statutes? No. He was appointed because he served the cause of terrorism; a cause supported by a construction industry that has long been the preserve of bigots.

Scott Young, the retired owner of Young’s Autos – which is adjacent to Morrisons supermarket in Troon – has the blood of at least 38 civilians on his hands. He is a former commanfer of a UVF unit. A unit which now find a home in the Orange Order.

Young’s first warning shot was to instruct individuals to burn out my car which was parked outside my apartment. They burnt out the wrong car on this occasion but this did not deter four plain clothes detectives, all wearing masonic swivel rings, to visit your humble correspondent the following day.

They impressed upon me the need for vigilance while sizing me up for a hit. These individuals are working hand-in-glove with the criminals that they socialise with in Orange halls and Masonic lodges. They have one joint mission statement:

‘The only good taig is a dead taig.’

As an atheist I can but assume that I have been deemed to be a ‘taig’ sympathiser.

I have no choice but to remain in exile. If I were to return my elderly parents would be murdered in my stead. This is Scotland in 2018. This is Scotland with its own preening MP’s and MSP’s. This is Scotland with its own Scottish Executive.

Ibrox is an incubator of hatred. If this is one of our great Scottish institutions one can count me out. However I did not make this decision of my own volition. This decision was made for me.

If a UVF commander can be murdered in broad daylight during a game at Ibrox, and his murder covered-up as an accident, then it goes without saying that they could take out anyone in the lawless state of Govania. On another occasion they followed a target home from Ibrox and subsequently assassinated him in front of his family.

If one is going to Ibrox on Sunday keep your wits about you as many of the bigots are wearing uniforms.



My Ibrox Assassin

The pairing of Celtic and Rangers in the Scottish Cup came as no surprise to readers of this site. What will come as a surprise is that Ibrox on Sunday will play host to those conspiring to assassinate your humble correspondent.

The Ibrox faithful cannot wait to throw lighters and coins at the Celtic players. They might even taunt some Celtic players with what is euphemistically known as ‘monkey chants.’ Someone on the sex offenders register (for exposing himself to a mother and her 11 years old daughter) might choose to attack Lite’s bête noire, Celtic captain Scott Brown. Ibrox is now the home of Scotland’s criminal class. Which is hardly surprising as the RIFC chairman is a career criminal. However some are prepared to go much further.

The criminals in the Ibrox milieu occasionally settle scores at the Old Lady of Edmiston Drive, as was the case when a UVF boss was murdered on a staircase in a frenzied knife attack. My readers will probably not be aware of this incident as there was a concerted campaign by the Rangers security supremo, a former Strathclyde Police Superintendent, and his former colleagues to sweep this under the Blue Room shag pile.

Someone who is coordinating the assassination  of your humble correspondent is an Ibrox regular. His ‘form‘ as a terrorist takes some beating. In his paramilitary pomp he led a UVF unit which killed a minimum of thirty-eight individuals

Stewart Young, of Troon, is named in an Irish Government report as a Loyalist terrorist who helped carry out bombings in Dublin and the border town of Monaghan on May 17, 1974, which killed 33 people.

Young  has also been linked to bomb and gun attacks on two pubs in 1975 and 1976 which killed five. Young settled in Troon in 1977 and opened a garage, Young’s Autos, right under Strathclyde Police’s nose. Which gives credence to the rumours that he is protected by Special Branch.

He is described as a convivial figure. Try telling that to the families of his thirty-eight victims.

He is also a known associate of these two charming Ibrox season ticket holders:

Bobby Baird left and Donald Reid denied being members of the UVF but pled guilty to helping the Loyalist group and plotting to transport explosives for terrorism. Police found a bag of bullets, a ­balaclava and UVF paraphernalia at Baird’s home in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow. They also found framed photos of terrorists.

Baird and Reid, from Kilsyth, ­Lanarkshire, were each sentenced to 11 years for transporting enough explosives for ten car bombs. The kind of car bombs that Scott Young specialises in. In the ultimate irony Baird, on release from prison, landed the Health & Safety supremo’s role at a leading hospital building project (former Southern General). You really could not make it up. Only In Scotland.

Currently brothers Dean and Darrell Young operate the business that their father started. One can but hope that they were not inculcated to hate certain individuals with the zeal of their father. It will come as no surprise that Police Scotland officers receive discounts at Young’s Autos.

I am reliably informed by a ‘connected’ police officer that John James is number 39 on Scott Young’s list. Will Police Scotland look the other way as Special Branch protects a favoured son?





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