Rangers 0 Celtic 2: Mr Bean Loses The Plot

The fact that Rangers Lite lost to Celtic would not have come as a surprise to any readers of our site. Five hours prior to kick-off I was exclusively apprised of the Lite line up which I duly published on our Speakeasy as a comment; and on Twitter in the format in which it was received. Brendan Rodgers, who is an excellent ambassador for his club, said all the right things in the run-up to the game about his focus being on his own team, but even he must have been surprised by the Lightweight Lite Eleven, with three foals on the bench accompanied by Old Dobbin Miller.

I also exclusively revealed on this site that Miller and Mr Bean had to be separated by players as the veteran striker responded to being excluded from the first eleven with some paint-stripping invective. The prosaic facts of the matter are that Miller and Whispering Grass Wallace don’t rate Bean. They are of the view that he is a second-rate coach who has hired second-rate players; second-rate players who are not in any way superior to those that were in Warburton’s squad.

Miller may have a point. Pena looked leggy, displaying none of the fleet of foot that he is renowned for when it’s his round in a West End watering hole. Morelos who should have been sent off for two yellow card offences – his simulation in the box went unpunished – would not get a game in the Celtic Under 16s. As for Bean’s claim that McCrorie will be a future Scotland centre-half, was he referring to the women’s team? He was so slow to respond to a loose ball in the box that Rogic could have paused to tie his laces prior to launching a full-blooded shot into the roof of the net.

Patrick Roberts was on fire. Having quickly tucked Hodson in his pocket, Roberts then waltzed past McCrorie as if he was a training cone, which in many ways he was. Roberts’ slide-rule pass to Griffiths left McCrorie floundering as Celtic’s veteran striker put the game to bed. In the final fifteen minutes Celtic could have doubled this lead and would not have been flattered by the scoreline. Lite were lame and lacklustre. Pay peanuts – get monkeys – comes to mind.

However the worst performer yesterday was not on the park. Mr Bean lied to the media when he asserted that he told Brown that he would not push him around. My mole informs me that when he squared up to Brown on the touchline Bean actually stated:  “You’re a fucking cheat.”

Brown responded: “I’ll have a job tomorrow morning.”

If Bean was trying to unnerve or intimidate Brown then his efforts were as flat as his team’s performance. Brown continued to dominate midfield, making dummies out of Lite’s midfield imposters.

What Bean did next was beyond the pale. He challenged Brown to a fight in the tunnel. Brown laughed in his face as Bean’s assistants bundled him away. It must be the bull (shit) fighter in his bloodline as per the SMSM puff pieces.

Was Mr. Bean interviewed and hired on Skype? Even career-criminal King, who will soon be wearing a scarf to ward off the effects of a cold shoulder, is quick to distance himself from Graeme Park’s hire.

Eleven points from a possible twenty-one does not bode well for Mr Bean’s tenure. His charges squeaked home against Motherwell and could only yield one point from a possible six when hosting the Capital’s clubs. Ross County and Dundee, the fodder clubs, were quick to surrender six points but Lite looked like Glasgow’s third club when earning an undeserved point against a ten-man Partick Thistle. Should Motherwell follow their League Cup QF success against Aberdeen with a win in today’s SPFL fixture, Lite will find themselves in sixth place.

A concatenation of shit creek and the conspicuous absence of a paddle comes to mind.


The powerful 5 questions which take the SFA to task

It has always been my custom to highlight the measured and eloquent comments of my readers. Those whom best capture the prevailing zeitgeist are given pride of place in an article with the prospect of being read by a wider audience. The following comment was not published on our site.  It was published on SFM. I only drop by this site to ensure that I don’t miss anything by Auldheid, who has his finger on the pulse. I also skim through the mundane minutiae of other contributors, of whom I’m eternally grateful no longer comment on our site, to settle on an insight by Easyjambo. I have added one more name to my short list. That of Lugosi:

