The Pantheon Of The Corrupt

Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, features a feud between the Montague and Capulet families; a feud that ultimately led to the star-crossed lovers’ demise. It spawned the phrase ‘A Plague on Both of Your Houses‘ which continues to resonate to this day.

There is no feud between the houses of Ibrox and Hampden. The SFA and Rangers have been hand-in-glove for generations. However there is a plague which answers to the name of Andrew Dickson. In the pantheon of the corrupt Dickson wears the laurel-wreath.


In Dickson’s sworn testimony to the FTT he admits drafting the contentious EBT side letters. Side letters that he had previously claimed did not exist. Side letters that were approved by Sir Bribe & Lie in his capacity as the £500,000 per annum (paid via an employment benefit trust) EBT consigliere.

Dickson’s remit included the offer of tax-free remunerations as inducements to join Rangers. Rangers, via systemic tax evasion, were able to sign players that they could not have otherwise afforded.

The preceding words in italics text are not mine. Their author, in sworn testimony at the Craig Whyte Trial, is none other than Sir Bribe & Lie.

David Murray paid Lawrence Marlborough a $1m cash bribe to secure his equity in Rangers. Murray was corrupt from the get-go. Murray attempted to put Celtic out of business by convincing his cronies at The Bank of Scotland to foreclose on CFC’s overdraft. Murray some time later put Airdrie out of business.

Neil Doncaster expounded, to the CSA, that Murray would probably no longer be welcome in Scottish football. He should be banned sine die. However despite Andrew Dickson’s many years of corporate malfeasance, Doncaster and his new SPFL board voted him on to the SFA Congress.

One of the most corrupt men in Scottish football, the successor to arch criminal Campbell Ogilvie, has been given a leg-up on the greasy pole.

Dickson under the tutelage of Ogilvie successfully concealed the true quantum of the contracts that had been signed by the players. His actions, which were almost certainly of a criminal bent, defrauded HMRC and every other Scottish professional football club. Dickson subverted the registration procedures to conceal his malfeasance.

How on God’s green earth can this poacher, with a track record of tax evasion and corporate fraud, be accorded the position of  SFA gamekeeper? This SPFL decision is one of slack-jawed stupidity.

Dickson has been given the keys to the SFA Council. You could not make it up!

Dickson is on record as stating that he misled players to secure their signing.

‘Don’t worry about the £1.4m cash bung Mr Mols. Consider it petrol money.’

Dickson’s sworn testimony to the  FTT included this nugget:

The Trust was explained to the player at the time and the Trust — sorry, the player understood the situation regarding the Trust, in terms of we could not give the many guarantees about them being paid the money.”

How disingenuous. The side letters that Dickson drafted gave guarantees that a tax-free cash bung would be paid as part of the player’s remuneration package. Dickson signed up 55 players on this basis. The cheating from 1999 -2011 secured seventeen titles. Seventeen titles that were won by tax cheats who were not eligible to participate in Scottish professional football. Title-stripping does not go far enough. Dickson should be indicted on fraud charges.

Dickson, who continues in the employ of the house of Usher, a.k.a Ibrox, was on the SFA Licensing committee that on April 19, 2011 granted a UEFA licence to Rangers the day after he gave his testimony to the FTT that he knew nothing. Dickson was fully aware of the overdue payable of £2.8m which had crystallised in March. One can safely conclude that one or both of two scenarios were extant at that time:

1. Dickson, in the full knowledge that the social tax overdue payable was a clear breach of FFP regulations, misled his fellow committee members.

2. Dickson was pushing against an open door to Rangers-facing committee members who would have awarded Rangers a licence on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Dickson perpetrated a fraud to the detriment of a PLC, namely Celtic Football Club PLC. CFC should have taken their rightful place in the CL qualifiers once the Rangers application had been vetoed by the SFA Licensing Committee.

Dickson’s fraud cost Celtic millions of pounds. If I were in Peter Lawwell’s shoes I would go much further than engaging in a Judicial Review.

I would petition the Court of Session to disqualify Dickson from holding any executive office and initiate a private prosecution for fraud.





Regan’s Checkmate

The following is an extract from an Auldheid article:


Nota Bene: During the initial meeting, prior to the AGM in November 2016 at which agreement with the PLC was reached to adjourn the resolution, we were advised by Celtic PLC CEO Mr Peter Lawwell that if we provided a “silver bullet” he would fire it. 

