A Conflation of Old and Firm

Amidst a phalanx of court cases, including The Takeover T.K.O. and The Failed Conviction Arse Cover at Glasgow’s High Court, will readers find it refreshing to discuss football for a change? Regular readers will not be disappointed as I have a switchblade between my teeth as I type.

Prior to discussing today’s semifinal I pause to congratulate Scotland’s second best team, Aberdeen FC, for prevailing in a five goal thriller against Hibs. As I predicted prior to this match the ‘honest mistakes‘ that almost exclusively work to the advantage of Rangers Lite and to the detriment of Celtic, would not subvert this game. The Rangers-facing officials would have hated both teams in equal measure.

I chose this game as my pick of the weekend games notwithstanding the Chelsea v Spurs FA Cup semifinal which yielded one more goal. However for the Glasgow-facing SMSM the only game that matters is the noon clash between Celtic and Rangers Lite. They to a man prefer to refer to this clash as an Old Firm Derby, despite the fact that Rangers Lite is a confection of assets that Charles Green cobbled together in a fire-sale of a soon to be liquidated business. Green’s actions were analogous to buying a job lot of school desks prior to John Brown’s remedial school being demolished. How do I know it was a remedial school? He spells rats as rhats. Judging by performances marked by selective amnesia and recalcitrance by two former managers at Glasgow’s High Court, would anyone be surprised if this gormless duo of failed managers shared Brown’s alma mater? I’m aware that Smith had some success with a team created by Graeme Souness and took his EBT charges to a minor UEFA final in Manchester, but had it not been for the tax-evasion and financial doping of his Chairman there would have been no success. Murray’s fix was in well before the introduction of DOS/VSS and EBT. It would have been interesting if Donald Findlay had asked Smith whether bonuses were paid in cash off the books during the nine in a row romp. Of course Findlay could not ask that question as it would have compromised his former tenure on the Ibrox board.

Today’s  game will be officiated by one referee and one fourth official who have previous in making decisions that beggar belief to the detriment of Celtic. Should any Rangers Lite player dive in the penalty box, sighted or unsighted, Collum will point to the spot. The bigot that is Donald Robertson will support any decision he makes which bedevils Celtic. The William Hill Scottish Cup semifinal might as well be renamed The King Billy Memorial Cup as John Fleming’s bigoted charges will do their utmost to assist Rangers Lite, and fulfill Fleming’s desire to see his team in another Hampden final.

However there is nothing ‘Old’ about Rangers Lite. As founding father Charles Green’s counsel stated, there is no Rangers. This former professional football club is no longer trading and will soon be liquidated. These are the facts of the matter. Why has no-one ever challenged Neil Doncaster’s website that shows Rangers continuity when it is an absurd lie? Will we have to crowdfund a judicial review to prove that he is a lying corrupt bastard? If you’re paying attention Mr. Doncaster, I repeat you are a lying corrupt bastard who is passing off a new club as a former club for a bonus when securing a broadcasting deal. How much does this corrupt lie personally benefit you Mr Doncaster?

As for the football, with eleven men on the park and two officials acting in concert, I fancy Rangers to prevail against a ten-man Celtic who are predetermined to concede a penalty kick. I anticipate either Brown or Gordon, or both, being sent off. Why not? Lawwell is a spineless blowhard who won’t challenge the historical cheating of Rangers or the cheating by ICT. He would be more exercised by litter on his heated driveway. Should ‘honest mistakes‘ be a factor in today’s game I guarantee that they will favour Rangers Lite.

I predicted that Bobby Madden would cheat in the derby at Celtic Park and he duly obliged when denying Celtic a stone-cold penalty after Griffiths was felled by a waist-high challenge from the rear by Clint Hill, which prevented Griffiths pulling the trigger from six yards and indubitably scoring the winning goal. It was cheating pure and simple by the East Kilbride bigot.

The surprising thing is that the referees keep getting away with it. Should Celtic lose out to another final through cheating, will their board continue to be lambs to the slaughter?

