The SFA – The De Facto clearing house for malfeasance at Ibrox.

Stewart Regan’s compromised SFA is implacably opposed to a review. Regan knows that the SFA was the de facto clearing house for all manner of malfeasance at Ibrox. No-one has any doubt that a revolving door existed between The Blue Room and the Sixth Floor of Hampden/ Park Gardens. This has resulted in the SFA bending to the will of one club and its bastard child.

The consensus for a review is building. If Regan continues to be the immovable object he will be subject to a vote of no confidence. This grovelling  Rangers lickspittle should play no part in the governance of any sport. Cheating on an industrial scale from 1999 – 2011 went unchecked not because the SFA were asleep at the wheel. It went unchecked because the key executives who engaged in these nefarious activities were subsequently or simultaneously employed in positions of influence at the SFA.


Regan talks about ‘Bolstering The Duty Of Good Faith’ but no-one believes that should Rangers Lite crash and burn its creditors, in the grand tradition of Ibrox, any vestige of good faith will not be sacrificed at the altar of commercial expediency.

Gordon Smith, Campbell Ogilvie and Andrew Dickson engaged in cheating, but as they reported to themselves at the SFA, they got away with it. The situation is analagous to Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs being the foreman of the jury at his own trial.

The stench of corruption and collusion is overwhelming. Rod Petrie, who wants The Augean Stables to continue to stink like a landfill site, is in the crosshairs of the Hibs support. Petrie may have the unanimous support of his board but those who ultimately pay his wages – 13,000 season tickets holders – will inexorably remove his SFA fug from Easter Road.

As one would expect, Slim Shady Traynor is galvanising support to isolate Doncaster, but if a show of hands voted for a review then Traynor is farting in a typhoon. No change there then.

No-one has to colour me surprised that the recidivist Rangers Lite support are trying desperately to hold on to their ill-gotten gains. Their delusions of supremacy are predicated on the bent titles.

They were up to their old tricks at The Energy Check stadium in Partick, singing their anthems of hatred; proposing ethnic cleansing through the medium of song as Police Scotland used their truncheons as batons to conduct their male voice choir.

They will never change. Their generational bigotry is hard-wired. Even when their team is off the pace, they don’t care. The football is just an excuse to vent their sectarian spleen.

Celtic are now five points clear of Rangers Lite. Should they prevail at Ibrox next Saturday the gap will be eight points. In the interim Lite return to Partick on Tuesday on League Cup duty. Thistle will fancy their chances. Should Primark Pedro lose both games in a six day period he will be punted. There were those who wanted his head after the humiliating 1-5 reverse at Ibrox last season, as Celtic braved the lighters, coins, pitch incursion and monkey chants to land a humiliating blow.

Celtic, with a 4-0 home win against Ross County, extended their run to 55 without defeat in domestic football. Their juggernaut looks unstoppable.

One can but hope that Peter Lawwell, backed by Dermot Desmond is also unstoppable. Celtic have accused the SFA of “a failure in transparency, accountability and leadership”.

That’s as damning as a PLC can be.

The SFA are guilty in the court of public opinion. Proving their guilt at The Court Of Session is the next logical step. I don’t just want Regan’s head. The sandcastle virtues of Bryson and Dickson must also be swept away.





The Propaganda Model

Avid readers who have followed my two years of discovery will recall an article predicated on the narratives of Naom Chomsky who is unequivocally one of the greatest philosophers of our time (jj passim: Manufacturing Consent.) His seminal books with co-author Edward S. Herman have been a tour de force in critical thought leadership. The Propaganda Model is one of the highlights of their meeting of minds.

The propaganda model for the manufacture of public consent describes four editorially distorting filters, which are applied to the reporting of news in mass communications media. The original model had a fifth filter, namely Anti-Communism. This was included as a filter in the 1988 edition of their book but Chomsky argues that this has now been replaced by The War On Terror.

1. Size, Ownership, and Profit Orientation: The dominant mass-media outlets are large companies operated for profit, and therefore they must cater to the financial interests of the owners, who are usually corporations and controlling investors. The size of a media company is a consequence of the investment capital required for the mass-communications technology required to reach a mass audience of viewers, listeners, and readers.