As the SPFL perform an unexplained backward somersault on their previously stated position one is left to ponder on where we go from here.
Auldheid is, as always, performing heroics keeping us up to speed in general terms and to him I am grateful. However, no matter which angle the matter is approached from or whichever aspect of the matter is found most egregious; be it the tax cheating, the lying, the concealment of documents, the inaction of authorities, the denials, the deflection, the spin, the fobbing off, the impact on other clubs, the extraction of fans’ money under false pretences, the Permarage, the ongoing sectarianism, racism and bigotry, the casual disregard for imperfectly registered players, the tolerance of certain individuals anywhere near the administration of a football business (other disgraces are available), certain things keep coming up.
At the risk of underthinking I view the matter as nothing more than a jigsaw puzzle. It’s not even a particularly difficult jigsaw. The only problem is that we’ve been trying to complete the jigsaw while a number of the jigsaw pieces have been deliberately withheld from us. One of the pieces that is missing is that while the caravan has kept rolling the barking of certain dogs has been conspicuously absent.
I don’t think I have seen a reference to, far less heard a word from, Nicholas Stewart or Charles Flint in the last four and a half years.These gentlemen it will be recalled, or perhaps some wish you would not recall, comprised two-thirds of the Commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith. It will be recalled that the Commission Decision on 28th February 2013 was unanimous and accordingly none of the three Commission members displayed the testicular fortitude shown by Dr Heidi Poon in proceedings in another place. The question remains; no matter where we are is there anything to stop the three Commission members, all of whom hold/held the rank of Queen’s Counsel, from being asked to provide an Opinion on what they were told then and what we know now? If they want a Fee pay it; it’ll be buttons in the scheme of the shape of things to come. The learned gentlemen will know that one potential outcome, whether they wish to be amenable now or not, is that they may be cited to appear at a Judicial Review and be obliged to give evidence under oath when the same questions can be asked but this time the answers will have to be the truth, nothing but the truth and that oft overlooked part of the oath, the whole truth.
It might only be one piece of the jigsaw but it would put a lot of the “Lord Nimmo Smith said…” myth to bed.”

For those of my readers not familiar with the concept of Permarage, the Urban Dictionary provides the following definition:

Permarage: existing in a stage of permanent rage, to be permanantly raging. This is exclusively associated with the odious, bigoted, anti-catholic, sectarian supporters of Glasgow Rangers.”

I have often had the feeling over the past two years that I have been piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. It took a while to emerge but we found out that Ménage a trois Ballantyne and David Longmuir took it upon themselves to confer SPL and SFA titles to Sevco Scotland. This corrupt artifice was cooked up behind closed doors by Real Rangers Men, one of whom, who has never been heard saying ‘three’s a crowd“, had equity in RFC plc.

This corruption did not see the light of day until Neil Doncaster took it upon himself to announce that Sevco Scotland Ltd was the latest trading name of a continued Rangers. This was of course a lie as everyone on the Clapham Omnibus knew that Rangers were being liquidated. Rangers may have started off as a joint undertaking by a couple of friends but by 1899 they had become an incorporated Small Medium Enterprise. This business went bust.

Longmuir and Ménage a trois also conferred 17 unsound titles, 15 of which were designated for Room 101 in the first two drafts of The Five Way Agreement.  We therefore now know that there were five signatories to the titles being conferred.

It’s a corrupt stitch-up to create the myth of a continued Rangers, and let’s be frank here, they’ve gotten away with it.

Lugosi’s point about soliciting the opinions of Messrs Stewart and Flint is well made. If the opinions of our learned friends helped to build the consensus it would be money well spent. The concatenation of testicular fortitude and Heidi Poon, not the easiest of bedfellows, was inelegant but did not materially detract from Lugosi’s central message.

When one considers what to do with the corrupt cabal who run Scottish football I am reminded of a quote made by Tony Benn in 2005.

We are fully aware of the extent of the SFA’s powers. They can bend their regulations at will and create  the mind-numbingly disingenuous mantra of ‘Imperfectly registered but eligible.’

The SFA’s power base is the 42 professional clubs and to a lesser extent those in the junior ranks who have only one voice on the Professional Game Board. It’s no surprise that Regan wrote to all the professional clubs to expound on his anathema to raking over old coals. Old coals masking burning concerns.