Prior to creating this article I read an excellent piece by Auldheid in the equally excellent Celtic Quick News. In his thesis he quotes statistical analysis that leads to the conclusion, with a 92% probability, that a team with a higher wage structure than that of its competitors will more likely than not be successful. He looked at four seasons where Celtic players were paid more than Rangers. So why were Rangers more successful?  Nett pay after tax is the answer. Some of the Celtic squad were paying 59.6% in tax whereas the Rangers players, being paid the bulk of their salaries tax-free, were only paying 21% on the tissue of lies that was their declared income.

The idea, mooted by LNS, that EBT did not confer a competitive advantage is for the birds.

If we apply this logic to today’s game, are Celtic with their higher salaries 92% more likely to prevail? If in the highly unlikely event of a game free of refereeing subversion, Lite will do well if they manage to neuter Sinclair and Dembele as well as Graeme Marty’s charges did at Celtic Park.  Sinclair and Dembele will be so closely man-marked that they will feel like they are competing in a three-legged race. McGregor and Forrest flatter to deceive. Only Roberts offers a direct threat, although he has been coached to be a provider. Kenny Miller will have an easy ride as both Tierney and Lustig leave gaps in defence that he can exploit. He is a clinical goal scorer who puts in a shift for his team.

Lite know that they can take Aberdeen in the final. William Hill and the SFA are also aware that the demographic of Scotland would be best served by a Rangers v Aberdeen final. Celtic will have to be two goals to the good as Collum is good for a goal per game for Rangers.

For those who insist that cheating is not a factor in the Scottish game I respectfully refer them to the SPFL web site.

Day 2: The EBT Circumstance

Two short planks took out an injunction at Glasgow High Court yesterday. They did not object to being described as thick, but they balked at being compared to Walter Smith and Ally McCoist. I was not expecting Alex Prentice to lead with Plato and Aristotle, but the High Priest of Anti-Football, a.k.a. The Cardigan and Alley-Cat barely registered on the Stanford Binet Scale. If one is sufficiently tactile to master a third degree handshake, does one aspire to the Rangers head coach gig?

Walter Smith appeared addled. Did he confuse Lady Stacey with John Humphreys? Did he believe that he was on a Masonic Mastermind, with specialist subject ‘Albert Camus and John Greig – Brothers from other mothers’?

His general knowledge was sadly lacking. He knew the square root of fuck all about the running of the club, which begs the question who on God’s green earth thought that he could assist the prosecution’s case? Are COPFS trying to outnumber the robbers? If this is the case why lead with Smith who is widely reported to have received an EBT bung for signing players from Rangers? This EBT bung precedent was established by Smith’s predecessor, Graeme Souness.

The charges against Whyte are risible. Former football celebrities might add a sheen to proceedings, but intellectual gravitas will be as conspicuous by its absence as Alley Cat’s celibacy.

Alex Prentice is a hostage to fortune. He was asked to step in as Lord Bannatyne was threatening to hold deputy-advocate Jim Keegan in contempt of court. Having witnessed charges being deserted like snow from a dyke in June, Keegan briefed the press that he would haul back the cleared defendants on other charges. His fifteen minutes of fame had gone to his head. His Court craft was as bankrupt as his former business practice.

For his next trick Keegan submitted two indictment sheets to Lord Bannatyne within 24 hours, each sheet with radically different charges from the other. A cynic might conclude that he was throwing around indictments like spaghetti at a wall, hoping some of it would stick.

COPFS gave Keegan the big hook, however his indictments remain. If Donald Findlay is as good as others allege Whyte will walk away unscathed from a clusterfuck of half-baked charges.

What makes this circus compelling viewing is the amount of dirty laundry on display. On the opening day we had the £1.7m Health & Safety invoice. Even someone with the intellect of Smith could extrapolate that Health & Safety had insisted on £1.7m of remedial maintenance. Was this just an advisory note? A nice to have over tea with bare nipples and nibbles? Or was it an unequivocal demand to put their house in order or Health & Safety would throw a hissy fit and not bring the custard creams to the next tea party?

