Besmirched, Bothered & Bewildered

I have just received some quite astonishing news from the source who informed this site that a taxi had been ordered for Warburton – 24 hours before the SMSM pronounced him dead at the scene.

Apparently John ‘Der Bomber‘ Brown has flown to Johannesburg for a secret conclave with King. There could be a number of topics over roasted marsupials chez King. Once Ladina puts down her free weights, she’ll gut and cook anything with a pouch. Brown packed his trusty grey Y-fronts as his tanga briefs may have rendered him fair game.

Image result for photos of dumb and dumber

Could Brown be lined up as the new Director of Football? It would be quite a promotion from legless ambassador, but not outwith the bounds of possibility. I wonder how prospective managers would feel about a bunsen burner  razing the hair on their necks.

Another possibility could be a spot of perjury bingo. Would Der Bomber step up with the shock news that he overheard Warburton and Weir discussing their severance Ts & Cs. The statement via the LMA may have taken the wind out of King’s sails, but who needs a yacht when you can have a Lancaster. Brown would run through a brick wall for a free nose bag and a skin full. If King threw in 40 Regal a deal could be done.

The last but not least option could be some quantum from Der Bomber’s decidedly dodgy friends. Quantum that could use a quick rinse and set.

I’m fairly certain that when they put their heads together and the world to rights over a dingo dessert, they will come up with a cunning plan.

Is it too early to introduce the orange away strips?

rangers 2002 change kit

The Sophistry of Kings

The events at Ibrox seem to oscillate between Shakespearean tragedy and Shakespearean farce. There is more blood on the walls than in Macbeth, but the conspicuous absence of money for stage sets, and the constraints of a park setting, lend themselves more to A Comedy of Errors.

When one thinks of King, no-one could possibly envisage him as a brave Scottish general. He is a two-bit tax-evading spiv who preferred to piss away £20m with David Murray than pay his dues in South Africa. He also preferred to engage in twelve years of Pyrrhic litigation, bribery and wholesale corruption than pay his civic way. I cannot conceive of a worst chairman of Rangers. When not picking orphans’ pockets he masquerades as an accountant. If one compares the ousting of the experienced and connected David Somers, to the advent of City-pariah King, the murder of Duncan in Macbeth comes to mind. Was King incited by Ladina Macbeth or the possibility of a rebate on the £20m?

Rangers Lite may live to regret Friday’s Night Of The Long Knives. Stitching Warburton up like a kipper was probably considered a good day’s work by King. He prefers graft to grift.

Image result for photo of someone stitched up like a kipper

However word reaches me that Warburton has retained counsel from the top drawer of employment law litigators. A remittance demanding the entire amount of his contract, and his £500,000 bonus from last year, was sent by courier to Stewart Robertson. This robustly worded missive is soliciting £2.2m. If the matter is settled in court, as per the threat by Warburton’s counsel, there won’t be much change out of £2.5m. There is also the embarrassment of an attempt to ring-fence the £2.5m, only to find that the cupboard is bare.

It’s something of a desperate gamble by a desperate board as Warburton’s counsel has King bang to rights. The circa £300,000 of both sides’ court costs will not deter King. He will fancy his chances with the Scottish judiciary. A wink is as good as a bared nipple to this august body of Freemasons.

Is King playing for time until next season’s ticket revenue kicks in? Given that £3.75m has to be found to keep the lights on, would a full settlement and a £6m debt bring the curtains down? There are those in the know who are whispering administration, but this would not be sufficient to get the Ashley monkey off their backs.

The word that dare not speak its name, Liquidation, is back on the agenda.

Should Ashley’s counsel prevail, circa £11m will have to be found. Some are suggesting that it would be better to pull the administration trigger now. My source is not prone to histrionics.

Of course if one believed the PR chutzpah emanating from Ibrox, Rangers Lite have never had it so good. There is even talk of a Director of Football, which Warburton railed against. It would have been a useful device to force Warburton’s hand.

As Robertson is buried under a mound of red reminder invoices, I contend that it’s a case of more fiddling while Dunsinane burns.For all the SMSM talk of De Boer and McLeish, Murty is still in charge.

The last word goes to The Bard.