The third question is the easiest to answer. The SFA believe that a strong Rangers is good for the Scottish game. A strong Rangers attracts sponsors. A strong Rangers adds a zero to Scottish Cup broadcasting returns. The SFA are exercising their power to the benefit of Rangers Lite hoping that the crumbs that fall from the Blue Room table will be sufficient to sate those lower down the food chain; keeping their bellies full and their mouths shut.

The SFA are accountable to the professional and junior ranks. Peter Lawwell could raise a motion of no confidence in Regan, who on this occasion would not have Ménage a trois Ballantyne holding his jacket. However I don’t anticipate Lawwell doing this as it can get messy when pissing inside the tent.

We must pin our hopes on a Judicial Review. We must be unstinting in our crowdfunded support.

The SFA is accountable to Scots Law. One can but hope that their corrupt days are numbered.


The Whistle Blower

My exclusive news that Kenny Miller was not ‘rested’ but subject to an enforced absence due to his ridicule of ‘Banger’ Caixinha’s training methods has not gone down well at Auchenhowie. Who would have thought that they hang on my every word?

Slim Shady Traynor would like us all to believe that the team are thriving in invigorating hydroponic team baths, before donning their kaftans and making daisy chains as laurels for each other, while singing:


However the prosaic facts of the matter is that Jupiter is not aligning with Mars. Kenny was called in for a tea with no biscuits meeting with Slim Shady. No biscuits for Kenny at least, but the rustling in Traynor’s pockets betrayed the presence of a rogue comestible:

Slim Shady knows that there is a tsunami of bad news coming down the pike. The Chairman’s statement as a foreword to the accounts will almost certainly be his last. Who can doubt that it will be a quintessential compound of mendacity and chutzpah? King has honed his crooked craft while manipulating the improbable returns of his corporate confidence trick, MHG.

A nugget of information from Micromega Holding’s annual report of 2011 is instructive. MICROmega implemented a whistle blowing policy in 2011 in order to demonstrate its commitment to working towards a culture of fairness, openness and transparency.

In conjunction with the whistle blowing policy, the MICROmega Holdings Ethics Hotline, which remains independently operated by KPMG, provides employees with a mechanism to anonymously bring any unethical business practices to the attention of management. All reports received from the Ethics Hotline are forwarded to the designated representatives at MICROmega and to the Audit Committee for review and consideration is made as to whether the action taken by the designated representative was appropriate or whether further action is required. No incidents were reported.

One of the many charges levelled against KPMG in South Africa is that they colluded in an attempt for the Guptas (an Indian-born South African business family with a finger in every pie) to take over SARS and to destroy honest tax inspectors who were allegedly part of a rogue investigation unit. Current leaks and investigations show this all to be fantasy.

When one reverts to 2014 one will note the slew of web stories that appeared suggesting that King’s multiple tax convictions could be without substance because of this rogue unit.

Isn’t it interesting to note that KPMG had a business relationship with Mr King through the administration of Micromega’s ethics committee? Surely this august accountancy firm was not lobbying on King’s behalf?

Should I blow the whistle on their conspiracy to undermine SARS?

You have got to hand it to King. When it comes to being a career criminal King takes the Club Orange.

With a budget that is stretched by cones and bibs, Auchenhowie is little more than a soup kitchen to the two groups who refuse to break bread together. Kenny has let it be known that there will be no ‘Johnny Foreigners‘  in his WhatsApp group. The Rangers Lite boot camp is not a pluralistic society. One can but hope that Kenny is not sent to the ‘naughty step’ and told to report for training at 5 a.m.

As the Lite charabanc limps forward with fuel siphoned from a Parks of Hamilton bus, the envy of the accounts posted by Celtic plc is as green as the driver’s screening glass. The headlines are as follows:

Group revenue increased by 74.2% to £90.6m

 Operating expenses increased by 33.3% to £76.3m

 Gain on sale of player registrations of £2.3m (2016: £12.6m)

 Profit before taxation of £6.9m (2016: £0.5m)

 Year-end cash net of bank borrowings of £17.9m (2016: £3.6m)

 Investment in football personnel of £13.8m (2016: £8.8m)


There are a number of takeaways from these as yet unaudited highlights. One knew that year-on-year revenue would be improved as the 6-month results of £61.2m were indicative of an upward trend. However a 74.2% increase is unprecedented. Champions League revenue, and the box-office generated by The Brendan Rodgers effect, have added circa £40m to the P&L.