Would you like me to issue your safety certificate in triplicate while touching my toes Mr. Dickson”?

On day two The Cardigan stole the show with:  The EBT Circumstance. Coming from Smith, whose signs of sentient life would not be detected by the telemetry at Jodrell Bank Observatory, this was a doozy.

Could Walter expand on the circumstances in which he received an EBT from Rangers while managing Everton? Will Chick Young be called as a witness to assert that Smith’s EBT was not sufficient for a good night out in  Glasgow?  The garters of lap-dancers don’t fill themselves.

Chick spent his entire ‘career’ telling anyone who would listen that he was a St. mirren fan but was busted one Saturday when he turned up at Love Street to find that the club that he adored had moved. The Orange sash around his neck was a bit of a giveaway. If one is considering calling Chick, then why not go the whole ‘hog’, and I use the word advisedly, and call Jabba. One could then recreate Chick’s proctology in tearing Traynor a new one. It would add some much needed pizzazz to the show trial. Is there anything less edifying than two bald men fighting over a comb?

I had to reach for matchsticks to follow proceedings. There was the clear and present danger that the fifteen member jury might slump into a post-prandial coma. They would not have missed much.

The Great COPFS/ Police Scotland Wild Goose Chase.

There has been considerable debate about COPFS and Police Scotland acting in concert to mute your humble correspondent. Their problem, with emphasis on the possessive pronoun, is that I have my finger on facts that they don’t wish to be disclosed. If I’m worth my salt, I have a duty to inform my readers. I also try to entertain them with some humorous metaphors and satire.

This site is dedicated to the pursuit of truth. There are those throughout Scottish football at all levels that cannot handle the truth. My output, which is north of 760 articles, has been prolific. To maintain focus one must be passionate about Scottish football and a constant thorn in the side of those who wish to subvert fair play. This is what drives me. The fire that burns within me is incandescent.

There are many who wish to douse my flame, either by conspiracies to murder me, or as was the case with COPFS/Police Scotland, pressure applied to my elderly parents. Police Scotland knew that I had an Achilles Heel that could be attacked to their advantage. I don’t wish to resurrect the independence debate but would you have Police Scotland run roughshod over your civil liberties for your interpretation of freedom? My experience at the hands of the Scottish legal establishment and those who enforce the law is indicative of a Police State.  Big Brother is paying attention and wishes to control my thoughts.

I’m going to continue to cover the Craig Whyte trial without fear or favour. I may on occasion write two blogs or more in any given day. As I proved yesterday, I’m not solely reliant on the output of James Doleman. However I am indebted to him for publishing Whyte’s charge sheet which makes interesting reading. I will excise the long-winded legalese to cut to the chase.



Continued Preliminary Hearing: 3 October 2016

CRAIG THOMAS WHYTE, born 18 January 1971, whose domicile of citation has been specified as (I choose not to disclose this – why give The Klan an obvious target)
you are indicted at the instance of Her Majesty’s Advocate, and the charges against you are that:

(001) between 1st May 2010 and 9 May 2011, both dates inclusive, , you CRAIG THOMAS WHYTE, with intent to acquire a majority and controlling stake in the shareholding of the Club from Murray through Wavetower Limited a company incorporated for the purpose of and the means used to effect said acquisition and a company managed and controlled by you and also being a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Capital Limited a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands 