“But in these cases
We still have judgment here, that we but teach
Bloody instructions, which, being taught, return
To plague th’ inventor: this even-handed justice
Commends the ingredients of our poisoned chalice
To our own lips.”




The Ibrox Electric Chair

Despite Celtic winning 6-0 against their ‘bogey team‘ ICT, the prevailing narrative is being dominated by The Warburton Hokey Cokey.  There are those who believe this situation is as transparent as mud. Allow me to edify them. Robertson sat down with Dave Lockwood on Monday. His objective was to seamlessly remove Warburton, Weir and McParland from their duties. He inquired whether Nottingham Forest would be prepared to hire their wayward manager and his sidekick. McParland’s dismissal was non-negotiable. To facilitate and expedite matters, Robertson was prepared to waive any compensation from Forest. Robertson had evidently received instructions to make this offer from Dave King. At this point Lockwood thanked Robertson for his time and arranged a follow up meeting for later in the week to give him some time to brief his clients and solicit their responses.

Resignation was not on the table at any time.

By the time they sat down for a second meeting, the Forest opportunity had gone south. Warburton was prepared to continue until such time as an offer from another club became available. King was not prepared to accept this. He instructed Robertson to push for their resignations. When Lockwood protested that this was not within his gift, the meeting came to an abrupt end. King then made a unilateral decision to dismiss Warburton by faking his resignation. His objective was to avoid paying £1.2m in compensation. He then briefed Jim Traynor to peddle the lie that Warburton had resigned on Monday when nothing could be further from the truth. Warburton had diligently undertaken his duties while wheels were turning in the background.

King achieved the desired result, but everyone knows that he has pulled a fast one and will be hoist by his own petard when Warburton’s counsel rips him a new one. This debacle, the latest in a long line of omnishambles that go back to the failed 48 hour appointment of a director in March 2015, was not unexpected. King is a convicted career criminal. He should have no part to play in any UK plc. Not one NOMAD was prepared to work with the glib and shameless perjurer due to his 41 convictions for tax evasion and his three month suspended sentence for lying in another court. King has no respect whatsoever for the law, including employment law. He masquerades as an accountant, despite receiving no more than a leaving certificate when he left school at 16. He is not an educated man. He is white trailer park trash; pond scum in a tailored suit. He has bribed, lied and cheated his way in the world in a turbulent environment where the rule of law was a moveable feast. He has no sense of right or wrong. He lives by a mantra of shaft or be shafted. He has shafted Warburton, Weir & McParland. No amount of spin from fellow liar Jim Traynor can change these prosaic facts. If King had one gram of integrity he would fall on his sword. He cannot even spell integrity.

Image by unrepentant

As Traynor engages in black propaganda to tarnish Warburton’s reputation, the unedifying spectacle of choosing a successor is in full swing. I revealed that Billy Davies had been tapped up to take the job, on a probationary basis until the close season. This information was provided by John Gilligan when imbibing an ‘up to my knees in Fenian blood‘ Bloody Mary at The Louden Tavern, where most of the regulars are on parole or arrive on horseback.

However, Alex McLeish has now thrown his hat in the ring. He has been unemployed since May 2 of last year after an unsuccessful 10 games in charge of Egyptian team, Zamalek SC. He is a guy who has been on a down slope of a career for the best part of a decade. He should hang his head in shame for his abject failure in an Egyptian backwater stadium that had a capacity of 16,000, all of whom were baying for his blood. But shame does not register with Alex McLeish. His £1.7m EBT included the ‘gift’ of a luxurious apartment in The West End of Glasgow. He admitted that if it were not for EBT his charges would not have won the title in 2003.

However his admission of dual contract cheating would be no impediment to a coaching position with Rangers. All one requires is a brass neck, asbestos gloves and an ability to work in a burning building.

As Kenny Macintyre and Richard Wilson cried in their beer last night on Radio Scotland, they urged King to pay Aberdeen the £700,000-£800,000 required to release McInnes. King, Murray & Gilligan don’t have enough twigs to spark a fire, never mind pay the thick end of a cool million.