A pre-tax profit of almost £7m is not too shabby. This is the kind of quantum that Lite will need to complete their season.

Almost £18m in cash despite £5m more expended on football personnel suggests  that the board have a firm grip on the tiller. If player registrations disposal had been at the same level as 2016, Celtic plc would be a £100m company. If Van Dyke eventually gets a move to Liverpool, next year’s results will be fast approaching this quantum.

With these figures underpinning Celtic’s success, ten-in-a-row is a realistic prospect. Only blatant referee bias of the type last seen in the Struth era, and complacency, stand in the path of the Invincible Celtic Juggernaut.


A Coordinated & Totalitarian Agression

Avid readers of our site will know that I am occasionally indulgent of my taste in music. The Villagers, Alexa Melo, Porno For Pyros, Jane’s Addiction, Lianne La Havas and yesterday Paddy McAloon who penned, to my mind, one of the greatest albums of the twentieth century, Steve McQueen. If one looks at some of the most seminal albums such as Miles Davis’ masterpiece Kind of Blue at the end of the 50s; Pet Sounds & Sgt Pepper’s in the 60s; What’s Going On, The Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin’s fourth album in the 70s; one might argue that the 80s does not present a high bar. If I had to choose only one from this list for my wind up gramophone on a desert island I would choose Kind of Blue as it is not only of its time, it is for all time.

Kind of Blue brought together seven now-legendary musicians in the prime of their careers: tenor saxophonist John Coltrane, alto saxophonist Julian “Cannonball” Adderley, pianists Bill Evans and Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers, drummer Jimmy Cobb and of course, trumpeter Miles Davis.”

However I would be kicking myself that I gave up on Steve McQueen. The sublime lyrics of Mr. McAloon provide an introduction to this piece. “I have six things on my mind.” Guernica, Catalonia, Hurricanes, The Mexican Earthquake, Dave King & KPMG,  and Celtic.

I am going to tackle three of these, leaving King on the back burner for an article of its own. As this is first and foremost a football blog, one is drawn to Celtic from my list. McCann’s Dundee kept their shape well in the first half last night, but in the second half Celtic’s quality threatened to overwhelm them. Four goals without reply in a team with six changes was no mean feat. Rodgers has by a country mile the best squad in Scottish football. His next two games, even at this early stage, will define his season. Primark Pedro, like McCann, will not set up his team to go toe-toe with Celtic. If Lite play expansive football, Celtic will decimate them.

To paraphrase Paul Brennan at his excellent blog Ceitic Quick News, “The Cry is No Defenders” at Auchenhowie. Lee Wallace is out with a groin injury until October. John and Alves were both taken off injured in the bruising two hour encounter with Partick on Tuesday. They will struggle to be fit for Saturday’s lunch-time derby. Primark is quick to opine that he has the best squad until the SMSM are blue in the face, and let’s face it they usually are, but even he cannot hide the glaring gaps in his defence. Rather than accept the obvious, in a leaf out of Slim Shady Traynor’s scrap book, he almost ‘fell wanking to the floor‘ when waxing lyrical about Ross McRorie. Pedro asserted that McRorie will be a future Scotland Centre Half. Quite a leap for someone who has a threadbare team with no representation in Strachan’s most recent squad. Should one file that in the “Mark Warburton as future England Manager” folder that is curated by cub reporter Chris Jack? If one were to believe Kenny Miller, Cackhanded Caixinha might select the wrong twin and play goalkeeper Robby at centre half.

Even if Rangers managed to smuggle twelve ‘imperfect but eligible’ men on the park, and their squad players removed their bibs and joined in, I cannot see Celtic’s unbeaten run, of 56 and counting, coming to an end. Sinclair, Forrest, Dembele and McGregor will have a field day. McRorie’s blood will be so twisted that he might give up on playing outfield to pick up gloves to emulate his twin brother. Lions and Christians comes to mind when pitting McRorie against the best forward line in Scotland. Those tipping Lite, step forward BFDJ and Jack, will be succulent lambs to the slaughter.