(i) did both directly and by the hands of your representatives namely Andrew Ellis, Philip Betts, William Lee, Gary Martin Withey and David Henry Grier, all c/o Police Service of Scotland, Gartcosh, pretend to the Officers of Murray namely Sir David Murray, Michael McGill and David Horne, all c/o Police Service of Scotland, Gartcosh and to the legal representatives of Murray namely Dundas and Wilson LLP that you, Wavetower Limited and Liberty Capital Limited individually or collectively had funds available to make all the payments stipulated by the representatives of Murray as being necessary to enable Wavetower Limited to acquire a controlling and majority stake in the shareholding of the Club from Murray and more particularly did pretend to said representatives in negotiations leading to and within a Share Purchase Agreement dated 6 May 2011 signed and concluded by you on behalf of Wavetower Limited and Liberty Capital Limited with Murray that Wavetower Limited had immediately available from its own and third party resources on an unconditional basis the cash resources necessary:- (a) to meet its obligations under said Agreement to contribute to the Club an amount equal to £5,000,000 for the playing squad, £1,700,000 for a Health and Safety liability and an amount equal to the small tax case liability of £2,800,000 said sums to be held and paid under the terms of the Purchaser’s Solicitor’s Undertaking of even date.

I intend to take pause here to draw readers attention to the Health & Safety Liability of £1.7m. Given that Whyte did not address this liability how on God’s green earth did Ibrox gain a Health & Safety certificate? Was this arrangement made by The Brotherhood behind closed doors?

Is this the smoking gun that Glasgow City Council (GCC) are doing their utmost to hide, by refusing Phil Macgiollabhain’s freedom of information request, for all correspondence between GCC, HSE and Rangers?

(b) to pay the amount required to be paid under the Assignation Agreement dated 5 May 2011 between the Bank of Scotland PLC, Wavetower Limited, the Club and Subsidiaries of £18,000,962.29 and (c) to fund the reasonably foreseeable ongoing working capital requirements of the Club of £5,000,000,

(ii) the truth being as you well knew that said funds were not available and said cash resources were not immediately available on an unconditional basis at the time said Agreements were concluded in respect that the sums pretended by you to represent such immediately available and unconditionally held cash resources in fact comprised £3,925,000 from Merchant Turnaround plc and the Trustees of the Jerome Group plc Retirement Benefits Plan Fund which was not held on an unconditional basis and £24,357,094 from Ticketus LLP and Ticketus 2 LLP (“Ticketus”) which was held subject to an agreement or agreements being entered into between the Club and Ticketus after said acquisition in respect of the sale and purchase of season tickets for the three year period following said acquisition, 

(iii) and you did thereby induce the said Officers of Murray to negotiate, enter into and conclude the said Share Purchase Agreement dated 6 May 2011 between Murray, Wavetower Limited and Liberty Capital Limited and to transfer 92,842,388 of ordinary shares being a majority and controlling stake in the shareholding in the Club, from Murray to Wavetower Limited and did thus obtain through Wavetower Limited 92,842,388 ordinary shares being a majority and controlling stake in the shareholding of the Club by fraud;

(002) you CRAIG THOMAS WHYTE, being an officer of a company, namely a director of The Rangers Football Club plc, and knowing that a person, namely Wavetower Limited, had acquired 92,842,388 ordinary shares in the Club from Murray and a liability had been incurred by Wavetower for the purpose of the said acquisition, namely that Wavetower had undertaken, in terms of the Assignation Agreement between Wavetower and the Bank of Scotland plc dated 5 May 2011 and the Share Purchase Agreement between Murray and Wavetower dated 6 May 2011, to pay at least £18,000,000 to the Bank of Scotland plc for an assignation of the debt owed to the Bank of Scotland plc by the Club, did on 9 May 2011 authorise or permit the Club unlawfully to give financial assistance directly or indirectly for the purpose of reducing or discharging the said liability of Wavetower to the Bank of Scotland plc, and at the time said financial assistance was given the Club in which the shares had been acquired was a public company, in that upon appointment as director you did cause the Club to enter into a loan agreement with Wavetower and, in implementation of the said loan agreement, to lend £18,000,000 to Wavetower, which in turn allowed Wavetower to meet its liability incurred to the Bank of Scotland plc for the purpose of the said acquisition: CONTRARY to Sections 678(3) and 680(1) and (2) of the Companies Act 2006;

When one looks at the charges, which frankly allege that Whyte borrowed the money to pay off Lloyds Bank and provide a modicum of working capital, I fail to see the crime that has been committed. He gave the false impression that he had wealth, but did David Murray not borrow £6m from the Bank of Scotland that liked to say ‘how high’ to Rangers and ‘go fuck yourselves‘ To Celtic?