2. The Advertising License to Do Business: Since the majority of the revenue of major media outlets derives from advertising (not from sales or subscriptions), advertisers have acquired a “de facto licensing authority”. Media outlets are not commercially viable without the support of advertisers. News media must therefore cater to the political prejudices and economic desires of their advertisers. This has weakened the working class press, for example, and also helps explain the attrition in the number of newspapers.

3. Sourcing Mass Media News: Herman and Chomsky argue that “the large bureaucracies of the powerful subsidize the mass media, and gain special access [to the news], by their contribution to reducing the media’s costs of acquiring and producing, news. The large entities that provide this subsidy become ‘routine’ news sources and have privileged access to the gates. Non-routine sources must struggle for access, and may be ignored by the arbitrary decision of the gatekeepers.”

4. Flak and the Enforcers: “Flak” refers to negative responses to a media statement or programme (e.g. letters, , lawsuits, or legislative actions). Flak can be expensive to the media, either due to a loss of advertising revenue, or due to the costs of legal defense or defense of the outlet’s public image. Flak can be organized by powerful, private influence groups (e.g. think tanks). The prospect of eliciting flak can be a deterrent to the reporting of certain kinds of facts or opinions.

Editorial distortion is aggravated by the news media’s dependence upon private and governmental news sources. If a given newspaper, television station, magazine, etc., incurs disfavour from the sources, it is subtly excluded from access to information. Consequently, it loses readers or viewers, and ultimately, advertisers. To minimize such financial danger, news media businesses editorially distort their reporting to favour government and corporate policies in order to stay in business.”

One only has to look at The National in Scotland for an example of following the SNP party line. Those who did not follow the party line, notably The Daily Record, are suffering the consequences with sales and advertising revenue falling off a cliff.

I believe I can make a cogent case for a fifth filter:

5. The Liquidation Lie:  The Rangers Football Club Ltd must be portrayed at all times as being a continuation of a club formed in 1872. Only The Operating Company/ Holding Company, which is referred to as Oldco, is being liquidated if one adheres to the lie.

Of course the prosaic facts of the matter are that Rangers (1L), which was incorporated in 1899 and later renamed Rangers plc, was subsequently given its ultimate title of Rangers 2012 Ltd and was placed into liquidation by Lord Hodge on October 31st, 2012. Its holding company, Wavetower, is not currently subject to liquidation proceedings.

My fifth filter is prevalent at BBC Scotland. The Liquidation Lie is strong in this one. A pundit on the BBC’s coverage of yesterday evening’s Partick Thistle v Rangers Lite game opined that if Lite scored eight without reply they would go top of the table. That’s the kind of logic that Big Fat Derek Johnstone would be proud of. But then accountancy was never BFDJ’s forte. He sired six children but could only account for four. How remiss of him. In the final analysis Primark Pedro’s charges scraped a draw courtesy of Thistle being reduced to ten men.

One of the most vocal advocates of The Liquidation Lie is the Auchenhowie Squatter, Jim ‘Slim Shady‘ Traynor. Slim in the manner one might describe a squat 300 pound Bear as ‘Tiny.’ Shady should be taken literally.

Traynor’s argument for liquidation, and against it, is predicated on his paymaster. If Trinity Mirror it was RIP Rangers. When on the payroll of Charles Green it was Rangers Then, Rangers Now, Rangers Forever. If you paid him enough this dyed in the wool hard-line Janus-faced Hun would support Celtic.

At a press conference where Supergrass Lee Wallace was at the lectern, one impudent journalist had the temerity to frame a question around liquidation. Traynor intervened to espouse the lie that Rangers have never been liquidated. He did not add the caveat ‘Not Yet.’

In an interview of Ally McCoist, Traynor disingenuously claimed that he had consulted solicitors and accountants to form his Damascene belief in continuation. One can but conclude that the assertions of judges in the highest courts in Scotland – that Rangers had no legal personality and were an ephemeral concept in the minds of supporters – passed him by. Was he in a diabetic coma at the time?

Chomsky is regarded as one of the pre-eminent voices in Cognitive Science. The Cognitive Dissonance  of Traynor is on a different level. Is there a Cognitive Dissonance Anonymous group in the Glasgow area?


Peter Lawwell – The Man With The Golden Gun

I have been one of Mr. Lawwell’s fiercest critics. Mr. Lawwell is the Chief Executive of the one pre-eminent football club in Scottish football. The other, Rangers, went bust under a cloud of debt and tax evasion. For many this was karmic justice. For others a £250,000 fine, for subverting Scottish football with the modern-day equivalent of cash-stuffed envelopes, did not go nearly far enough.