Stupidity is not the exclusive preserve of Radio Scotland. Hugh Keevins. who has been getting by on the same soundbites for the best part of two decades, opined that Our Eck might demur as he would not wish to risk his reputation. Would that be the same reputation that saw him summarily sacked from a provincial Egyptian club?  Keevins must have been playing to the gullibillies in his audience. He often does.

No self-respecting manager would go anywhere near King and his rogue board. This is an opportunity for the unemployed and the unemployable. All we need now is for Barry V Ferguson to toss his hat into the ring. In an EBT pissing contest his £2.5m gives him first dibs on the Ibrox electric chair. When all else fails, send in the clown.

diy disaster : Stock Photo

The Godfathers of Rangers Lite

Regular readers of this site will not have to be coloured surprised that Rangers Lite received yet another home tie against inferior opposition in the Scottish Cup. A cynic might contend that keeping the lights on at Ibrox and the tills ringing at William Hill are the two most important Key Performance Indicators in Stewart Regan’s remit. As he was one of the architects of the phoenix club, was he appointed godfather to Charles Green’s sibling? With eleven home ties in their last twelve draws, the penny is beginning to drop that two frozen balls, one for Celtic and one for Rangers Lite, have become a regular feature of the draw. The sponsors want a Glasgow derby bang for their buck, and a deep run for Rangers, and it behoves the SFA to deliver their commercial imperatives.

I confidently predict that Rangers will be in the home dressing room to face Celtic at Hampden in the semi-finals. Is Scotland ready for a Glasgow derby final? The circa two hundred who entered the field with the sole intention of attacking the Hibs supporters would suggest otherwise. Should Rangers proceed to the final there is always the distinct possibility that their recidivist supporters will spoil the party. The old club was notorious for doing so, win or lose, with The Battle of Barcelona and The Blitzkrieg of Manchester among the nadirs of Scotland’s shame. Rangers Lite, via their bloated mouthpiece Jim Traynor, gave the worst elements in the support free licence to run riot ‘to protect the players.’ Traynor’s tame journalist, Keith Jackson, ran with the lie that all the Rangers players were being attacked and that this was the least the Rangers support could do. The Vanguard Bears offered to pay any fines incurred in ‘defending the players’ including those using the corner flags as weapons long after the players had left the field. What did the Hampden beaks do about the rioting Rangers Lite criminals? The square root of SFA!

I anticipate that Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers Lite will be in the foregone conclusion of the draw, with the Dons facing either Hearts or Hibs in the less prestigious semi-final. This tie will be broadcast by the BBC ‘Huns R Us’ of Wilson & Macintyre as it can be picked up for a song.

Kenny Mac will inevitably invite fellow bellends Bazza & Jackass to preview the game, and in a subsequent programme add a follow follow postscript and their predictions apropos the Glasgow derby semi-final. Does Jim Traynor provide the panel for Kenny Mac’s show or does his producer just call round all the former Rangers players in his roster?. Kenny Mac tries hard to conceal his erection in his radio blue do, but he fawns so obsequiously to the former Rangers players that a cynic might suggest that he would fellate them given half a chance.

I respectfully request that my readers exercise patience as I have an exclusive at the end of this article.

The weekend’s narrative was dominated by Rangers Lite for all the wrong reasons. Big Fat Derek Johnstone, who recently celebrated his silver anniversary of being out of the loop, picked up his pom-poms and squeezed into his panty girdle to cheer lead the rogue board’s decision to sack their senior management team by e-mail. Johnstone, who has the gravitas of a blue helium balloon, was not fooling anyone as he engaged in the Can-Can up Edmiston Drive. I suggest that Hugh Keevins does the decent thing by turning up BFDJ’s hearing aid to point out that Rangers Lite are not the Billy Big Baws that he formerly played for. He may have accepted having his contract terminated by carrier pigeon but the actions of the rogue board drove a coach and horses through employment legislation.

The decision to write to Warburton, Weir & McParland accepting their non-extant resignations by e-mail, was crass in the extreme. Sky News had been briefed prior to the e-mails being sent.