For generations those of a Celtic disposition were made to feel like second class citizens by the revolving door plenipotentiaries of The Blue Room and Park Gardens. As recently as 2011 they were denied their rightful place in The Champion’s League by a licensing committee chaired by Rod Petrie and heavily influenced by the odious Andrew Dickson. Will the latter be thrown under a Clapham Omnibus in a last throw of the dice by Regan? One can but hope so. I hazard that asking him to be hand-cuffed to Regan at the time is to enter a new paradigm of wishful thinking.

Which leads one to the Catalans and the desire  of a 41% minority to throw off the shackles, imposed by Franco since 1939, of Madrid. After the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)  the Francoist dictatorship enacted repressive measures, abolishing Catalan institutions and banning the official use of the Catalan language. From the late 1950s through to the early 1970s, Catalonia saw rapid economic growth drawing many workers from across Spain, making Barcelona one of Europe’s largest industrial metropolitan areas and turning Catalonia into a major tourist destination. Catalonia is now one of the most economically dynamic communities of Spain. Catalonia gives much more in tax to Madrid than it receives in State grants. The latter’s disbursement is heavily skewed towards Madrid.

Catalonia’s  elected leaders have organised a referendum for October 1 despite a Madrid ban and a politically-influenced justiciary deeming it unconstitional. However the apples in Madrid don’t fall far from the Franco tree. Madrid sent in their boot boys to seize documents and arrest ERC Member of Parliament Joan Tarda and twelve other officials.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont denounced what he said was a “coordinated aggression” and “totalitarian attitude” on the part of the Spanish state.

“We will not accept a return to times past”, Mr Puigdemont added, in a direct reference to the repression seen in Catalonia under the Franco dictatorship.

The Madrid boot boys stated that they had confiscated over 45,000 notifications which were about to be sent to Catalans selected to staff polling stations for the vote, representing 80 percent of the numbers necessary to ensure the stations were adequately staffed.

Seventy per cent of Catalonia’s electorate, from its 7.5m citizens, favour a referendum. One can but assume that the SNP are monitoring developments very closely.

When Lionel Messi expressed his empathy for Celtic he was speaking as an adopted son of Catalonia.

The aerial bombing of the Basque town of Guernica ( 26 April 1937) occurred during the Spanish Civil War. It was carried out at the behest of Francisco Franco’s nationalist government by its allies, the Nazi German Luftwaffe’s Condor Legion and the Fascist Italian Aviazione Legionaria, under the code name Operation Rügen. The attack gained controversy because it involved the bombing of civilians by a military air force.

The people of Guernica did not see it coming as it was the first of its kind. The sky rained fire, death and destruction. Franco’s bloodlust for the Basques was unquenchable. They were one of two upstart regions that he set out to crush.

Another adopted son of Catalonia, Pablo Picasso, who moved there with his parents  when he was 14, captured the horror in his eponymous cubist masterpiece later that year.The horror of Guernica will never be forgotten.

Franco’s fascism is alive and kicking in Spain as I write.







The Incessant Sectarian Soundtrack

The incessant sectarian soundtrack, from the away stand, leaves a lot to be desired.”

The quote in italics is from an article in The Daily Record (real tax-evaders write for The Record) apropos the Partick Thistle v Rangers Lite SPFL fixture on Friday. The incessant sectarian soundtrack could also be heard at last night’s League Cup QF. If truth be told you don’t have to go away from home to hear the most vile bigots in full voice. These evil chants are as incessant as they are ubiquitous at their ‘spiritual’ home, The Sectarian Speakeasy that is Ibrox Stadium.

Not a game goes by without a lusty homage to Billy Fullerton. Mr. (I use the term loosely as he was more animal than human) had a penchant for indiscriminately attacking Catholics and those of Irish descent with clubs, razors and knives. He carried a revolver with him at all times. He was loath to miss an opportunity to shoot a Taig, which is a pejorative term analagous to a Irish N*****

Fullerton formed a Scottish chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. His racism was hard-wired. Should one wonder why this unreconstructed criminal bigot is venerated at Ibrox and even more vociferously in ‘away’ enclosure, one can but revert to former Lite director John Gilligan who defended the jaunty melody.