To compound SDM’s debts did he not borrow $1,000,000 to bribe Lawrence Marlborough?

So let’s get this straight. Murray acquires Rangers, borrows the money to do so, and tops this quantum up with a bribe, and gets knighted; whereas Whyte who only borrowed money and did not engage in bribes gets thrown to the wolves.

Is it just me who believes that COPFS are reaching here and that Whyte has no case to answer? These charges look like they have been trumped up to save face apropos the millions squandered in The Great COPFS/ Police Scotland Wild Goose Chase.

n.b. As I write Walter is comparing cardigan knitting patterns with Lady Stacey. Does the ineptitude of COPFS extend to witness selection?

Liars’ Poker

The Trial of The Century is now underway, with the finest legal minds Scotland has to offer arguing over a quantum of one pound. They could save a fortune by tossing a coin which was the method preferred by UEFA prior to away goals and penalties.

One can but assume that live Tweets have not been allowed as we have not heard a peep from James Doleman. However if I may be so bold, casting contempt to the wind, I can apprise everyone of an interesting witness list:

1. Salary McCoist

2. The Shameless Glibster.

3. Walter EBT


5. Alastair Johnson

and a cast of many more in the no-expense spared extravaganza.

Apropos Jury Selection, the key questions were:

A.  Do you personally know the accused?

B. Were you a Rangers season ticket holder in 2010-2011?

C . A shareholder in 2010-2011?

D. A bond holder in 2010-2011?

E. Do you know any of the witnesses personally?

If you put your hand up to any of these, the chances were you would be excused subject to another round of questions.

Craig turned up suited and booted with a haircut the barber’s model would be proud of. His girlfriend was not by his side. One can but hope that there has not been a tiff.

With The Glibster and SDM on the witness roster, it will be eyes down for a game of Liars’ Poker. My money’s on SDM to tell the biggest porkies but I expect a strong showing from the career criminal.

Would it not be perfect if King stepped up to the plate in the Saltmarket, lied like a trooper and then was arrested on contempt charges?  One can but dream.

Incendiary JJ – Crouching Police State

My coverage of the impending Craig Whyte trial has put a spoke in the wheel of COPFS. The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service are evidently avid readers of this site. They seem to hang on my every word. COPFS have become somewhat exercised in regard to my insights which they have deemed  to be “incendiary”. They instructed Police Scotland to contact members of my family to advise me, in the nicest possible terms, ‘to back the fuck off or face the consequences‘.

My elderly mother who is fast approaching her 80th year had no idea that I had received credible death threats. No mother wants to be informed that others are hell-bent on murdering their children. In consultation with my father we agreed to keep this information from her. However Police Scotland let the cat out of the bag. My mother is ‘shattered‘ by the news.

I have been advised in the strongest possible terms to take down three blogs which pertain to the trial:

1. Craig Whyte – Fighting Fire with Fire.

2. An Open Letter To Craig Whyte.

3. Will The Weapons Grade Rhetoric aimed at SDM be Whyte-hot?

No-one from COPFS or Police Scotland is questioning the accuracy of my reportage. The problem is that it’s too accurate. One might cogently contend that it’s career-threateningly accurate. Am I too well informed when I assert, without fear of contradiction, that potential jurors have  been summoned to Glasgow’s High Court this morning? Those in full Klan Regalia, simultaneously engaged in unusual congress with a blow-up Craig Whyte sex doll, should not be surprised if they’re excused. Je Suis Graham and his alter ego Jar Jar Binks will be free to denigrate The Prophet in “their” own inimitable fashion.