Now all three may be as useless as tits on a bull, but this does not excuse King, who showed all the class of someone who was dragged up in Castlemilk. He probably feels quite chuffed with himself as he and Robertson played Lockwood for a fool and duped his clients out of circa £2m. Did anyone expect anything less from the convicted criminal chairman of RIFC? This is a guy who solicits investment from orphanages while masquerading as an accountant, and then leaves the orphans on the street as he siphons off their investment prior to the equity going into free fall. King does not give a flying fuck for anyone except himself. He is so paranoid about his daughters losing money to unscrupulous suitors that he arranged for pre-nup templates to be drawn up.

The sacking of Warburton, Weir and McParland was the culmination of a successful strategy to extricate them from their responsibilities at Auchenhoiwie. Jim Traynor, who knows where the adulterous Glasgow hacks buy their condoms, has been using his tame journalist to brief against Warburton and McParland since the end of the January transfer window. King was appalled that there was not one inquiry about anyone in Warburton’s charge. Keith Jackson tried to salt the mine with a £6m Barrie McKay lie, but there were no takers.

Having summarily disposed of his senior coaching staff with prejudice, King then went on the offensive to be at the front and centre of the narrative with the following:

Hanging Warburton Out To Dry Statement

” I have issued a select number of statements to give supporters a reliable update on the progression that your Board committed to almost two years ago. Some of the content relates to a subject matter that the Club would normally only deal with at our AGM or results announcements. However, under the circumstances, I feel that inclusion is appropriate to ensure that supporters are properly informed and don’t have to rely on uninformed media speculation.

For the avoidance of doubt, I repeat the key elements:

1. We would invest sufficient resources to ensure immediate promotion to the SPFL.

2. In season two we would further invest to be competitive in the SPFL and qualify for Europe at the end of the season. Our realistic expectation was to come second. This was to be achieved by signing five or six players of a quality that improved the squad that won the Championship.

3. In season three we would again invest in five or six players that further improved the squad to compete for the title and progress in Europe.

4. I personally estimated that we would require an investment of £30 million over that period to achieve our stated objectives.

I now comment on each of these elements:

1. We hired, at short notice, a relatively untested management team that recruited a number of players and introduced a style of play that was pleasing to our supporters. Significant investment was made on and off the park and the Championship was ultimately won in some style. The season was an unqualified success and the management team was rewarded with a vastly improved contract.

2. This season we did not stick to our plan of signing five or six players because the manager appealed to the Board for additional signings. Despite the concern about departing from our plan of prudent phased investment, the Board backed the manager’s request for accelerated investment. This placed us significantly above the football resources available to our competitors (other than Celtic) and was expected to ensure that we finished a strong second in the league and had a squad that could be added to, close season, to make a strong impact in the Europa League qualifiers. While I still believe that we can finish a strong second, I am stating the obvious to admit that we are not where we anticipated we would be at this stage of the season and we have not repeated the success that we had with our signings from the previous season.

3. Following from the above it is clear that we are behind our target for next season but, given that we recognise this, it is the duty of the Board to take steps to get things back on track. That is what our supporters trust us to do and rightly demand that we do. We remain 100% committed to the plan we commenced with and that the supporters continue to endorse resoundingly.

4. £18 million of the originally estimated £30 million investment has already been made. Ultimately, the overall investment in any football team is driven by the net player spend and, given that we are behind target with our squad, there may be a further need to accelerate investment at the end of this season. It is my present personal view that we will, in all likelihood, invest more than £30 million before we are where we want to be but this will be revisited once we have a new permanent management team in place.

The vagaries of running a football club are not new to your Board. It is our job to react to and manage these as they arise during any season – and from season to season. Despite the relative disappointment of this season so far, the bigger project remains firmly on track and we will take whatever corrective measures are necessary. On this point, I want to deal with one issue that has recently received wide coverage in the media.

It is a vital obligation and fiduciary responsibility for any Board to continually monitor the progress of the company’s financial and operating performance against its budgets and plans. This is done at regular Board meetings where all aspects of the company’s business is reviewed and evaluated. What is stated and dealt with during those meetings is confidential and governed by a number of rules, regulations, laws and ethics. Put simply, what is said in Board meetings stays in Board meetings.

Ahead of the Board meeting at the end of January, I advised the manager that the Board wished to review our recruitment plan and performance over the previous two windows. This was a routine request and was timely given the concerns that everyone at the Club has with regard to the high level of wages we were paying relative to the performance on the pitch. In particular, a large portion of our wage bill was not even seeing regular playing time.