The Resolution 12 Requisitioners had to go abroad to have their advert published. They cleverly chose  a Swiss daily that would have caught the eye of the denizens of Nyon. The Scottish titles, who suck the teat of the Blue Pound like an overgrown velcro-lipped infant, would not touch their advert. Sales teams, unsurprisingly, were amenable to the commission it would earn, but the editors were rightfully wary of a Klan backlash. The Daily Record is currently in The Klan crosshairs and is haemorrhaging sales.

I accused Peter Lawwell and his board of kicking Resolution 12 into the long grass. This was an injudicious comment on my part as I now know that Mr. Lawwell asserted that if the Requisitioners had a silver bullet, he would fire it.  It will be interesting to see what The Compliance Officer makes of the recent referral by the SFA. The  Resoution 12 team should pat themselves on the back for their tenacity, but the silver bullet was forged by the testimony of two former Rangers principals at the trial of Craig Whyte. I cried from the rooftops that DCI Robertson and his band of Keystone Cops were pursuing the wrong man. Sir Bribe & Lie, David Murray, plundered Rangers and HMRC (all taxpayers) for all he could get his grubby mits on. Of course it does not play well to go after a Knight of The Realm when you ultimately report to  members of The Speculative Society. A Society that has vested interests in the redevelopment of Gogarburn.

Selling houses has also corrupted the views of Stewart Milne, the SFA lickspittle of Aberdeen. In my opening paragraph I asserted that Celtic were Scotland’s only super club. However there was a time when Aberdeen were the top dogs. Who could ever forget their 2-1 victory over Real Madrid in 1983 to lift The European Cup Winners Cup. Given that many of the Rangers titles are bent and should not have been conferred to Sevco Scotland, the moral high ground should be in the purview of Aberdeen. The last Scottish club to have won a major European trophy is being undermined by the pecuniary imperatives of their Chairman. I’m hearing talk of boycotts at Scotland’s second best club. One can but hope that these whispers become a cri de cœur.

There was a time when Dundee United made all right-thinking Scotsmen proud as they played with verve on the European stage, winning hearts and minds. Recidivist thinking knuckle draggers would always condemn them for their former name, Dundee Hibernian.

Hearts are complicit with their silence. Hibs’ SFA lickspittle chairman has issued a career-limiting statement. The Hibs fans are spitting blood and may be the first to instigate boycotts.

In many ways Peter Lawwell was a swan, gliding his way through the troubles of Scottish football to build a nest that the ugly ducklings could only dream of. The swan analogy is apposite as we now find, in recently released correspondence, that Lawwell was not taking the Rangers malfeasance lying down. There was a lot going on under the surface. He was ruffling feathers in Mount Florida.

Stewart Regan in his Orange Ordure pomp. No blood was spilled in the taking of this photograph.

Stewart Regan was quick to jump on the bandwagon of Celtic’s CL Group Stage qualification at the draw in Monte Carlo, swanning around like Billy Big Baws with a champagne flute in one hand and a Cohiba in the other. Regan was basking in the reflected glory of Celtic despite doing the square root of fuck all in Celtic’s interests. It was an ideal opportunity to wax lyrical about Transparency to his fellow CL travellers, kissing the right arses in his naked bid to ascend UEFA’s greasy pole. However in his desk in Scotland he has a golden gun and numerous silver bullets and he will do everything in his power to stop Lawwell getting his hands on them.

Scottish football will never be clean until the suppurating sores that are Regan, Doncaster, Dickson, Bryson and ménage à trois Ballantyne are excised from our game. Peter Lawell may need more than a Golden Gun. He may require a silver scalpel to extricate the pus.

I unreservedly apologise to Peter Lawwell for my criticism. You are the last bastion of decency in Scottish football. I have your back.


Ferguson, Bryson & Dickson – The Gallant Pioneers of Tax Evasion.

Prior to the main explosive thrust of this article, I will pause to acknowledge that another one million hits milestone has been achieved and to add a postscript to the Celtic V PSG game.

Fifteen million hits in a period of five days shy of two years is no mean feat. This site goes where other so-called journalists fear to tread. There has been police intervention on my exclusive coverage of what became a Craig Whyte witch hunt. There has also been police intervention warning those close to me of three credible assassination plots.