I digress. COPFS & Police Scotland, who have squandered millions from the public purse in pursuit of a wild goose chase, desperately require a result as the outcry against the abuse of public funds will result in heads rolling. The backlash will be overwhelming.

Their star witnesses are DCI Robertson and ‘Sir” (hopefully not for long) David Murray. Describing their star witness as a corrupt entrepreneur who bribed Lawrence Marlborough with one million dollars to secure his equity, might lead to questions apropos his credibility in the witness box.

As for DCI Robertson, who contrary to popular belief has not been suspended, my contention that he is a Clouseau tribute act who would not know his arse from his elbow if it wasn’t for the smell. might not chime well with his affectations of gravitas.

As I stated in my soon to be proscribed blogs it’s squeaky bum time for SDM. By showing their hand it would appear that COPFS are also in need of some refreshment in their nether regions.

It might be prudent for readers to screen grab these blogs. For my part, should they be placed in moratorium and used later to inform my impending book? I thank readers for their suggestions on the prospective book’s title. I have settled on one of my own:

The Reservoir Dogs of Rangers”.

If the Establishment are closing ranks to protect SDM one knows that they are rattled. I could choose to emulate Dave King and thumb my nose at The Authorities. I could argue that as an exile I’m not bound by any UK Court. I will give it some thought. I invite readers to make suggestions.

Should I keep my powder dry for the explosive book?

Donald Where’s Your Integrity – Anyone But Celtic

As has become a tradition on this site, the Monday column is the preserve of a review of the weekend’s action in the Scottish game. Congratulations are due to Hibs who have won the Scottish Championship and can now look forward to renewing rivalries with Hearts next season. Their tails will be up for the semi-final against Aberdeen. Given a choice I would pluck for this game in preference to the Glasgow derby. The Rangers-facing referee, who will despise both Hibs and Aberdeen in equal measure, will be so conflicted that he might break the mould and officiate in what passes in the Scottish game for an honest manner.

This will not be the case in two back to back Glasgow derbies. I have witnessed Willie Collum award a penalty for a dive by Kirk Broadfoot in the box. Broadfoot was not being challenged, under pressure, or in possession of the ball. He waited until Collum was unsighted and dropped like a ballerina in a swan outfit, knowing that Collum would be under intense Bear pressure to award a spot kick. An honest mistake? No just the action of at best a weak referee, or at worst a cheat. If he is the token Celtic supporter in the pro-Lite phalanx of referees, as some have suggested, he evidently overcompensates.

To compound Celtic’s problems their captain Scott Brown will almost certainly be suspended from the game at Ibrox.  As the disciplinary panel do not reconvene until the 27th April, Brown will be eligible for Sunday’s semi-final if, as anticipated, Celtic appeal the red card.

Should Rodgers play the little girl that is Mackay-Stevens, Lite will have a field day at Ibrox. When I turn my thoughts to the first of two successive Glasgow derbies, I note that Dembele is a yard short of match fitness. Griffiths is a yard short full stop. Lite must really fancy their chances as Celtic are failing to capitalise on their dominance in possession and as we saw at Pittodrie if teams don’t close out games, Lite, who can execute, will prevail.

I’m sticking with my prediction of a re-run of last year’s final. I fancy Hibs to retain the Cup. Should Celtic prevail on Sunday, the following Saturday’s game at Ibrox will be subverted by the referee to bring Celtic’s unbeaten run to an end. A sending off and a penalty should do the trick. Celtic supporters should brace themselves for the inevitable. Beaton, Madden, Dallas and Muir are desperate to punish them. These four are the most blatant cheats, but there are other Scottish referees who live by the mantra: Anyone but Celtic.

It has long been my contention that when Scottish match officials set out to cheat, they do so in tandem. It remains unspoken. A Masonic handshake is all that’s required for the referee to know who will back his cheating without question

Donald Robertson and Stuart Stevenson were the only two observers who could misconstrue the most blatant dive I have ever seen in a Scottish game. There was as much guile from the appalling cheat that is Schalk as there was contact i.e. none whatsoever.