Under normal circumstances such a review would remain confidential. However, in this instance, your Board’s routine questioning of management was leaked to the media and conveyed as being a negative reflection of the Board’s attitude to the manager and the recruitment department. It was confirmed to me that the leak did not come from a Board member.

Irrespective of who leaked confidential information, it is clear from subsequent media comments that the manager did not respond well to the Board reviewing his recruitment activity. This is a strange position to adopt and, in my personal experience, is not a position that a more experienced manager would adopt. No manager in the world can reasonably expect to be beyond scrutiny.

Things moved quickly from that point. There were rumours that the management team (presumably their agent) was negotiating with English clubs and, in one instance, I was informally approached to ask if the Club would waive compensation if the management team was to leave. While this was unsubstantiated by direct confirmation from the Club in question, I was alert to a conversation that Mark Warburton had with me after joining the Club in which he advised me that his long-term ambition was to manage in the EPL and he viewed Rangers as a stepping-stone to achieve this. His comments to the media simultaneously reinforced his present unhappiness at the Club.

I was therefore not surprised when the management team’s agent approached the Club’s Managing Director Stewart Robertson to request a meeting which was held in Glasgow on Monday this week. The outcome of this meeting was that the agent subsequently offered that Mark, David and Frank would resign with immediate effect without compensation as long as the Club, in turn, agreed to waive compensation from any new Club that they signed for. After discussion the Board accepted this offer and employment was immediately terminated. In order for us to achieve our ambitions we need employees that, like your Board members, will always put Rangers first.

While we were dealing with the admin and press releases relating to the resignation the agent again contacted us and asked to defer the resignation until the management had secured a new club. I assume that the new deal had somehow collapsed at the last minute. The Board met to consider this request but resolved to hold them to the original agreement.

We are now in the process of reviewing the best interim and long-term solution for ensuring that a modern and robust footballing structure is put in place that will continue with and entrench the footballing philosophy that we have in place. We also must protect and support the marvellous work that has been achieved by the Academy over the last two years.”

The award-winning Phil Macgiollabhain, who provides the minutes of RIFC board meetings verbatim, and includes the body language of attendees, might well beg to differ in regard to the confidentiality of these conclaves. It’s also important to stress that the £18m that King refers to includes the purchase of equity from Laxey and other third parties. This quantum was not invested in the squad. Only six players have been purchased in three transfer windows for a grand total of £2.38m. To conceive that Rangers Lite could go toe-to-toe with Celtic by spending so little, complemented by Heath Robinson loans, is for the birds.

The bent entrepreneur is fooling no-one.

Where is his ‘going for 55’ chutzpah now? He and his rogue board have been exposed as the crass charlatans that we always knew them to be. If King found a fiver in the streets he could parlay this into 500 positive words from Traynor’s stable of performing hacks. Was it any wonder that Traynor contacted Charles Green to solicit an employment offer by stating that he had the power to make or break his regime? This is a direct quote to me from Charles. The hacks are in thrall of Traynor as he knows where their mistresses, and the lovers of the BBC ‘ladies’, are stashed. Traynor knows that a Jacky Bird in the hand is worth two of the Constant Gardener tending her bush.

With Dave King’s pants permanently alight, is he safe to enter the Blue Room? Are his innate arsonous proclivities the reason for his absence at Ibrox? Are the insurance premiums too rich for the rogue board’s blood, precluding any possibility of an insurance fraud? If Ibrox was a local Indian takeaway it would have been torched a long time ago.

I can exclusively reveal that Mike Ashley was about to give Sandy Easdale and Derek Llambias up to £50 million to restore the fortunes of Rangers Lite. This quantum was just seed capital. The total spend could have quickly escalated to north of £100m

Ashley trusted them and was convinced that they would spend his money prudently and deliver the desired result of taking his brands into Europe. Champions League nights would have provided the perfect platform for Ashley’s retail putsch against Adidas. Would it surprise anyone if he planned an audacious takeover of the German sportswear juggernaut to create a company that could go head to head with Nike?