When I started this blog I did not anticipate having to live in exile. Nor did I anticipate winning the Fans’ choice of  Best New Football Blog 2016. There are times when I wonder if it’s worth the sacrifices. There are times when those who make it possible, my much valued contributors, withdraw their support. It has been a struggle to keep belly from backbone and it isn’t getting any easier as I fast approach my third year of blogging.

I would also like to add a couple of lines on the Celtic v PSG game. Celtic had no answer to Cavani, Neymar and Mbappe, just as they would have no answer to Ronaldo, Benzema and Bale. Or Lionel Messi. The finest players in the world don’t ply their trade in Scotland. There have been a couple of exceptions. Henrik Larssen comes to mind at Celtic, as do the EBT All-Stars at Ibrox. Which seamlessly leads to the focus of this article.

There are those that are disheartened that my investigative work, and that of others, is not yielding tangible results. However they should be encouraged by the traction of the RTC blogger, whose Twitter site is the only one I actively follow. Today’s insights are from Barcabhoy who shines a light on the murky mendacity of RRM Sandy Bryson. Barcabhoy has elicited these details from the FTT, which the RTC blogger is revealing in stages.

The @ScottishFA were visited by HMRC regarding Rangers on June 3rd 2009

Yet they didn’t even raise a red flag.”


The odious tax-cheat Barry Ferguson, who declared himself bankrupt to continue to evade tax, received the quantum of £2,633,000 in Rangers’ unique take on stuffed brown envelopes, while only declaring £450,000 per annum.

HMRC visited Sandy Bryson’s department to establish what Dickson had provided to the SFA apropos Ferguson’s emoluments. How remiss of Dickson not to mention Barry’s £2.633m on the side.


Given that Sandy Bryson was aware of, let’s call it euphemistically a contract anomaly of almost six times Ferguson’s declared salary, and the breach of SFA Article 12.3, what did Bryson do to raise awareness of this anomaly? Did he pass it upstairs to fellow RRM Gordon Smith?  Did Smith suggest partial amnesia over a slap-up dinner at Hotel Du Vin?

One now has incontrovertible proof that Sandy Bryson has been lying through his back teeth to cover Ferguson’s EBT. Will Bryson fall on his sword?

Of course not. Dutch Uncle Stewart Regan will not cooperate with any investigation that exposes the LNS findings as a fraud and the procedures of the SFA as either inordinately negligent, or in this matter blatantly corrupt.

I have spent two years chipping away at lies. A kernel of truth is emerging at Mount Florida. A truth that should set Bryson free of any responsibility in football governance. If one lies down with dogs like Dickson, one will inexorably get fleas.





Learnings Difficulty At SFA

One of the most surprising takeaways from the Celtic v PSG game was an overriding sense of schadenfreude in the SMSM. There were those who compared the gap between PSG and Celtic as analagous to the gap between Celtic and their Scottish rivals. There was a palpable sense of ‘how do Celtic like it when the shoe is on the other foot.’

My personal takeaway is that the gap between Celtic and other clubs is not big enough. Prior to the game I abandoned the preview I was writing. I just could not envisage any scenario where Celtic could prevail or emerge with a point. Cavani, Neymar and Mbappe are probably the three most deadly strikers Celtic will face all season. Rabiot at times was unplayable as was his replacement after an hour (62 minutes) in Draxler. Rodgers asserted that his team played like their under-12s and although they did not turn up PSG looked as if they had another gear.

The games between PSG and Bayern Munich will be instructive. Even at this early stage Celtic appear to be in a dogfight with Anderlecht for a Europa Cup berth.

Would Celtic benefit from a strong Rangers Lite as many have suggested? When Celtic won the European Cup in 1967, Lite’s predecessor Rangers were a force to be reckoned with. However Rangers cheated, went bust and its fire sale assets don’t look like challenging Celtic in the short term.

Lite need an injection of capital immediately, with estimates ranging from £3m-£4m, to avoid trading whilst insolvent. ‘Emphasis of matter‘ has become ubiquitous in their audited accounts. King and his cronies have replaced an unfavourable retail deal with no retail deal whatsoever. Sports Direct and Puma are distancing themselves from the career criminal whose day of reckoning is fast approaching. King has stepped down from the board of his criminal corporate enterprise in South Africa to mitigate its exposure to The Cold Shoulder. However he has left Rangers Lite out in the cold. Should he continue as Chairman they will almost certainly go under. How long can the Parks throw good money after bad? If reports that Graeme Park will venture no more than £1m to the current deficit are accurate, then the wheels will come off the Lite charabang.