It bobs along nicely like a decapitated head in a Nazi concentration camp.

The Third Reich’s culture of supremacy, their mission statement of creating a master race, is alive and kicking at Ibrox. Cue The Famine Song:

I often wonder where they would have been
If we hadn’t have taken them in
Fed them and washed them
Thousands in Glasgow alone
From Ireland they came
Brought us nothing but trouble and shame
Well the famine is over
Why don’t they go home?

Now Athenry Mike was a thief
And Large John he was fully briefed
And that wee traitor from Castlemilk
Turned his back on his own
They’ve all their Papists in Rome
They have U2 and Bono
Well the famine is over
Why don’t they go home?

Now they raped and fondled their kids
That’s what those perverts from the darkside did
And they swept it under the carpet
and Large John he hid
Their evils seeds have been sown
Cause they’re not of our own
Well the famine is over
Why don’t you go home?

Now Timmy don’t take it from me
Cause if you know your history
You’ve persecuted thousands of people
In Ireland alone
You turned on the lights
Fuelled U boats by night
That’s how you repay us
It’s time to go home.”

I don’t claim to be any kind of an expert on the lyrical proclivities of the Ibrox Unterklasse, but are they having a pop at the late, great, Jock Stein? The term ‘legend’ is used more often than it should be but few in Scottish football deserve this epithet more than Jock Stein. As Bill Shankly asserted at the time of The European Cup triumph:”You’re immortal Jock.”

I ran my forensic eye over the historical reports of the appallingly aberrant behaviour of a former coach at Celtic Boys Club. However I could not find any causal link to Jock Stein.

Might I suggest The Klan are reaching to undermine an achievement that they can never better?  This must really stick in their craw. It flies in the face of their delusions of supremacy. If anyone can point me to a report on the IRA fuelling U-boats I will be duly obliged. No takers? More vile delusion?

There are laws in place in Scotland which prohibit incitement to racial hatred. This ‘song’ is unequivocally in breach of this law. So why do Police Scotland not wade in to arrest the recidivists?  I assume that their rationale for inertia is that it might incite a full-scale riot. As we saw at Hampden, the Lite fans will kick off at the slightest provocation.

How dare they taunt ‘The People.’

Graham Spiers to his credit has often taken the bigots to task in his columns. “Wading in Fenian Blood should be a proscribed mantra at all football games.

Come Saturday the Ibrox Recidivist Choir will be in full voice as Rangers host Celtic. I can exclusively reveal that Kenny Miller was sent home from training on Sunday by Primark Pedro’s assistant. He was told to take an enforced break as his body language was betraying his ridicule of ‘Banger’ Caixinha’s antiquated training methods. One would not be surprised if Primark Pedro reintroduced medicine balls.

As the world looks on our sceptred isle must we hope for an early goal by Celtic to silence The Klan? The silence was deafening the last time these teams met at Ibrox.

It is my firm conviction that the football is just an excuse for the most vile transgressions of public decency. When the drums of Marching Season stop, the bigots beat to a familiar drum at Ibrox

Two Years Of Discovery

Today is the two years anniversary of The Sitonfence Speakeasy. A site where the only agendas are the truth and righting wrongs. Injustice, in all its many guises, is anathema to me. In jj:passim Be Still My Beating Heart I highlighted organ harvesting in China. Falun Gong is a Chinese spiritual practice that combines meditation and qigong exercises with a moral philosophy centered on the tenets of truthfulness. However the truth and freedom of thought are often proscribed in China. After several weeks of demonstrations, Chinese troops entered Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, and fired on civilians. Estimates of the death toll range from several hundred to thousands. It has been estimated that as many as 10,000 people were arrested during and after the protests. Many of those arrested have never been seen again, including Tank Man, whose identity remains unknown.


