Encounters of The Third Kind

The following is an excerpt from a comment that was posted on our board this morning:

” Regards the financial situation, I believe Dave King when he says loans are needed again. The loans from the Park family in particular have kept the lights on at Ibrox these last few seasons since King and former St Mirren supporter Murray forced their way up the marble staircase. Without these loans there would already have been another insolvency event on Edminston Drive. I own shares in Charles Greens’ club/company. These continued soft loans, that will never be repaid in cash, will eventually (if still a viable company is in operation) be “paid” in new shares. These new shares will dilute mine unless I invest again and dilute all other current shareholders including club1872 shares. The soft loans, by Dave Kings admission, currently stand at approximately £12-15 million. With new soft loans required in the next two months this figure will rise.

What does this mean? It means that Dave King, or whoever sits atop the stair case, will need to have the most successful 2nd share flotation in British sporting history to

A. Pay off the soft loans

B. Have enough proper equity after paying off the loans and operating cash to build a team that will win the league and negotiate Champions League qualifiers in order to then have cash in hand to maintain dominance and to unearth relatively inexpensive gems in the transfer market to be sold on. Much like Celtic do.

By Dave Kings own words, of the few I believe, he said it will take at least £50 million to catch Celtic. I think it’s more than that.

Remember that the whole club/company scam currently shows that the club is in debt to the company to the tune of £12 plus million and the company is the same in “debt” to these soft loans. All of which contravenes FFP rules, but this is Scotland so it’s OK. That will never be repaid without two to three consecutive years in the champions league.

The current situation will mean long term scraping about for the odd victory over Celtic, that will happen from time to time as they will let their guard down occasionally. The odd cup victory will again happen.

If I was in charge I would arrange a prepack administration right now, take the points penalty, write off this season, bin Caixinha and his cronies, seriously annoy the Parks and others, but tough luck (ask the debenture seat and former shareholders in the original Rangers about that) and start afresh. The SFA and SPFL will help facilitate this.

I would employ serious real Rangers men on realistic wages not overpaid “superstars”. It would take two seasons and I would have a third incarnation of Rangers in 2nd place on a shoestring budget. The fans would buy it. They bought the second version no problem so the third version will be a cinch.

Orange away strip and abseiling soldiers with poppies in window boxes in the executive suites and the punters would lap it up. I would make £1 million per season and the fans would accept 11 guys on the pitch bursting their guts at the sheer Britishness of it all.

It’s really very simple, but unfortunately second Rangers thought they were first Rangers and all the special overdraft facilities and authorities turning a blind eye didn’t apply this time. So second Rangers survive on loans from shareholders instead of a corrupt bank. The shareholders don’t have the reserves a corrupt bank has. The funds will run out eventually. Third Rangers will be a success only if reality is introduced into the proceedings. When it is, whether it be with third Rangers or thirty third Rangers, it will take a three to five year project and they will be second best outfit in the country and then, and only then, will they be able to really focus on unseating those pesky Tims from their perch.

It will take one Real Rangers Man to stand up and make this happen, the problem is he will be called a bead rattler and told to pipe (or pape) down.”

The current incarnation of Rangers, new club Rangers Lite, started life as a basket of assets and is now a basket case. King has money but can only remit £590,000 per annum overseas in any given year. Reports suggest that he is not even prepared to venture this quantum.

The unprecedented decision by the Takeover Panel Executive to petition the Court of Session to issue an edict obliging King to make an offer of 20p for the shares not within his concert party’s gift, will have serious consequences. When King was risibly passed F&P by a small quorum of Regan lickspittles, he was still bound by the three years suspension of a three months prison sentence. When the Scorpions turned up to assess the value to attach to his cars for auction, he hid them and mendaciously claimed that they were all at the panel beaters. This song and dance, which was only bettered by a shell game exercise where five interchanging companies owned his corporate jet, cut no ice with the court. I have apprised the TPE of what they are dealing with. They had the professional courtesy to respond.

As far as the Parks are concerned the impending Cold Shoulder and Contempt of Court proceedings are King’s babies. However one should note that any share dilution with King at the helm will land all the directors of RIFC in court.

I concur that the current iteration is a failed enterprise but the principal debtors have yet to call time on throwing good money after bad. Getting a few pence on the pound from a Brian Kennedy consortium would not be appealing. Kennedy is not a RRM but his involvement would be a boon. As I revealed exclusively the lion-maned factotum that is Paul Murray has already beseeched Kennedy to get involved when he attended a meeting at Kennedy’s Manchester office.

However would one trust a man who is one of the two principal benefactors to ‘The Find Madeleine McCann Trust.’ The other major donor is Richard Branson. Would Kennedy be told to ‘pape down’ and dismissed as a bead rattler?

It’s no stretch to suggest that the bookmakers’ runners Regan and Doncaster would confer all the titles to a Third Rangers. They would confer the titles to the Third Reich Rangers if they could sell them as the same club to the bookies and broadcasters.

The future is one without King. Kennedy was offered King’s 14.57% during the meeting with Murray, but anything less than a majority stake does not interest him.