It’s more likely that Lite will go bust this season than for Celtic to progress to the last 16 of the Champions League.

The stitch-up to create a competitive rival to Celtic is unravelling. Celtic have bigger fish to fry than Bayern, PSG and Anderlecht. They were cheated out of their rightful CL place in 2011 by two of the most corrupt individuals Scottish football has ever seen, namely Campbell Ogilvie and Andrew Dickson. Ogilvie and Dickson were abetted by Petrie, Regan and others including dyed-in-the wool RRM ménage à trois Ballantyne. Ogilvie and Dickson perpetrated a fraud on every tax payer and Scottish football as a whole. Quite incredibly Dickson continues to cast his malevolent spell at Mount Florida.

The Rangers-facing SFA are corrupt from top to bottom. They are refusing to cooperate with an independent inquiry as they are all to a man severely compromised. How they could confer any titles, including the bent 17, to Rangers Lite is unconscionable.

The response by lickspittles Petrie and Milne was coordinated by the SFA. Regan is telling anyone who will listen, with our broadcasters bending to his will, that it’s time to move on. Petrie is asserting that one cannot please all of the supporters all of the time. However he is only appeasing the supporters of Rangers Lite who cling to the LNS findings as much as they cling to their WATP delusion of supremacy.

Lawwell in his letter of 7th September to the SFA points out that so much more information has recently come to light and given that the SFA are prepared to look at the decision which allowed Rangers to participate in UEFA tournaments in 2011/2012, surely they should also consider tax evasion and unfair competitive advantage.

Does anyone doubt that the SFA will conclude that Rangers were imperfectly registered but eligible? Referring this matter to the Compliance Officer is a squirrel. Regan and his bent cabal have been rehearsing their objection handling for six years. They will conclude that there a number of ‘learnings’ that they will use to the benefit of the game.

They will then state that the SFA have acted with integrity at all times with the regularity of Huns chanting We Are The People.

The abuse of  EBTs has never been considered by the SFA. Despite lies to the contrary, no evidence on EBTs was led to the LNS Commission. The SFA refused to release documents that could have resulted in an informed debate on unfair competitive advantage.

The SFA chose not to cooperate with LNS. Their decision not to instigate or cooperate in any review is a shocking abnegation of the principles that one would expect from those charged with football’s governance.

Lawwell uses strong words such as ‘disturbing’ and ‘distrust.’ He should go further and state that the SFA are institutionally corrupt.

The SFA are not fit for purpose. I would transfer the running of the Scottish Cup and the International Team to the SPFL. We don’t require two governing bodies to oversee 42 professional football clubs.

The SFA, like the bent titles, should be stripped.


Crouching Lawwell – Genuflecting Petrie

The SFA Board of Directors 2011

Chairman: George Peat ; Vice Chairman: Campbell Ogilvie; CEO Stewart Regan; Members: Alan McRae, Rod Petrie, Ralph Topping, Richard Shaw, Jim Ballantyne, John Gold, Tom Johnston and Sandy Stables.

 The SFA Licensing Committee 2011

Chairman: Rod Petrie;Vice Chairman: Ewen Cameron; Members: Michael Johnston, Alan McIntosh, Andrew Dickson, Andrew Waddell and Lachlan Cameron

Rod Petrie was the chairman of the SFA Licensing Committee which arrived at the conclusion that Rangers’ application for a UEFA licence was bona fide. The literal translation of the Latin expression is ‘good faith.’

As has become evident there was nothing good or faithful about Andrew Dickson’s controversial role in this committee. A committee that had to backtrack on its decision that Rangers were compliant.

Stewart Regan in his capacity as CEO approved the decision to grant Rangers a UEFA licence.

There was no ‘registrations committee’ per se. Sandy Bryson reported to the following committee:

The SFA Professional Football Committee 2011

Chairman: George Peat; Vice Chairman: Campbell Ogilvie; Members: Alan McRae, Rod Petrie, Ralph Topping, Richard Shaw, Jim Ballantyne, John Gold, Tom Johnston and Sandy Stables.