1. Application for a UEFA licence is required before 31st March and on that date in RFC’s published accounts they state they had a “potential” tax liability and “discussions are continuing with HMRC to establish a resolution to the assessments raised.” Neither was the case.

6. Stewart Regan, by way of a written letter in December 2011, informed the Celtic CEO that after the Licence was granted on 31st March, all discrepancies and matters of noncompliance were the sole responsibility of the UEFA (CFCB) monitoring team. It now transpires that Mr Regan in writing to the Celtic CEO:

6.1 Provided Mr Lawwell with the wrong date regarding the grant of the licence.

6.2 Failed to mention the licence had been granted on 19th April.

6.3 Failed to mention the grant of the licence had been intimated to UEFA on 26th May.

6.4 Failed to mention the SFA were responsible to report all licence breaches and other matters to UEFA before the end of season 2011/12.

6.5 Failed to mention during the season of 2011/12 the SFA determined RFC NO LONGER complied with the terms of the licence granted, offering no explanation or update as to when or on what grounds RFC eventually failed to comply.

I refer readers to point 6.5. When Messengers At Arms arrived at Ibrox in August 2011, Ogilvie, Regan and Dickson knew that the jig was up. Colour me surprised that they belatedly came to the conclusion that Rangers were no longer compliant. They were never compliant in the first instance,

When Regan approached Dickson and Russell looking for an ‘out’ he was informed unequivocally that if he released his proposed statement, the SFA would also be damaged. Did Regan defer to Dickson to get Rangers’ UEFA application over the line? Did Dickson falsely represent the situation at Rangers?

This on the evidence of Dickson’s testimony to the FTT, as released by the RTC blogger, would appear to be the case. Dickson admitted to drafting EBT contracts and misleading players on their tax liability. Dickson knew full well that the EBTs were instruments to disguise remuneration.

Dickson admitted to having a file containing all the information concerning DOS/VSS and its successor EBT.

This file went missing, presumed shred.

Auldheid’s article is indicative of Regan lying to a member club to cover his complicity in a fraudulent UEFA Licence application.

In his most recent correspondence to Lawwell, Regan asserts that there would be no point revisiting the systemic tax evasion as there would be no guarantee of success and that the tariffs for bringing the game into disrepute at that time would be limited.

However senior counsel capitulated on the fraudulent UEFA application and this has now been referred to the SFA’s Compliance Officer for consideration.

Regan admits that the evidence of Sir Bribe & Lie at Craig Whyte’s trial materially. contradicted their received wisdom at that time.

Regan should not be allowed to pin this exclusively on Ogilvie and Dickson. Regan is one of their concert party.

If the SFA don’t have teeth as Regan would have us believe, then they will fall prey to a beast much higher up the food chain, namely a Judicial Review.

The Resolution 12 capitulation is a sop. These corrupt individuals are on the ropes. I want a full knockout but I will accept a three knock down TKO. Blue Pound Apologists like Stewart Milne, pressed into action by Regan and with one eye on selling houses to The Klan, should be removed from office forthwith.

We can see right through Regan’s strategy and his use of Milne as a pawn.


The Duel

The following comment is from long term contributor to this site, Auldheid:

” Celtic are the other club who wrote independently to the SFA (about 8 weeks ago). That followed the SFA announcement on 5th July when the SC ruled on ebts. The advice given to Celtic last December when Res12 was passed over to them was to wait for both court cases on ebts and Craig Whyte to end. The latter was followed closely by a number of interested parties in football. From then Celtic have made their current position clear and presented a case that has resulted in the UEFA licence of 2011 being put before the Compliance Officer and no one knows what that outcome will be based on the evidence that has clearly been given the once over by an SFA QC. There is no doubt the status of the wtc liability was misrepresented by Rangers on 1st April which allowed the Licence to be granted on 19th April.

There is no doubt the status continued to be misrepresented in subsequent submissions under Art66 and Art 67 of UEFA FFP.

What is uncertain is the role those working at Hampden either as Commitee members or officials played to keep UEFA at bay.

E mails of Sept and the well known one of December from Regan the day after he spoke to Andrew Dickson about the Licence issue require questions to be answered, for example why did  Ramsay (acting in a PR capacity)  think publishing Regan’s statement might cause SFA problems?