Kennedy would be the ideal chairman and majority stakeholder in a Third Rangers. Rangers Lite has failed. Rangers 2018 with Kennedy at the helm would succeed.

I have no doubt that the punters would welcome an orange away strip, but Puma and Sports Direct have both walked away. Kennedy might well tempt them back to the table but I cannot envisage him pandering to the Orange Ordure.

The quintessential Britishness of abseiling squaddies with poppies between their teeth should be a thing of the past. They are little more than bigots in uniform and should play no part in any tertiary Rangers concern.

On a final note is it any wonder that many in the Celtic support refuse to subsidise the price of a pint at ex servicemen’s clubs when the paratroopers who murdered innocent civilians on Bloody Sunday supped their blood?


Dear JJ : The WATP Discount

Dear JJ,

Felicitations old chum from Teddy and Natasha in our Chalfonts Indian Summer idyll. Our local Indian restaurants – The Pukka Sahib and The Full Raj – are doing a roaring trade. I spotted Jim White going the full Raj in his yellow tie and matching boxer pants. I have no idea why he dropped his trousers. Does he think he’s Richard Gough? I had hoped that we had seen the last of him after he disgraced himself by slipping the tongue on Lady Bear as she was putting in a shift on the Ladies Guild ‘Kiss me quick’ stall at the summer fete. What part of Kiss Me Quick does he not get? Does he think he’s in France where they coined the term Cinq Minutes Frenchie?

I note that Scotland put three past yet another failed Baltic statelet. Even if they had gone the full Big Fat Derek Johnstone – who scored six with two clearly offside – do away from home goals count double? – there would no reason for optimism. Slovakia will give us a Thursday evening spanking at Hampden. Some of the old boys in The Chalfonts County Cricket Club would pay good money if they dressed up as ‘Matron’ to deliver some much needed corporal punishment. Our club secretary Max Mosley would prefer Nazi uniforms but the least said about him the better. I blame the public schools.

I digress. I note that The Hearts Holy Trinity – Craig Levein The Father, Son & Holy Ghost (his appearance between the sticks is understated) had the temerity to ask for a cool million, up front, for Jamie Walker. Does he not realise, as Primark Pedro appositely put it, that We Are The People? How remiss of him not to apply the WATP discount.

Even Cub Reporter Chris Jack took pause to remove his retainer to opine that Hearts would have to make the first move. Could Levein not have settled for an EBT in the time-honoured tradition?

Playing Gypsy Thief to Primark’s Gypsy Kings is beyond the pale. Jamie Walker, whose heart was set on the 5 a.m. world class breakfasts and naughty step 6 a.m. training will not be a happy bunny. He should console himself with a full night’s rest which seems to have done wonders for O’ Halloran in his loan move to St. Johnstone. Primark’s opinion that he is not good enough for his second tier ‘Less than Speedy’ Gonzales team of misfits will not play well when they try to offload him to Tommy Wright after his loan expires. A fish supper and a bottle of Irn Bru might be the best offer on the table, with a fish tea sell-on clause. How remiss of Primark to diss his own player.

Craig Levein should know better. Has he not learned anything since his SFA £5,000  fine in 2008 after speaking out of turn after a curious run-in to the title encounter at Ibrox on May 10th of that year? Levein was the manager of Dundee United at that time.

On the day in question, McCurry wrongly disallowed a goal by United’s Danny Swanson for offside, elected not to award Levein’s team a penalty when last man David Weir clearly brought down Noel Hunt and also failed to penalise both Daniel Cousin for butting Lee Wilkie and Kirk Broadfoot for punching Hunt.

The refereeing was so bent that it was a throwback to The Struth Era and the blatant cheating in favour of the  draft-dodging shipyard workers who won WW II regional titles with more than a little help from their friends.

What did he expect from Sir Bribe & Lie’s EBT Juggernaut? A level playing field? At Ibrox? His after-dinner speeches must be a real hoot.

As you know JJ, Lady Bear and I love nothing more that toodling along the B-roads of Cornwall in our Rolls Royce Corniche. She’s an absolute classic. Only one previous owner and surprisingly low in tread. Lady Bear is wearing well. On finding a cove that a smuggler would be proud of, I set up our Martini sun canopy and indulge in some crumpet and clotted cream. Having tended to Natasha I open my thermos of Earl Grey Tea, adding three table spoonfuls of 25 Years Old Macallan from my hip flask; one for each cup and one for the pot. I then lay out some freshly delivered smoked salmon canapés from Fortnum & Mason.

I offten throw a curl of salmon at our much beloved Akita dog ‘Gazza’ who is quite partial to flute music. He has a discerning ear. More a GIRFUY Famine Song than Jethro Tull if truth be told. However there is none of the barking that seems to be a familiar theme in Primark Pedro’s caravan excursions. I once found a wayward Gazza whining at Stevenage Railway Station, but I put that down to the Burke & Hare McCanns who were stinking up the first class waiting room in their pathology gowns. Fearing that Cuddle Cat would be ripped apart I ushered Gazza away from the cadaverine-crusted criminals and made good our escape to a local butcher to pick up a rack of lamb for Gazza’s elevenses. All’s  well that ends well. Unlike our Europa Cup exit which was a clusterfucked omnishambles.