Note how the corrupt Campbell Ogilvie (EBT £95,000) and Andrew Dickson (EBT £33,000) are both represented on the PFC. George Peat was on his way out. His successor was Campbell Ogilvie.

If one fast forwards a few months one finds that Ogilvie with his £95,000 of disguised remuneration is both President of the SFA and Chairman of the PFC.

The Licensing Committee reports to both the PFC and the SFA Board of Directors. Andrew Dickson reported to his chairman Rod Petrie in his capacity as Chairman of the Licensing Committee, member of the board and a member of the PFC. Petrie, who is now the Vice President of the SFA, has just published the following statement in his capacity as Chairman of Hibs:

Hibernian supporters have contacted the Club directly, and via their two elected Non-Executive Directors, to enquire as to the Club’s position regarding Rangers, HMRC and the use of EBTs.

The Board has discussed the matter at successive Board meetings, and has come to a unanimous view. The Club had intended to make this known earlier, but a variety of factors, not least the need to focus on and conclude Hibernian business during the transfer window, delayed this.

Your Board fully understands the concerns of supporters regarding this issue, on all sides of the argument.

During the past six years, the matter has been interrogated by the highest courts in the land, by the SFA, and by the SPFL. In recent weeks, both the SPFL and SFA have taken extensive legal advice which does not support or encourage taking further action.

The lengthy and detailed explanation of the SPFL legal advice (July 26th 2017) makes clear that this matter has now been thoroughly examined by some of Scotland’s keenest legal minds, and their opinion is that – given the rules which applied at that time – no additional sanctions could be retrospectively applied. Similar legal views have been obtained by the SFA. Both organisations have looked at the issue and at potential sanctions, and have received strong and clear legal advice.

The SPFL – whilst accepting that no additional sanctions can be retrospectively applied – wants an independent review into how the issue was handled. The SFA has referred a specific aspect to its compliance officer. For all of these reasons, we also do not support the letter from the SPFL calling for a further independent review.

Your Board believes our game faces a choice. We either continue to spend significant sums of money and huge reserves of time and energy to challenge already lengthy and detailed legal advice. Or, we can focus on doing all we can to invest in the future of our Club and the wider game to improve our sport, and ensure there can be no repeat of the issues raised

We prefer the latter option – working to ensure that in the future our game is fairer and more open, and has the potential to secure greater commercial income to fund further improvement for the longer term.

Scottish football is finally emerging from a period of significant turbulence, which has damaged the sport, into a much more exciting future. While we know this is a divisive issue that will never be resolved to the satisfaction of all supporters, we cannot allow it to divert us from the future or to keep us mired in the past.

It is the view of your Board that we should focus 100% on a brighter future for Hibernian, and for the game. All of our energy will be used trying to bring future success to our own club, and to working together to create a future that all of our supporters can be proud of, on and off the pitch.”

That’s my proctologist over there Rod. His colonoscopy led to no concerns You can stick your nose in my anus with complete confidence. If we stick together there will be no blowbacks.

The highest court in the land, The Supreme Court, has ruled that Rangers use of EBT was an exercise in disguising remuneration to evade tax. The highest court in the land has decreed that Rangers did not pay their social taxes as they fell due.

The highest court in the land has decreed that all Rangers’ applications to UEFA for a licence in the period of 1999- 2011 should have been vetoed as they were not paying their social taxes.

Which inexorably leads to the fact that Petrie as Chairman of the Licensing Committee is responsible for the 2011 Licence fiasco.

With the two principal architects of the EBT fraud in positions of influence, what could possibly go wrong?  Not to mention the insidious influence of ménage à trois Ballantyne on the board. MAT Ballantyne conferred all the titles won by Rangers to Sevco Scotland. He’s a real stand-up guy.

These Rangers facing individuals are all severely compromised. Is it any wonder Regan does not want a truly independent review? Regan shoe-horned himself onto the LNS Commission and duly subverted its findings.

Regan refused to release the registration documents of the EBT All Stars, to Rod McKenzie, as it was evident that Rangers were declaring peppercorn salaries for some of the finest players in European football. Successive audits turned a blind eye to this anomaly.

Then there’s Petrie’s ‘clandestine’ meetings with Charles Green to apprise him of Regan/Doncaster’s attempts to force the SPL and the SFL to accommodate Sevco.