The ethnic cleansing of Falun Gong practitioners, whose organs are taken by force during their incarceration, is truly scandalous. However The Chinese State Apparatus gets away with it as Chinese investment is currently propping up the American economy. Sino-American relations are seen as key to containing the ‘rogue state’ of North Korea. Is North Korea really a rogue state or has it been demonised by the media? Does it not have the right to defend its borders? The prohibition of crude oil exports to North Korea is beginning to bite, as is the embargo on North Korea’s exports. The Pentagon/CIA are drawing up plans for regime change. In the current circumstances is it not unreasonable to expect a response from North Korea even if it’s little more than thermo-nuclear sabre rattling?

The Philippines war against drugs has resulted in the extra-judicial murder of 5,000 individuals, many of whom were innocent of any crime. Crystal meth is the common name for crystal methamphetamine, a strong and highly addictive drug that affects the central nervous system. It’s estimated that three million are addicted to ‘ice.’

Rodrigo Duterte, the 16th and current President of the Philippines, in a televised address to the nation, asserted that he would like to massacre all of the three million drug addicts.

I have first-hand experience of poverty in the Philippines. I have been to houses with no floor covering and newspapers on the walls as makeshift wallpaper. I became involved in a charity that provided shoes to children starting primary school. Some of them had lived their lives bare of foot. The better off had flip-flops. The poverty is crushingly oppressive and overwhelming. Is it any wonder many without hope turn to a cheap blue rock that makes them feel better?

Duterte should be tackling the drug lords not the addicts. Or is he on the take from the wealthiest of their milieu? That he has done nothing to alleviate the poverty of his people is an outrage.

I digress. Many of my readers don’t appreciate when I go off piste from the main targets for my invective: the systemic cheating of Rangers and the complicity of Scottish football governance. Few however could ignore my articles on the death of Madeleine McCann, whose body will probably never be found. Her odious parents have denied their daughter the basic right of a Christian burial. Operation Ore exposed Gerry McCann as someone prepared to pay for images and videos of children being sexually tortured, including babies. He and his paedophile pal Dr. David Payne discussed how well McCann had groomed Madeleine, who was two at the time, to engage in oral sex. How McCann and his equally odious wife are allowed to solicit millions of pounds to ‘find‘ Madeleine is incomprehensible.

I backed Ched Evans when it was unpopular to do so. Matt Leslie, a former sub-editor at The Daily Record and current blogger on Hearts, was quick to castigate my support of a convicted rapist. I was convinced that he was innocent. The jury system is fallible. He spent thirty months in jail for a crime that he did not commit. A crime that was not reported to the police. A crime that the police used to further their careers. Ched was cleared of all charges. My support was vindicated.

This is very much a football blog. It was the Fans’ Choice of New Football Blog 2016 (FBA Awards). One of the reasons that this is the go-to site for many readers is my exclusives. I will select four of these from a portfolio of at least ten times this quantum:

1. David Murray paid a $1,000,000 bribe in cash to Lawrence Marlborough to acquire the latter’s equity in Rangers.

2. Dave King, via his bag man Paul Murray, paid William Stevenson £25,000 for his hacked information to undermine the former incumbents of the Rangers Lite board and to drive down the share price to facilitate their acquisition by his concert party.

3. The minutes of the interim meeting of the SPL to discuss whether to appeal the inordinately lenient fine that was recommended by the LNS Commission.

4. An insider at Woolgar Hunter revealed that three of the roofs at Ibrox stadium had fallen in to such disrepair that they had to be lifted and replaced at a cost north of £10m.

I revealed the true extent of the activities of career criminal Dave King. DCI Robertson chose to believe that King/Traynor’s leaks on Twitter (Charlotte Fakeovers) were evidence of a conspiracy. As King wanted to oust the former regime, Robertson’s pursuit of them was a godsend. Millions from state coffers were squandered on a wild goose chase. A wild goose chase that I was the first to rail against. David Murray killed Rangers. Fighting over the carcass should have been a sideshow. The intervention of a corrupt cabal of football governors made it the main event

There have been three credible death threats from those who cannot handle the truth. I now have to live my life in exile as I have been warned that should I return to Scotland my elderly and infirm parents will be assassinated. They are sitting ducks for the paramilitaries who have infiltrated The Orange Order.