Finally what was Regan and Ogilvie told in the meeting that did result from his e mail at the Hotel de Ville?

What was he told that satisfied him nothing should be published which dictated SFA policy on UEFA licence thereafter?

So Celtic took on board the advice to wait and have very much acted after 5th July on Res12. It was always going to be so. There is an AGM in a few months and the club are accountable to shareholders but it must be obvious by now they are dealing with folk of no integrity whatsoever who are prepared to lie or conceal as a matter of course.”


The desperate attempts by Regan to save his ‘career’ as a football administrator and his latest actions to inculcate the mantra of ‘moving on’ will backfire. There has been some push back on my unshakeable belief that Grahame was briefed by Broadfoot/Regan. Even if it came through a more circuitous route there can be no doubt that the SFA are behind this.

Celtic have kept their powder dry. Testimony at the Craig Whyte trial blew a hole in the ‘crystallised’ defence of a corrupt decision.

Stewart Regan is on record, to Alex Thompson, that EBT were legal. This was the same conclusion reached by the LNS commission that he shaped and guided to this end. The Supreme Court confirmed The Inner House ruling that EBT employed by Rangers were instruments in disguised remuneration. Regan’s attempt to justify the tax evasion and cheating by Rangers fell on deaf ears. Hugh Adam informed anyone who would listen that Rangers knew that they were cheating in 2002.

However this did not prohibit Campbell Ogilvie from ascending the SFA greasy pole, or his successor in crime Andrew Dickson being elevated to the SFA Council. The same Council that paved the way for Rangers to unlawfully gain a UEFA licence.

The LNS Commission was a predetermined sham. A slap on the wrist for eleven seasons of systemic cheating was an outrage. As I exclusively revealed the SPL called an interim meeting to discuss appealing this inordinately lenient outcome.

They decided not to rake over hot coals. Colour me surprised.

When reports began to surface in the SMSM in regard to the SFA’s complicity in a UEFA stitch-up, Regan wrote to Rangers asking for their permission to release a statement which would exonerate him. Rangers vetoed this.

Allow me to restate this for emphasis. The Chief Executive of the supposedly independent body that is the SFA had his  policy dictated by a member club.

In a meeting hosted by Doncaster, Rod McKenzie asserted that the SFA would not release the player registration details and other documents. The SFA were not prepared to cooperate with the LNS Commission.

How far does the corruption go at Hampden?

The latest salvo by Regan and Broadfoot is the last throw of a regime that has been caught bang to rights. If Celtic have been keeping their powder dry it’s high time to fill their muskets.

The honour of the game has been traduced by the grubby machinations of the SFA. Will Lawwell and his seconds demand justice?









Walking On Hot Coals

The compromised corrupt cabal that is the SFA were warned in advance of Ewing Grahame’s article in The Times. Darryl Broadfoot, who now works for a two-bit third party PR operation – Frame – is the account manager to the SFA. As opposed to drawing a salary he now issues fee notes.






Broadfoot’s  fingerprints are all over the SFA’s decision to write to all 42 member clubs of the SPFL. The two takeaways from the letter are:

1. “After careful consideration, the board of the Scottish FA has declined the invitation to participate in such a review. The image of the game in Scotland can only be damaged further by ‘raking over the coals’ of everything that has happened in the last six years for a further lengthy period of time. No-one is complacent or insensitive to the issues. It will be impossible to satisfy every supporter, every club official and every member club. Nevertheless, the board of the Scottish FA is resolute. It has acted with integrity and in the best interests of Scottish football at all time.”

2. “The court testimony of two former directors of Rangers Football Club plc might have implications in the context of the Uefa licence granted in 2011. This matter has been referred to the compliance officer for further investigation following receipt of information of a written opinion from senior counsel.”

Regan’s unedifying spat with Pie & Bovril is indicative of a man with his head in a vice.

The reason why Regan does not wish to rake over the coals of the last six years is that he is front and centre on the panel of the LNS Commission Whitewash. A commission that arrived at the conclusion that since EBT were legal instruments, all clubs could have availed themselves of their tax efficacy, ergo no competitive advantage.

This was the desired result for Regan as it extricated the SFA from engaging in title-stripping. I have no doubt whatsoever that this was Regan’s handiwork as the LNS had the narrow focus of registration irregularities.