When one reverts to Petrie’s statement, ‘the potential to secure greater commercial income’ is shorthand for his worship at the altar of The Blue Pound. He has been genuflecting to the Blue Room since 2011. Was he invited to sup from The Loving Cup?





The Pantheon Of The Corrupt

Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, features a feud between the Montague and Capulet families; a feud that ultimately led to the star-crossed lovers’ demise. It spawned the phrase ‘A Plague on Both of Your Houses‘ which continues to resonate to this day.

There is no feud between the houses of Ibrox and Hampden. The SFA and Rangers have been hand-in-glove for generations. However there is a plague which answers to the name of Andrew Dickson. In the pantheon of the corrupt Dickson wears the laurel-wreath.


In Dickson’s sworn testimony to the FTT he admits drafting the contentious EBT side letters. Side letters that he had previously claimed did not exist. Side letters that were approved by Sir Bribe & Lie in his capacity as the £500,000 per annum (paid via an employment benefit trust) EBT consigliere.

Dickson’s remit included the offer of tax-free remunerations as inducements to join Rangers. Rangers, via systemic tax evasion, were able to sign players that they could not have otherwise afforded.

The preceding words in italics text are not mine. Their author, in sworn testimony at the Craig Whyte Trial, is none other than Sir Bribe & Lie.

David Murray paid Lawrence Marlborough a $1m cash bribe to secure his equity in Rangers. Murray was corrupt from the get-go. Murray attempted to put Celtic out of business by convincing his cronies at The Bank of Scotland to foreclose on CFC’s overdraft. Murray some time later put Airdrie out of business.

Neil Doncaster expounded, to the CSA, that Murray would probably no longer be welcome in Scottish football. He should be banned sine die. However despite Andrew Dickson’s many years of corporate malfeasance, Doncaster and his new SPFL board voted him on to the SFA Congress.

One of the most corrupt men in Scottish football, the successor to arch criminal Campbell Ogilvie, has been given a leg-up on the greasy pole.

Dickson under the tutelage of Ogilvie successfully concealed the true quantum of the contracts that had been signed by the players. His actions, which were almost certainly of a criminal bent, defrauded HMRC and every other Scottish professional football club. Dickson subverted the registration procedures to conceal his malfeasance.

How on God’s green earth can this poacher, with a track record of tax evasion and corporate fraud, be accorded the position of  SFA gamekeeper? This SPFL decision is one of slack-jawed stupidity.

Dickson has been given the keys to the SFA Council. You could not make it up!

Dickson is on record as stating that he misled players to secure their signing.

‘Don’t worry about the £1.4m cash bung Mr Mols. Consider it petrol money.’

Dickson’s sworn testimony to the  FTT included this nugget:

The Trust was explained to the player at the time and the Trust — sorry, the player understood the situation regarding the Trust, in terms of we could not give the many guarantees about them being paid the money.”

How disingenuous. The side letters that Dickson drafted gave guarantees that a tax-free cash bung would be paid as part of the player’s remuneration package. Dickson signed up 55 players on this basis. The cheating from 1999 -2011 secured seventeen titles. Seventeen titles that were won by tax cheats who were not eligible to participate in Scottish professional football. Title-stripping does not go far enough. Dickson should be indicted on fraud charges.

Dickson, who continues in the employ of the house of Usher, a.k.a Ibrox, was on the SFA Licensing committee that on April 19, 2011 granted a UEFA licence to Rangers the day after he gave his testimony to the FTT that he knew nothing. Dickson was fully aware of the overdue payable of £2.8m which had crystallised in March. One can safely conclude that one or both of two scenarios were extant at that time:

1. Dickson, in the full knowledge that the social tax overdue payable was a clear breach of FFP regulations, misled his fellow committee members.

2. Dickson was pushing against an open door to Rangers-facing committee members who would have awarded Rangers a licence on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Dickson perpetrated a fraud to the detriment of a PLC, namely Celtic Football Club PLC. CFC should have taken their rightful place in the CL qualifiers once the Rangers application had been vetoed by the SFA Licensing Committee.

Dickson’s fraud cost Celtic millions of pounds. If I were in Peter Lawwell’s shoes I would go much further than engaging in a Judicial Review.

I would petition the Court of Session to disqualify Dickson from holding any executive office and initiate a private prosecution for fraud.