How are things in exile old chum? Are you and Lord Lucan sitting down to afternoons of Canasta to a backdrop of Wildebeest? Torquay can be quite nice at this time of year.

As the McCanns would say I’ll love you and leave you.

Yours in Rangers,

Edward (Teddy) Bear Esquire

The Home On The Range Estate

Chalfont St. Giles


WATP 1690

When in doubt play 4-6-0. Now get that notebook out for my first eleven.


Dear Teddy,

Thank you for getting in touch. The vial of Lady Bear’s old bath water was very thoughtful. My Elba Tulips are coming up a treat.

I concur that Craig Curmudgeon Levein is as easy to deal with as Daniel Levy with toothache. Alex Ferguson remarked that hip surgery was preferable to sitting down with Levy to discuss money.

During the tenure of Sir Bribe & Lie, a helpful EBT would often be used to oil the wheels of transfer progress. Graeme Souness and Walter Smith tucked away tidy sums for their transfer amelioration. Could one not have conjured up a tax-efficient dodge for old times sake? No names, numbers, or Supreme Court pack drill? It could have been imperfectly registered as an endowment from Dave King’s Aunt Fanny (deceased) safe in the knowledge that the SFA would brush it under their Hampden shag pile.

Chris Union Jack is getting his training bra in a twist about the Jamie Walker impasse. Suffice to say that he can sign a pre-contract in January, with the Rangers-facing SFA setting a peppercorn development fee.

SFA assistance this season, other than the usual home tie by to the Scottish Cup semi-finals, will be off the radar. The last thing they want is another treble for the Green Brigade’s  Rebels Without a Pause. One – eyed refereeing, from Honest Mistakes Madden, Muir, Dallas and Beaton, will be more prevalent than last season. Waghorn’s prowess for converting penalties will be sorely missed

As was the case with Primark Pedro’s Europa Cup debut, Scotland’s hope of qualifying for the Russia World Cup Finals is a non-starter. In the highly unlikely event of a win against Slovakia, all the players can look forward to is the cold comfort of an airport floor, as Regan, McRae and Petrie help themselves to Cognac & Cohibas. Tomorrow’s anticipated romp against the Maltesers, covered in chocolate with a light inner core, should not fool anyone.

Will Natasha be wearing the all white Slovakia first team strip as you sit down to watch the game, or will she favour the all blue away strip that will be worn by the away team?

An England win will give Scotland a dog’s chance. The same chance that Cuddle Cat would have when pitted against your Akita dog, Gazza.

It will be a pleasant respite from watching Cack-Handed Caixinha’s Calamities.

Give my love to Lady Bear,

Yours in exile,



The Truth of A Lie

Scotland’s convincing win against Lithuania should not be an inducement to attend Hampden Park on Monday evening.  The England v Slovakia game on television should be a bigger draw. If England win, and frankly I’m not convinced that they will, and the bounce game against Malta inexorably leads to a Scotland win,  Scotland would go into their home game against Slovakia on the 5th October knowing that they had to win.

As Slovakia’s last World Cup qualifier is against Malta on the 8th October, a draw at Hampden would not be good enough. In the corresponding away fixture Scotland were convincingly beaten 0-3. Of course even if they were to win this game their last game is away to Slovenia who may also have designs on the runners-up spot.

As I have stated on a number of occasions, I cannot envisage Scotland prevailing on 5th October and on the 8th October. Slovakia have a real chance of automatic qualification from this group. If they fashion a win at Wembley, they will anticipate six points from Scotland and Malta and will set about securing accommodation in Russia.

I urge the Tartan Army to keep their powder dry until the 5th October and in the unlikely event of a win, pack their bags for Slovenia. Do not fritter away £20-£30 to ensure that Stewart Regan has more leg room on the flight to Slovenia. There is nothing crucial about Monday’s game. Scotland are 1/16 to win. Malta 28/1.



Those not interested in the Madeleine McCann case should look away now. For my latest piece on this, how shall I phrase it – miscarriage of justice – my research led me to the translations of the Portuguese Police’s analysis and rogatory interviews with the Tapas 7.

The McCanns have made a small fortune by suing the Express Group Newspaper Group for libel. The Express Group settled out of court and in an unprecedented move printed page one apologies to the McCanns in The Daily Express and Daily Star.

One wonders if they would be so keen to settle and apologise given Gonçalo Amaral’s  book – The Truth of The Lie – on his investigation and the release of the Portuguese police’s case notes. The McCanns were determined to quash the publication of Amaral’s book. They squandered millions taking their appeal all the way to The Portuguese Supreme Court. They sued Amaral for libel. They petitioned for his imprisonment. Yet despite their overwhelming litigious might, they failed to silence him. Their appeal was thrown out. The initial print run of 200,000 copies sold out within days. It has been translated and published in several European countries.