Please read the preceding paragraph again. It’s chilling. Fellow FBA award winner Phil Macgiollabhain describes your humble author as ‘heroically in exile.‘ He should focus on his creative writing which according to my sources is no more than 30% accurate. If you want a Sinn Fein perspective or a theatrical night of IRA rabble-rousing, Phil’s your man. However he should not meddle in areas where he does not have any awareness of what’s really going on in my life.

I salute those who have shared this journey with me. A special mention must go to The Mensch who has been with me since the beginning. TM’s is a man hewn from a Jewish tradition who responded to my pieces on Palestine with the measure and eloquence that have become his trademark. His contributions to this site are invaluable. Sadly he too has been targeted by The Klan who threatened to gas his family.

If I have made your morning commute more bearable then I have made a difference.  If you take your JJ with your morning coffee, I hope that I have provided some respite from your travails. If you’re unwaged or infirm, never forget that I have your back and that your voice will not be muted.

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Accelerated Payments

As we have seen with the odious tax cheat and Daily Record correspondent, Barry Ferguson, HMRC armed with court cases in their favour are aggressively pursuing the tax evaders. However Ferguson, who knew that he had evaded tax on ‘cash-stuffed envelopes’ to the tune of £2.633,000, effectively put himself into administration by declaring himself bankrupt. Ferguson naturally transferred his part ownership of his gated Bothwell mansion to his wife.

Not that this will bother the Daily Record. A title where integrity has never featured in its lexicon. Ferguson – who is not the sharpest tool in his garden shed – is well advised. I await Ferguson’s Forces Day reportage with bated breath and his narrative on the abseiling bigots with poppies between their teeth. If it were not for other tax payers making up Ferguson’s end, the sectarian soldiers would not have a rope to swing on.

As the tax malfeasance of Rangers and the SFA’s complicity in their cheating is kept under wraps at the SMSM, one has to look to English titles for coverage. Ewing Grahame at The Times is worth his salt. He is a fellow traveller who knows that the SFA is a corrupt cabal of Rangers appeasers. The Guardian, where my metaphor  of ‘Continuation Jihadists’ led to a name check in a Roy Greenslade article, is also worth a read. I would steer clear of The Telegraph as Roddy Forsyth, who in many other ways is an excellent journalist and radio broadcaster, has a peculiar ‘Old Firm‘ fixation. Perhaps we should forgive Roddy as he took a bath on The Titanic. Mr. Forsyth’ equity in RFC plc is believed to be residing in a locker in the purview of Davy Jones c/o The Atlantic Shelf.

The EBT travails of the former club have not escaped the notice of The Financial Times. The FT reports that Hector is firing tax Exocets in the form of Accelerated Payment Notices( APN). The Supreme Court ruling against Rangers has put a spring in Hector’s step. The APN for tax year 2016-2017 amounted to £1.3b. However Hector’s APN  in 2017-2018, bolstered by The Supreme Court’s ruling against Rangers and against the creators of The Eclipse 35 tax scams, are anticipated to far outstrip last year’s quantum. Since the introduction of APN in 2014 Hector has raked in £4b.

What could possibly have gone wrong with an aggressive tax avoidance scheme that was created by a stunt cock? Barry Ferguson continues to scratch his head with two fingers to this day.

Essentially an APN is a weapon of mass tax evasion destruction. Hector is shooting first, asking questions later. Dominic Arnold, the head of tax Investigations at accountancy firm Moore Stephens, opined:

HMRC’s ability to demand accelerated payments remains a draconian but clearly increasing effective mechanism.”

One wonders how many more of Sir Bribe & Lie’s victims, hoodwinked by Rangers/SFA fixer Andrew Dickson, will have to join Ferguson in financial purdah?

At times like this Mr. Ferguson might seek the solace of an afternoon matinee at his local Cineworld. However as his snout was also in the Eclipse 35 trough, the escapism might be somewhat muted. Perhaps Barry will write about it in his next column in The Daily Record. Real tax-evaders read the Record,

It would bring tears to a glass eye.