As I exclusively revealed Regan excused himself from the meeting that resulted in an  agreement being signed that gave Charles Green’s basket of assets a berth in the SFL. He claimed that he had to attend a social function. This was a pretext. Regan merely saw an opportunity not to sign the document, made his excuses and left the meeting as Charles Green arrived to do the actual horse trading.

Regan has steadfastly refused to address the circumstances in which a UEFA licence was granted to Rangers in 2011. However sworn testimony by Rangers Finance Director, Donald McIntyre, revealed that the £2.8m apropos the DOS/VSS illegal artifice had crystallised in March. There were no ongoing discussion. A fine of 50% of this quantum was levied.

Even when Messenger At Arms, instructed by HMRC, visited Ibrox in August, the SFA refused to act. How Regan can claim that the SFA acted with intregrity at all times truly beggars belief. Ali Russell and SFA Council Member Andrew Dickson are also in the frame if both knowingly lied to the SFA as Regan would have us believe. But the prosaic fact of the matter is that Regan lied in regard to the date when the debt had crystallised. He is both complicit in this UEFA fraud and an active participant in the cover-up. His position is untenable.

When Regan asserts that the SFA acted in the best interests of Scottish football, this is shorthand for the best interests of Rangers and its successor club The Rangers ( Rangers Lite). The Punch & Judy Rangers v Celtic games underpin the broadcasting deals and sponsorships.

The SFA, to recreate this cash cow, transferred the former licence of Rangers to Sevco Scotland, and for good measure allowed Longmuir and Ménage à trois Ballantyne to confer the former titles won by Rangers to the new club, including the fifteen that they had identified as unsound in drafts one and two of the Five Way Agreement.

Regan does not want to rake over the last six years as they inevitably lead to the period of 1999-2011 where all titles won by Rangers must be declared null and void.

Not wishing to participate in a review, as requested by the SPFL and Celtic, as they are compromised, is an outrage. Who could ever believe in the SFA if their decision is allowed to stand?

Celtic must go over their heads and take this to CAS in Lausanne.

A judicial review that goes over their heads must also proceed.

Celtic are going after Regan and the SFA. One can but hope that they go all the way.


Squeaky Bum Time For Regan

Ewing Grahame, The Times, September 7, 2017

Celtic have not given up hope of the Scottish Football Association agreeing to a judicial inquiry which would examine fully the roles played by the game’s ruling bodies before, during and after the financial implosion of Rangers in 2012.

It is understood that, while the SFA have yet to respond to a call from the Ladbrokes Premiership champions for such a forensic investigation some two months ago, Celtic believe that more stringent rules, checks and balances ought to be in place in order to restore confidence in the SFA while simultaneously ensuring that Rangers or any other club are not allowed to run up such unsustainable debts in future.

The Times can also reveal that, in an letter sent by Peter Lawwell to Stewart Regan, the SFA’s chief executive, immediately prior to Rangers descending from administration into liquidation five years ago, the Celtic chief executive not only demanded a judicial review of the scandal which rocked the national sport but also insisted that title-stripping and the removal of national cup competitions won by the fallen Glasgow club between 1999 and 2010 should form part of the sanctions open to that panel.”

During those years, Sir David Murray had employed tax avoidance policies: firstly, the Discounted Option Scheme, for which they admitted liability, and secondly, the Employee Benefit , for which they did not. The deployment of these complex plans allowed Rangers to make tax-free payments to players, managers, staff and former employees in the shape of “loans” or discretionary bonuses from the Trust.

Murray took £6.3 million worth of net payments in EBTs while other major beneficiaries included Barry Ferguson (£2.5 million), Stefan Klos (£2 million), Dado Prso (£1.9 million), Christian Nerlinger (£1.8 million), Michael Ball (£1.4 million), Tore André Flo (£1.3 million), Ronald de Boer and Thomas Buffel (£1.2 million each), Claudio Caniggia and Pedro Mendes (£1 million each) and managers Alex McLeish (£1.7 million) and Dick Advocaat (£1.5 million).

Celtic believed then that the involvement of the aforementioned players, along with 46 others, in league and cup matches during that 11-year span should make all their results null and void, should it be proved that the tax avoidance schemes had been misused.

“If the allegations of ‘double contracts’ for players are true, and a breach of SPL and/or SFA rules is established, the eligibility of those players to have competed in domestic league and cup competitions will be called into question,” Lawwell wrote in his letter, sent on May 25, 2012, the 45th anniversary of Celtic’s European Cup triumph.