However their £75,000 per annum spin doctor, former Labour Government Advisor Clarence Mitchell, had the book banned in the UK. It has been translated online by Anna Esse.

What is established from the rogatory interviews was that David Payne was the last person other than the McCanns to see Madeleine alive and well. He dropped by at 6.30 p.m. on the evening of the 3rd September. He remarked on how healthy they all looked. A tribute to their parents as it were.

As it takes two hours for cadaverine to be detectable from a corpse, Madeleine who according to the PJ died in apartment 5A, must have died two hours prior to the eyewitness account of Gerry McCann carrying her lifeless body at 9.50p.m. Kate McCann, if we are to accept Payne’s statements, was left alone with the children from the time of Payne’s departure at 6.45 – 7 p.m. until the time Gerry McCann returned from the tennis court due to failing light. The presence of Madeleine’s blood in the apartment is a concern.

In the PJ report it is stated that:

The circumstance that the Parents were the last known persons who had been with Madeleine, alive and traced, a circumstance that in itself made them subject to investigation. On the other hand, there was information, which was not confirmed afterwards, that the McCanns, while focused on stating an abduction theory, had contacted the British media (Sky News), before calling the police authorities.”

Confronted with these elements, namely the possibility of the existence of a cadaver in the apartment and in the vehicle that was used by the parents, founded suspicions of their involvement were raised.”

As they were summoned to depose again, while there was no plausible explanation for those situations and as they were to be confronted with the dogs’ findings and with the lab information, which were susceptible of rendering them responsible as authors of crimes (at least, of neglectful homicide and of concealment of a cadaver), they were, obligatorily and inexorably, made arguidos.”

We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.


Pamela Fenn, who resides on the residential block’s first floor, above the apartment that was occupied by the McCann family, clarified that on the 1st of May 2007, two days before her disappearance, at around 10.30 p.m., she heard a child crying, which from the sound would be MADELEINE and that she cried for an hour and fifteen minutes, until her parents arrived, at around 11.57 p.m. This shows that the parents were not persistently worried about their children [and] that they didn’t check on them like they afterwards declared they did, rather neglecting their duty to guard those same children, although not in a temerarious, or gross, manner.”


The following is from the Portuguese penal code, clause 227

1 – Whoever places another person’s life in danger,
a) By exposing her in a location where she is subject to a situation from which she, on her own, cannot defend herself against; or
b) Abandoning her without defence, whenever the agent had the duty to guard her, to watch over her or to assist her;”

This legal type of crime is only fulfilled with intent, and this intent has to cover the creation of danger to the victim’s life, as well as the absence of a capacity to defend herself, on the victim’s behalf. Even if, hypothetically, one could admit that Gerald and Kate McCann might be responsible over the child’s death, it would still have to be explained how, where through, when, with what means, with the help of whom and where to they freed themselves of her body within the restricted time frame that would have been available to them to do so.

The report by the PJ has now been archived. The investigation by Belgravia police, which has recently received additional funding is a whitewash that will skirt round any McCann culpability. They are on a wild goose chase looking for Jane Tanner’s fabricated sighting.

On a final note one can see why the McCanns and Mitchell wanted Amaral off the case.


Joana Cipriano disappeared from the village of Figueira, near Portimao, on 12 September 2004 and was later assumed to have been murdered, though her body has never been found. She was eight-years-old.

The investigation into her disappearance ended with the conviction of Leonor and Joao Cipriano, Joana’s mother and uncle, for her murder.

The prosecution claimed that Joana was killed because she saw her mother, Leonor Cipriano, and her mother’s brother, Joao Cipriano, having sex. This was in accordance with the testimony of the stepfather of Leandro Silva, the common-law husband of Leonor Cipriano.

The PJ inspectors were working under Gonçalo Amaral at the time of the alleged incident. There were allegations that Leonor Cipriano was tortured.

The trial of the PJ inspectors revealed many attempts by Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer to discredit Gonçalo Amaral, both professionally and personally.

The trial concluded on 22 May 2009 with Gonçalo Amaral receiving an 18-month custodial sentence, suspended for the same length of time, for the misrepresentation of evidence.

Amaral had a fierce reputation. Despite being discredited no-one could ever accuse him of not going the extra mile to nail a suspect.


The Great British McCann Robbery

This site, our site, gives a voice to the cheated and the oppressed. I choose my targets carefully, fully aware that one libellous slip could bring the curtain down on two years of daily articles. I am alive to the feedback of my readers and those who support our site. I no longer engage in political articles and there is outstanding correspondence from The Bears that remains unanswered. However I won’t cede editorial control under duress. If I have something to say on the corruption of Scottish football, readers know that I won’t pull my punches. As for the trial of Craig Whyte and others, this site provided exclusive coverage where other sites feared to tread. Charles Green, when we were introduced to each other, could not believe how well informed I was on his hearings. This site will always sail close to the wind to give my readers something unique.