Robertson completed the standard subversion play by sending off Scott Brown, although Brown should have quickly established that the fix was in and that any foul by a Celtic player would face the ultimate sanction. It was cheating by numbers, with Robertson and Stevenson joining the dots. One can often gauge the scale of the cheating by the reaction of the players:

Will John Fleming, The Head of Refereeing Development, censure Robertson and Stevenson? Of course not. Their deliberate subversion of a game will be filed under ‘honest mistakes‘ and we will all be urged to move on ‘in the interests of Scottish football”.

However one should ask why these slings and arrows of misfortune are not a feature at Ibrox? If referees were merely incompetent why has this not been apparent at Lite home games?

I recall a time when the cheating against Celtic was so blatant that Neil Lennon and his backroom staff compiled a video dossier. What then followed, to widespread disbelief and much laughter, was a referee strike as the Scottish whistlers felt that their integrity had been impugned. Those brought in from other leagues as cover did a far better job with no hidden agendas. The strike only lasted one game as they were far from missed. Hugh Dallas, probably the most blatant referee cheat in the history of Scottish football, who had just been charged with transmitting a cartoon depicting the Pope as a paedophile, offered a sordid deal where he would call off the strike if the charges against him and his five fellow bigots at the SFA were dropped. Dallas was given short shrift. It now falls to his son to continue the Dallas family tradition of Anyone but Celtic.

Was Schalk, who entered the field of play with only seven minutes to play, sent on to dive to earn a point? Was the cheating predetermined?  Did Robertson have a word with County Manager Jim McIntyre at half-time to apprise him that he would look favourably on a dive? Nothing would surprise me in the corrupt realm of Scottish football.

It was not the first time this season that Celtic were denied three points by the cheating of a referee. Sine did Rangers supporter Bobby Madden denied Griffiths a penalty when he was felled by a waist-high tackle from behind by Clint Hill. Hill later confirmed what everyone knew – it was a penalty all day long at the summer solstice. However to curry favout with his true blue buddies at The Salmon Leap in East Kilbride, he cheated. I accurately predicted prior to this game that he would cheat (JJ passim: A Challenge to The Invincibles).

Brendan Rodgers comes across as a good statesman, but this latest subversion called for someone with more fire in their belly, such as Neil Lennon. Rodgers asserted:

The points were taken from us by a horrendous decision by the referee. I’ve seen some bad decisions up here but that was one of the worst. It was really poor, first because of his position – he could see it clearly – and secondly because there is absolutely no way that Sviatchenko even made an attempt to challenge, but the penalty was given against him. I’m one who likes to protect officials but that was a very, very easy decision, so I don’t know what he was seeing. He needs help from his linesman and the fourth official who were all on the right side of the field, so there were three of them to get the decision correct.”

Welcome to Scotland Mr. Rodgers. Has no-one informed you that you need two clear goals to escape the clutches of the bigoted referees?

Jim McIntyre, the Ross County manager, who was naturally pleased by his team’s acquisition of a potentially priceless point, stated:

It’s not a penalty. I’ve watched it again. You can clearly see that Sviatchenko goes to tackle him but pulls out at the last moment and Alex is expecting contact and is on his way down. I can fully understand Celtic’s anger and disappointment but we’ve had several of them go against us this season and it’s hard to take.”

If Ross County has had a game subverted by the  blatant cheating of a referee and his assistant then McIntyre should name and shame the match officials.

One wonders if this cheated point will condemn another more honest team to relegation or the relegation play-off games?

King’s Unprecedented Friendly Fire

When King’s appeal was not upheld by The Takeover Appeal Board, I appeared to be one of a small group who had actually read the 38 page TAB report and as a consequence I realised that the shit would hit the fan should King fail to comply. Others who claim to have inside contacts at Ibrox hedged their bets. I have an inside contact who asserts that only 30% of this reportage hits the mark, with 70% pure conjecture. Richard Wilson, who moonlighted from his job at The Herald to sell shares for Charles Green, somewhat surprisingly announced on Sportsound that:

this is no big deal’.