“In turn, the integrity of the football results achieved by using those players would by necessity also fall into question. Any wrongdoing then established would have to be subject to fair and proportionate sanctions, including retrospectively, if appropriate. However, at a higher level, in our opinion this whole affair is causing lasting damage to the reputation and integrity of Scottish football.”

It adds: “The interests of fairness and Scottish football now demand that the SFA act decisively. The initial inquiry should now be reconvened or a new independent panel led by a judge or senior lawyer should be formed to investigate and report upon the Rangers EBT issues and consider whether there has been any further breach of the Association’s rules, including those on disrepute.

“The roles of individuals (past and present) subject to the jurisdiction of the Association should also be examined. This should take place as quickly as possible, irrespective of the SPL’s own investigations.”

Five Supreme Court judges decided unanimously on July 5 that EBT payments were liable for tax. Rangers had denied the existence of side letters to players guaranteeing their extra payments — most of them were performance-related — to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and the footballing authorities but they were uncovered during a police raid on Ibrox.

Murray confessed in court earlier this year that EBTs “gave us [Rangers] an opportunity to get players that we perhaps would not be able to afford [otherwise]”. When the Supreme Court verdict was announced, the SFA issued a statement which said they would do nothing, on legal advice.

The SPFL board — it includes Rangers’ Stewart Robertson — also asked the SFA more than six weeks ago to consent to an impartial probe into how the governing bodies dealt with Rangers’ financial meltdown. It too has been met with silence.”

This piece does not go far enough. I managed to source the letter. I have also seen some of the side contracts. How Grahame can claim that the majority of the side contracts were performance related is materially wrong.

Lawwell’s letter will be on file at UEFA. A follow-up letter to Andrea Traverso should be Lawwell’s next step. Regan is severely compromised. If the SFA Chief Executive, who has begun his ascent of UEFA’s greasy pole, continues to hide behind the amateur-hour advice of a conveyancing consigliere, then hell mend him.

Celtic are wise to Regan and his cronies. His position is untenable.

At the next Professional Game Board meeting, Lawwell should table a motion of no confidence in Regan. This corrupt little runt of a man is not fit for purpose.

Get King

There are those who categorise my pursuit of Dave King as an exercise in casual invective. Allow me to disabuse one of that notion. There is nothing casual in my approach. My attacks are surgical in nature. They are designed to inflict as much reputational damage as possible. James Traynor – the squatter at Auchenhowie who can no longer afford his showpiece office at Blythswood Square but is tethered by a punitive lease –  has tried his best to candy-coat King’s past. This is an exercise in futility.  In 2010 The South African Supreme Court of Appeal, The National Proscuting Authority v King,  exhibits King’s career criminality for all to see. Justice R W Nugent wrote in judgement:

The respondent, Mr DC King, has been indicted on 322 counts including fraud, tax evasion and evasion of the Exchange Control Regulations, as well as money-laundering and racketeering. The counts relate inter alia to a failure to submit tax returns, fraudulent misrepresentations in his tax returns, and devising and implementing an allegedly fraudulent scheme to ‘externalize’ his assets to evade income tax and obligations under the regulations, involving amounts in excess of R1 billion. The main complainant, as one could expect, is the SA Revenue Services (SARS). It apparently has a claim of some R3 billion against King flowing from some of the allegations.”

King, quite incredibly went to court to claim that The NPA should be precluded from prosecuting him on the pretext that he would not receive a fair trial. His counsel riffed on section 35 (3) of the South African penal code. Justice Nugent responded:

I do not think that s 35(3) goes that far. In its terms it entitles Mr King to be tried fairly in fact. It does not entitle him to be satisfied that the trial will be fair. If he were able to show in advance that his trial will not be fair it might be that a court will grant him appropriate relief. But the prosecution is not called upon to satisfy an accused person that his trial will be fair as a precondition to prosecuting. If that were to be required as a precondition for a trial it seems to me that there might be few criminal trials at all. Criminal proceedings are not a consensual affair.”

King was demanding access to the NPA’s case notes and court strategy. He wanted access for free. He was attempting to prove that he was being victimised in prejudicial proceedings. His first attempt at this was thrown out. However he pursued the matter all the way to the Supreme Court. The Appellate court found in favour of the NPA and dismissed King’s spurious claims.