I championed Ched Evans. I knew that he was not a rapist. He should not have served 30 months in prison for behaving badly. The outcry from the PC brigade when he attempted to earn a living was despicable. I received push back. I was castigated for supporting a convicted rapist. However he was fully exonerated as I was in supporting him.

Another injustice that caught my eye was the manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault of Lynette Daley. Lynette Daley was found dead on Ten Mile Beach, north of Iluka, New South Wales, in January 2011. The trial of the white trash who killed her commenced on 31st July of this year and is ongoing as I write.

A jury of seven women and five men on the first day of the trial heard that the 33-year-old suffered severe lacerations to her genitals from a violent sexual act involving the use of a hand or fist. Let me put this in layman’s language. Lynette, while intoxicated was violently fist-fucked to death by two white racist thugs who saw her as a piece of meat on which to act out their most depraved fantasies.

Crown prosecutor Philip Strickland SC told the court Ms Daley had lacerations in and around her vagina.

They caused significant bleeding — a significant loss of blood.”

When taken to task by the police the accused asserted:

‘Boys will be boys.’

We are not dealing with boys here. We are dealing with savage hyenas who burnt her body as it haemorrhaged to death to destroy DNA evidence.

Paul Maris, 47, has been charged with aggravated sexual assault in company and hindering the discovery of evidence. He told the court Ms Daley was “quite all right” with the sexual act which led to her death.
She didn’t say stop it, she was alright with what we were doing,he said.

But Mr Strickland told the court a post-mortem examination had shown Ms Daley had a blood alcohol level of more than 0.3 at the time, and either did not or could not give consent.

Adrian Attwater, 42, has also  been charged with manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault in company. The court was played an excerpt from his record of interview with police, in which he was asked how the situation had developed.

These things just happen, man,” he said.

“Girls will be girls and boys will be boys.”
The court was told Maris was seen with an apparently intoxicated Ms Daley at a supermarket in the area the afternoon before her death. The jury was told a witness would testify that Maris asked him:

Hey mate, can you do us a favour and drop this thing [Ms Daley] down the road for us?”

One can but hope that Maris and Attwatter are convicted and incarcerated for a minimum of twenty tears. If I had my way I would send them to a correctional facility where a majority of the inmates were Aborigine. However they are just as likely to walk free if the Crown cannot prove its case against them. I will maintain a watching brief.

In the future I intend to forensically examine the death of Stuart Lubbock who was found dead floating in Michael Barrymore’s pool. In a frenzied homosexual attack on a married man with an infant daughter, a pool thermometer was rammed repeatedly into his anus. No-one was ever charged with his manslaughter. The perpetrators have made a pact of silence.

Which inexorably leads me to the pact made by the Tapas 9 to conceal the circumstances that led to the demise of Madeleine McCann. In my previous article I acknowledged the sterling efforts of Richard D Hall. In this follow-up piece I am indebted to Anthony Bennet.

Mr. Bennet in his introduction to his article – 60 Reasons Why Madeleine Was Not Abducted –  sets the scene thus:

Amongst all the media hype and debate on the likely fate of Madeleine, and the claims of those involved, we have lost sight of the fact that little Madeleine, even if she was abducted, is no longer with us because her parents deliberately chose to leave their three children, all aged under four, unsupervised, so they could enjoy another night out wining and dining with their friends, over 100 yards’ walk away, unable to see or hear their three young children. Indeed, it is known that on one occasion, they were called back to their apartment by Mark Warner staff to attend to one of their children (probably Madeleine) who had been crying out in distress for at least an hour and a quarter, apparently pleading: ‘Daddy, Daddy’. Leaving their children unattended whilst out at the nearby Tapas restaurant with their friends is something they have publicly admitted to doing for either five or six nights in a row.”

Note the significance of the statement made by the staff of Mark Warner who ran the resort. Madeline was crying out for 75 minutes, yet this was not picked up by the Tapas 9 who claimed that they checked on the children every thirty minutes. I contend that they did not check on the children whatsoever. Having been called out on the distress of Madeleine, was she sedated so that the McCanns could continue wining and dining?

In the Madeleine McCann case, we have a truly extraordinary example of a couple, suspected of a serious crime against their child, not only being protected by our government, but also being lauded in the British press at the same time – and even, in the case of Dr Gerry McCann, receiving a ‘bravery medal’ at a police ceremony. Those who seek out information about the case, have used their minds to try to understand what might really have happened to Madeleine, and who have reached the conclusion that the McCanns and their friends are clearly failing to tell the whole truth about Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’, have been dubbed ‘McCann-haters’ or worse. These facts alone suggest that there are major issues surrounding this case that every British citizen should be aware of.”

For brevity I will only look at the most significant assertions that were made by Mr. Bennet in 2008. He has since been silenced by Carter-Ruck, acting on the instructions of the McCanns, and sentenced to three months imprisonment, which was suspended for one year, for Contempt of Court. Avid King watchers should note that the career criminal will soon suffer the same fate at The Court of Session.