Ashley is a Chelsea fan and loved the link with RFC and the part he could play in the future European games. Derrick wanted to build a team for Europe, not the piss ant SPFL, and with his contacts in football at top clubs it could have happened.


However Halloween Houston and his baying mob, and the brain-dead compliant media, got what they agitated for. Ashley and the Easdales were ‘rhats’ who had to be exterminated. Bomber Brown was not happy that he was not getting a free skin full and nose bag on match days. £100m was lost so that Brown could play billy big baws in the directors box. You could not make it up.

I don’t put much store by the scribblings of former players, but it would seem that Davie Provan has the same source as I have. However he was not entrusted with the precise details as at the end of the day he was always heavy of perm and light of substance.

Rangers Lite will always be in Celtic’s shadow with career criminal Dave King as their godfather.Ashley could have given Desmond a run for his money and then some.

The vipers’ nest at Ibrox is now so toxic that the rats wear boiler suits.

Resignation Reminiscences with Mark Warburton.


As I settled down to a fish tea at my digs, my iPhone started flashing like an evening at The Polo Lounge. Sky Sports were announcing that I had resigned, which was news to me.

What part of walking the plank could be misconstrued as a resignation?

My thoughts turned immediately to a visit to the Battersea Dogs’ Home and the adage that if you lie down with dogs you get fleas. I should have taken the hint when they replaced my ergonomically designed leather desk chair with milk crates, but I put it down to an austerity measure.

When my long-suffering wife, Wilhelmina, called to ask me how I felt, the best I could muster was of a flock of migrating birds, heading due south for the Limpopo, taking a synchronized dump on my head. Before hanging up to warm up for her yoga class with Chico, she retorted:

“Don’t forget you were a big swinging dick in the City.”

How could she be so cruel? I received 60 days of community service for exposing myself in the square mile. I hit back where it hurt with a rapier thrust straight to her pelvic floor:

‘Tell Chico I’m going to build a wall in the conservatory, and that he’s going to pay for it!’

She hung up with prejudice, leaving me to reflect on a die-hard day at the office. How did it all go so wrong? One day it was wine, roses, magic hats and wholemeal bread. The next I was up to my knees in glibness.

Fuck me, I’ve been glibbed!

To compound matters the jolly craicsters in the kitchen, when not singing  ‘glib all over’ had bastardized what I lovingly referred to as The Warburton ode to joy:

Oh Mark Warburton is tragic

His career is made of tat

He could have managed in England

But Forest said ‘fuck that’

His boss is Sir Davie,

He wears a rictus grin

The glib and shameless liar

Has kicked his head right in.

His job is in the toilet

He does not own a brush

It’s getting very messy

As he’s been given the bum’s rush

When I reviewed the short but eventful life of Rangers Lite, my thoughts turned to Jim White interviewing Charles Green’s knee and being shown misappropriated wine in Johannesburg in an episode of ‘Pimp Your Vineyard.‘ Who could forget The Gazebo and Dave King being lured to Shirebrook on a wild goose chase, before being served with writs. All that was missing were NOMADS and a listing on any exchange. It was a fucking omnishambles.

However every cloud has a silver lining. As I have not signed a Non Disclosure Agreement I can lift the lid on how bad things are behind the scenes. I did not have an unremarkable career in the city without occasionally reverting to the dark arts.

Taking Candy From A Baby

In yesterday’s article I revealed exclusively that Warburton was on his way out of Ibrox. I was informed that he was going to Notts. I assumed County, not Forest, as Warburton’s abject failure in the transfer market did not warrant an improved role. John Gilligan leaked the news in the Louden Tavern.

However in the omnishambles that is Rangers Lite, things are rarely what the spin doctors at Level 5 would have us believe. The rogue board wanted Warburton,Weir and McParland gone after the comprehensive defeat by Hearts. However the cost of sacking Warburton was circa £1.2m, which was not within their gift. A meeting was arranged with Warburton’s representative, Dave Lockwood, on Monday of this week.

As I stated in my previous article, Warburton was not minded to resign as he would lose his seven figure severance package. Lockwood would not have the authority to tender Warburton’s resignation on his behalf. These are the ‘known knowns.’