No-one is more corrupt or slippery than Dave King. To avoid racketeering charges he paid an underworld figure to intimidate witnesses. The trial against King and the equally bent Greg Morris collapsed. However he and Morris were both arrested and held on remand until bail could be posted. King was also held in custody on fraud charges. He does not lead a charmed life. Getting King is not as difficult as modern myth, spun by Traynor, would have us believe. Director Mike Hodges crafted one of the best British crime dramas ever presented on the silver screen:


Jack Carter (Michael Caine) is a cold-blooded London gangster, and not the sort of man you want to cross. When Carter’s brother winds up dead, he travels to Newcastle to arrange the funeral. Convinced that his brother was murdered, Carter questions local thug Eric (Ian Hendry), who eventually leads him to kingpin Kinnear. From there, Carter carves a bloody trail of revenge through the seedy underbelly of Newcastle in search of his brother’s killer.”

King is a white collar career criminal. He pays gangsters to do his bidding. SARS eventually caught up with his tax evading past. The fines and costs, and his more than a decade of legal shadow boxing, hit King where it hurt the most: his pocket. He is a tight as a Yorkshireman trying to hide his money up a crab’s arse, having first removed it from his socks.

The 13th April was a game changer for King. King insulted the intelligence of the brightest and best by taking the Takeover Panel to an Appellate Court. He claimed that he had no executive authority at New Oasis Assets Limited (NOAL). He claimed that NOAL, at arm’s length from King, acted of another’s accord to acquire 14.57% of RIFC equity. It was ludicrous. But King took his lies all the way to the Takeover Appeal Board where it was unequivocally dismissed. King used HIS holding in NOAL to call an EGM and oust the former board of RIFC.

Having insulted and lied to the TPE they ordered King to make an offer of 20p to buy all the shares not in his concert party’s gift. King did not comply. On the 13th April the TPE petitioned the court of session. Ceteris Paribus a legal edict will follow. If King does not comply he will be held in contempt which is punishable by a tariff that includes prison.

The TPE will then implement the Cold Shoulder. King will also be stripped of the right to hold any office in a UK plc.

King is going down. Of this there can be no doubt. He has ran roughshod over a country riven with apartheid to rock up at a club with its own apartheid.

Nothing will be more sweet than when the TPE get King. The only question of which there is any doubt is whether he will scuttle the ship.

Ogilvie, Regan & Petrie’s legacy of corruption

Should we just ‘Move on’ from the the EBT scandal?”

Yes 36   15.52%
No 196  84.48%

The online poll on on the thorny issue of ‘moving on’ is overwhelmingly negative, albeit a relatively small straw poll of 232 votes. Fans for Justice have north of 13,000 signatures.

Despite the consensus to deal with the issues the most corrupt man in Scottish Football governance, Stewart Regan, is throwing bread and Slovakian circuses at us to avoid an inquiry as he is compromised up to his bald pate.

On the question of retrospective punishment for the club formerly known as Rangers, were informed by a fan rep that the issue had been discussed by the board and that a statement would be forthcoming. That was some considerable time ago. Did Rod Petrie, whose fingerprints are all over the Five Way Agreement and the creation of the Frankenstein club, spike the response?

Petrie is compromised. He is part of the inner three at the SFA who want Rangers cheating to stand and the trophies won by the former club to continue to be conferred to Rangers Lite, including the seventeen won when engaging in systemic tax evasion and cheating.

The bombast of the Rangers supporters must be arrested. The cult of ‘We Are The People’ supremacy must be cut short.

Supremacy built on a web of cheating cannot be allowed to stand.

As we have recently discovered two die-hard Huns with a capital H, Ménage à trois Ballantyne and David Longmuir, decided to add the final touches on the continuation lie by conferring the titles won by the former club to Rangers Lite.

This naked corruption must have had the buy-in of Regan and Doncaster, and Rod Petrie, who was the SFA’s conduit to Green.

Petrie’s brief was a simple one:

Rod we are stitching up football for the benefit of Green’s basket of assets. Tell him to accept the transfer ban and we will make sure that all the titles that were won by Rangers will be in the gift of The Rangers.”


Is it any surprise that Petrie is keeping shtum?

If want to effect real change the first thing they should do is to petition Leeann Dempster to sack Petrie. He is one of the principal architects of the cover-up.

Petrie’s head on a stake is a minimum requirement.