We assert therefore that the British public is entitled to examine whether the McCanns’ claim of abduction stands up. You have been invited to give generously to find Madeleine. Many of you have done so, including some – like pensioners who donated their weekly pension – who could ill afford to do so. Many children gave up their pocket money for weeks to ‘help find Madeleine’. The British media have repeatedly promoted the claim that Madeleine really was abducted. Equally, and especially since the McCanns succeeded in winning over £1⁄2 million libel damages against several British newspapers, the British media have avoided printing stories that conflict with Madeleine having been abducted.”

Point 2: “The evidence from two highly trained cadaver dogs who found the ‘smell of death’ in several places in the holiday apartment where the McCanns were staying – and in a car they hired three weeks later.”

No matter how much one washes or scrubs clothes one cannot remove all traces of cadaverine. Kate McCann, playing the victim card, would clutch Madeleine’s soft toy ‘Cuddle Cat’ on every occasion when a TV crew was present. She would even remove it from her handbag to ensure that it featured in any video footage or photographs. However this was just for the cameras. When the cadaver dog caught up with the McCanns in their rented villa, Eddie made a bee line for the wardrobe, where the Cuddle Cat had been discarded. Despite having been washed by Kate McCann the cadaverine was still present. Did Madeleine die while clutching her Cuddle Cat?

We should note three very important things here. The dogs alerted to the smell of death/blood, separately, in exactly the same places in the apartment. Eddie the cadaver dog only alerted to the smell of death to the McCanns’ apartment, out of all the other ones he was taken to.

Similarly, the McCanns’ car was the only one in the car compound that Eddie alerted to. Let us be very clear about where the dogs’ evidence takes us. Records have been checked by the Portuguese police, going back years.

No-one else has ever died in Apartment 5A. No-one else has ever died in the Renault Scenic. There was a dead body in Apartment 5A. There was a dead body in the Renault Scenic hired by the McCanns.

That dead body could only be one individual – already dead – who could have been in both  5A and in the Renault Scenic. It must have been Madeleine McCann.

Kate McCann, claimed that the cadaverine could have been picked up on her clothes as she worked with corpses. She would have us believe that she took her laboratory clothes with her on holiday. She alleged that she took Cuddle Cat with her to the pathology lab.

Kate McCann is lying through her back teeth. 

When not lying Kate McCann just refused to answer questions, including all 48 put to her by the Poruguese police.

Question 41 piqued my interest. She was asked whether she had made arrangements for Madeleine’s legal guardianship to be transferred to a relative. Could Kate McCann, in a fit of rage, have murdered a daughter that so inconvenienced her ‘lush’ lifestyle?

Kate McCann, correctly sensing that the tide of public opinion was turning against her, agreed to take a lie detector test. However when presented with the questions that would be asked of her she withdrew her cooperation.

Then there’s the lie in regard to the sexualised photographs of Madeleine who was fully made up with lipstick and eye shadow. McCann claimed that her daughter had raided her cosmetics box. The makeup was perfectly applied suggesting an experienced hand. She was made up to look like a four years old Lolita. Dr. David Payne, who has a penchant for discussing how infants can be groomed to perform oral sex, must have been suitably impressed by Kate McCanns handiwork.

9. The McCanns’ false claim that the abductor had forced entry by jemmying open the shutters.

Within hours of this spurious allegation being made, both the Portuguese police and staff from Mark Warners, the holiday company with whom the McCanns and their friends were staying, had thoroughly checked the shutters. Their unanimous view was:

The shutters have not been forced open. There were no signs of forced entry’.

This led to a volte face by Kate McCann, who asserted that she may have left the patio doors open so that Madeleine could exit the apartment should it catch fire. When it was put to her that Madeleine could just have wandered off, she hastily reverted to the abduction narrative by stating that Madeleine was not strong enough to open the doors on her own. The lies upon lies told by Kate McCann suggests that she should not be believed on any matter. One might reasonably conclude that she is a glib and shameless liar. I have dealt with Jane Tanner’s fabrications in my previous article.

However the next revelation by Mr. Bennet was truly chilling:

“On 26th May, Mr Smith…described by Leicestershire police as a ‘decent’ man who was not looking for fame, came to Portugal to give a statement to the Portuguese police, and told them that he saw in a street in Praia da Luz a man carrying a child in his arms, with the child’s head resting on the man’s left shoulder. The man was 5’ 9’’ to 5’ 11” tall, 34/35 years old, with short brown hair, carrying a blonde girl wearing pyjamas ‘roughly four years of age’.”

Mr Smith then added these details: “The man was carrying the child with her head against his left shoulder and her arms hanging down alongside the body; she had bare feet, pale skin, blonde, shoulder-length hair, and was ‘wearing light coloured or pink pyjamas’.

The Portuguese police report continued: “On 20 September, Mr Smith once again contacted the authorities. He was ‘distressed’, explaining that when he saw the McCanns on the TV news on 9 September getting off the plane that had just landed in England, he said the way Gerry McCann was carrying his son Sean on his shoulder was ‘exactly’ the same way the unidentified man he had seen in Praia da Luz had been carrying the blonde girl he had seen.