A cynic might posit that one way of engineering a resignation would be to discuss the interest of Nottingham Forest and suggest that the board would be prepared to waive compensation. As Warburton did not have a concrete offer there was no possibility that he would resign. Lockwood was merely testing the water so that he could apprise Forest that there was no financial impediment to his client joining them.

At this point, the rogue board gets cute. They interpret the request from Lockwood as tantamount to resignation.The £1.2m bullet for sacking Warburton could be dodged. Forest then decide to appoint their interim team until the end of the season. Lockwood then sits down with the rogue board to inquire whether they will waive compensation when another club comes calling. At this point the rogue board assert that there’s nothing to discuss as the board had unanimously accepted Warburton’s resignation.

Warburton is spitting blood and feathers as he has been duped out of £1.2m and has yet to receive any of his £500,000 bonus for achieving promotion  last season.

The next step is an employment tribunal. I would be inordinately surprised if they did not find for Warburton. Warburton is not a Real Rangers Man. He was not prepared to fall on his sword, so the rogue board just stabbed him in the back.

Did Davie Weir, a loyal servant to the old club, deserve to be thrown out with the bath water? Billy Davies has been sounded out on more than one occasion to take the reins at Rangers Lite. If my source continues to surprise me with his accuracy, one would anticipate that Davies will be presented to the press on Monday.

Louden Calling

Speculation continues as to whether Warburton will emulate Captain Francesco Schettino and voluntarily abandon ship?  The board know that he has to go as no-one is prepared to listen to his quantum theory excuses for being royally rogered by the Jam Tarts. As he opines on Chaos Theory and The Randomness of the Universe most supporters hope he will slip down a black hole and come back in a different time continuum.

Image result for photo of costa concordia

However word reaches me from two reputable sources that he is not prepared to take a powder. He is digging in for some trench warfare to receive what he’s due. Until such time as the rogue board give him seven figures and a first class single to Rickmansworth he is going to stick around and stink up Ibrox like a skunk on heat.

However, John Gilligan popped into the bastion of bigotry, The Louden Tavern, last night and was telling anyone who would listen that El Warbiola has found a new club and that MacBung is a ‘wrong un.‘ Well colour me surprised that a guy who rocks up to service stations in the middle of the night with envelopes stuffed with cash is not beyond repute. I find the idea of Notts County, who are twenty-second in English Football League Two, as an unlikely destination, but Billy Davies as his temporary depute is much more credible. Maybe when word gets out that he’s available a more suitable destination with a better ‘quantum‘ will emerge. I should caution that my source has been spectacularly wrong in the past.

I withdrew my previous article on BDO’s gratuitous alienation action as the serious implications may have been lost in the levity. The Blue Massif with their grease proof bread wrapping jilbabs should be somewhat concerned. Should BDO’s petition be upheld, Ibrox and Auchenhowie could be put under the hammer and auctioned off to the highest bidder.

If you fancy a Sandy Jardine Semi, a Broomloan Bijou,  a Copland Condo or a Bill Struth Crash Pad, then Bob the Builder might be your uncle. 

Was an adequate consideration paid by Mr. Green? His second generation chum asserted that Rangers was worth £50m on a bad Paul Murray hair day, so picking up the assets for a fraction of their true worth will soon be exercising the best Queens Silks that money can buy at The Court Of Session. Raising £22m in the city on the strength of these assets should bolster BDO’s case.

The Insolvency Act of 1986 is instructive. Section 242, Gratuitous Alienations (Scotland) is of particular interest. BDO’s petition for gratuitous alienation may boil down to:

” On a challenge being brought under subsection (1), the court shall grant decree of reduction or for such restoration of property to the company’s assets or other redress as may be appropriate; but the court shall not grant such a decree if the person seeking to uphold the alienation establishes—

(a) that immediately, or at any other time, after the alienation the company’s assets were greater than its liabilities, or

(b) that the alienation was made for adequate consideration.”

Since the exemptions in clauses (a) and (b) do not apply, things are about to get interesting at the Court of Session. We may not have to wait until The Ides of March for the rapier cut and thrust of legal argument. The roofs at Ibrox may not yet have fallen in but who would have considered them being taken away?