Allow me to edify Richard Smurf Wilson. Should Father Abraham Traynor issue some pro-King spin it does not behove you to publish it without question. I realise you report to Rangers-facing Highlanders who swing the lead better than most, but are you incapable of an original thought? Did you raise your trouser leg and bare your nipple at your interview for the BBC?

This is a classic case of a ‘sports hack’ being clearly out of his depth. Douglas Fraser on the other hand, in his natural metier, gave a good account of himself and introduced us to the concept of Zombie Shareholders. I should point out that he was not referring to the 12,000 supporters who bought shares.

Is that Celtic on the distant horizon? Tell Caixinha that it’s Easter and that he promised me a miracle.

Grant Russell tried to doorstep Dave King at Glasgow Airport, but the career criminal who promised ‘accountability and transparency‘ remained tight-lipped. What is transparent is that he is a concert party carpetbagger who is about to be ragdolled.

This narrative is so explosive that it has overshadowed what was once billed as The Trial of The Century. After one of the worst performances by a Crown Prosecutor in living memory and a Police Scotland investigation coloured by their support of the Govan club, Whyte only faces one count of fraud and one count of a company law transgression. However on Tuesday 18th, readers can be assured that I will be all over it as Donald Findlay will be lifting rocks in the cesspool of corruption that is Scottish Football.

It is evident that King’s involvement with Rangers Lite inordinately compromises the  Phoenix club. When The Cold Shoulder really begins to bite, Metro Bank will have no other recourse than to close Lite’s account. There will be no latitude. This will be a binary decision.

Some have opined that King offered his shares to the board at 26p, but I demur. Having just avoided one concert party bullet, why would the 3 Bears volunteer to face a concert party firing squad?

Make no mistake about it: the reputations of George Letham, Douglas Park and George Taylor are on the line. The latter’s career at Morgan Stanley may be in jeopardy. The City have marked their cards. The smart play would be to walk away. If they sold their loan notes to a factor, they might recoup 30p-40p in the pound.

As for the SFA, is their ‘fit and proper’ test as efficacious as their drug testing?  In an official communique they stated:

Following the submission of an amendment to its Official Return by Rangers Football Club, the Board of the Scottish FA has considered the Fit and Proper status of Mr Dave King as a director of the club in respect of Article 10.2 of the Articles of Association.The Scottish FA can confirm it has now received this supplementary documentation in full and the Board is satisfied Mr King is Fit and Proper in terms of Article 10.2″.

As we now know this statement is either disingenuous or a barefaced lie. A cursory glance at this site – thanks for stopping by Mr. Broadfoot – would have convinced even the most sentiently challenged individual that King was a career criminal of the first ordure.

Fit and proper have never featured as adjectives in a sentence where Dave King is the Proper Noun.

Did King transgress another SFA article and was barred from taking up office in the member club?  Why go to all this effort, be passed fit and proper, and not take up a position on the board of TRFCL? The SDI v King, Murray & Lite  hearings will be instructive. One can but hope that Regan’s arse is on the line for this SFA statement.

I now find myself having to correct the Scottish Football Monitor, who don’t like it up them. I’m surprised that this failing organ is still with us and that they have sufficient subscribers to pay for their expensive Glasgow office so that they can pretend to be real journalists. Notwithstanding this, I suggest Big Pink actually reads the 38 page report. If King does not comply, his mandate to make an offer does not trickle down to the 3 Bears. The TPE were clear in drawing this distinction.

Murray’s & Gilligan’s move to the RIFC backbenches was timely and prudent. The FCA are asking questions, and unlike the SFM, they will get answers.

As for the new club, King’s friendly fire may yet kill them stone dead. Should VISA or MASTERCARD block season ticket purchases, the fallout will be unprecedented.