He said he was now ‘nearly certain’ that it was Dr Gerry McCann that he had seen walking towards the beach at 9.50pm on 3rd May”.

A positive eye witness asserts that Gerry McCann was carrying Madeleine’s lifeless body towards the beach, ten minutes before the alarm was raised in regard to the alleged abduction by a gang of paedophiles.

There is also DNA evidence, from 15 out of 19 markers, that the blood found by Keela was Madeleine’s.

So we now have a suspicious infanticide and Dr. Gerry McCann committing a crime by concealing Madeleine’s body. Yet McCann received a medal for bravery.

There are suggestions that the ‘find Madeleine’ posters were created prior to the alarm being raised. None of the Tapas 7 engaged in the search for Madeleine. They knew that she was dead. Dr. David Payne admitted to the police that there was a pact of silence.

It was also surprising that the Pope, who blessed a picture of Madeleine, distanced himself from the McCanns in light of a confession made by Kate McCann to her parish priest. A priest is prohibited from revealing details to the public but this does not preclude him from informing his bishop, and up the hierarchy all the way to the Papal office.

Did Kate McCann confess to her part in the death of her daughter?

It’s also worth noting that the McCanns have disbursed north of £2m from their ‘Find Madeleine Trust Fund’ to a slew of unsavoury private investigators who have not found a scintilla of evidence to support the narrative of abduction.

I suspect readers will be asking how the McCanns got away with this charade. In simplistic terms, they were well advised.

Within hours of the alarm being raised the McCanns received the assistance of several lawyers who flew in from the UK. It remains unclear of how a cabal of solicitors could help find an abducted child. It has also not been explained who asked these lawyers to fly out to Praia da Luz and who paid for them.? Shortly after their arrival,  the McCanns received sufficient funds to afford the best legal representation money can buy in both Britain and Portugal.

As Mr. Bennet asserts:

The likely purpose of all these lawyers was not to help find Madeleine but, rather, to defend the McCanns, and possibly some of their ‘Tapas 9’ friends as well, from serious criminal charges. It suggests that from the outset the McCanns and their ‘Tapas 9’ friends knew they would probably come under scrutiny and investigation. When the McCanns were about to be made suspects in the investigation of their daughter’s disappearance, they rushed to hire the U.K.’s top extradition lawyer, Michael Caplan Q.C., who successfully represented General Pinochet when the Spanish government tried to extradite him to Spain for crimes against humanity.”

The McCanns went so far in their desire to propagate their mendacious narrative that they hired a Labour Party spin doctor, Clarence Mitchell, at £75,000 per annum. Mitchell claimed (on an Irish TV show) that it was ‘part of British culture’ to go on holiday and leave one’s young children on their own in their bedrooms, once they had gone to sleep, and then go off wining and dining without them. The McCanns have constantly excused and justified what was their conscious decision to put their own fun before their childrens’ welfare.

Mitchell wrapped Gordon Brown and Tony Blair around his fingers to exercise the local diplomatic community. He arranged for Gonçalo Amaral to be removed from the investigation. Mitchell also had links to the intelligence community who leaned on Mr. Smith to recant his eye-witness account. Under duress Mr. Smith agreed to a ‘watered-down’ statement. The spooks also had a go at the forensic lab that found 15 markers of Madeleine’s DNA. The forensics laboratory subsequently claimed that their findings had been compromised by their own DNA. The lab had been nobbled.

Ten years of lying has resulted in the McCanns being so independently wealthy that they never have to work again. As they swan around the world soliciting sympathy they can be seen giggling like schoolgirls in first class cabins.

The Great British Train Robbers made off with £2.6m and change. They were amateurs compared to the McCanns who made off with a larger quantum and have never been charged.






A Scotland State of Mind

In a previous article I referred to The Tartan Army as individuals who specialise in supporting mediocrity; a mediocre team that has not qualified for any World Cup Finals or European Championships since France 1998.

There was a sea change in Scottish football in 1988. David Murray paid a $1m cash bribe to Lawrence Marlborough and then set about destroying the game that we once held in high esteem.

He leaned on his cronies at The Bank of Rangers to put Celtic out of business in 1994. When McCann resuscitated the failing club he introduced two tax dodges to cheat his way to seventeen titles.

During this period of unprecedentedly tainted success, was there any ancillary benefits to the national side? No. Murray Inherited the spine of The England team and peppered his squad with players who earned their caps in other European countries.

The National team traditionally drew the majority of its players from those who turned up in light blue and green hoops on any given Saturday. They were augmented by the cream from Aberdeen and Dundee United, and those players such as Dalglish, Gemmell, Souness and Strachan who earned a better living in England.

Murray changed this tradition. Can one lay the blame solely at his door? No, there are other factors to consider when assessing a 19 years absence from the finals of major tournaments. One should also consider the gutless fraud that is Stewart Regan; a square cricket peg in a round football hole. Having expended the majority of his time creating a Frankenstein club, Rangers Lite, his creation bit the hand that fed with the recruitment of a motley crew of second tier foreign national journeymen. There is not one Rangers Lite player in Strachan’s squad that will face Lithuania and Malta.

The absence of the WhatsApp group from Primark Pedro’s caravan park in Auchenhowie came as no surprise, but I found Strachan’s decision not to call up players from Scotland’s second club, Aberdeen, somewhat puzzling. Aberdeen are on fine form with four wins out of four. They are scoring goals for fun. He might also rue his decision not to call up Callum McGregor who is playing his finest football under the tutelage of Rodgers. Rodgers has the Midas touch. He can make good players great.

Of my four teams that traditionally formed the core of the National squad only Celtic, with six call-ups, are represented. I would play five of these in my starting team, with Forrest coming off the bench to twist the tired blood of the defenders.

This squad will not qualify for the 2018 World Cup Finals. I do not want the inconsequential bounce game against Malta to be a sell-out. I want Regan, McRae and Petrie to squirm on their well-upholstered fundaments as the boos ring out on another ‘glorious failure.’ If Scotland lose to Lithuania, or the game fizzles out to a scoreless draw, it will be game over for the latest campaign of glorious failure. The budding mathematicians in our midst will grasp at sufficient strands to resolve Herzog–Schönheim conjecture, but the sinking feeling will be inevitable.

To gain the measure of Regan, one can revert to the 0-1 reverse to Georgia. There were eighteen seats on the contract hire plane with extra leg room.They should have been allocated to the first team. Regan was having none of it. He insisted that he required extra leg room.

To compound matters, the players were duly checked out from their hotel on the afternoon before the game. When news came through that their plane would be delayed until dawn, Regan checked back into his sumptuous suite and dressed for some fine dining with a large cognac as a night cap. He and his core cabal were then taken by limousine to the airport to stretch out on the superior seats.

The players’ bus by contrast dumped the players off at the airport leaving them to sleep on the floor. They had no choice but to eat at Burger King which was the only food outlet that was open.

Regan thinks that he is the ‘talent.’ Having cheated Celtic out of their rightful place in the 2011 UEFA qualifiers, Regan turned up at the CL Group Stage Draw in Monte Carlo last week to bask in the reflected glory of a team that he had cheated. This gutless fraud has no shame

The cloud of a Lithuanian reverse will have a silver lining. A critical mass will develop to demand that Regan is dismissed. He should be pensioned off to watch cricket.

On a final note one wonders whether Stuart Campbell, who writes Wings Over Scotland from his Georgian pile in Bath, is suitably buoyed by the resignation of his nemesis, Kezia Dugdale? She will be a loss to Scottish politics. Now that Campbell has been exposed as an Anglophile who has resided in England for the majority of Scotland’s two decades of glorious failure, will he remember to cheer for Scotland and not for his adopted country?

Dugdale may not have been a Corbynista. However she was not a fraud like Campbell.


A Stage-Managed Simulation

I have written a number of articles about the death of Madeleine McCann. I made the decision to withdraw these articles as I wanted to spend more time to research the subject. Circumstantial evidence is often used by police to sway juries to convict a defendant. However one will need much more to undermine a ten year campaign to exonerate the McCanns of any wrongdoing.

Prior to my considered thesis it’s important to note that the McCanns have used a significant proportion of the millions that they have raised to ‘find’ Madeleine to silence individuals who have pursued the truth.

One of the more disturbing aspects of the staged abduction is the statement by one of the so-called Tapas 7 Jane Tanner, who reported that she saw a strange man carrying a child from the direction of the McCann’s apartment. At the time Gerry McCann was apparently chatting to Jeremy Wilkins, however neither McCann nor Wilkins saw Tanner in the locus or during the timeline of their chat. Tanner was lying to support the abduction thesis. The Portuguese police’s investigation was subverted by a rogue witness.

Tanner’ statement was deemed to be a fabrication due to a major inconsistency in her narrative. She claimed she saw the man from five metres away. Both McCanns stated on a televised broadcast that Tanner had informed them that she had seen the ‘suspect’ from 50 metres away. The roadway was poorly lit yet Tanner claimed the man was wearing footwear that made him ‘fleet of foot.’  She was quite the liar. Was she hoping for a payoff from the British media as the last person to have seen Madeline alive? Tanner should have been charged with perverting the course of justice. Did she conspire with either of the McCanns to wrongfoot the police? The police who were increasingly looking at the McCanns as suspects?

Tanner’s evidence was so evidently a mendacious and flawed construct that the police did not issue a photo-fit. However Gordon Brown then became involved. After a call to the McCanns, in which they impressed upon him that the Portuguese team were suppressing details of a ‘suspect’, pressure was applied to the investigators to release the McCann/Tanner abduction squirrel.

Is a conspiracy to fabricate a suspect indicative of guilt? Can this conspiracy be dismissed as circumstantial?

Richard D Hall has produced a number of documentaries on Madeleine’s death. He makes the following points:

1. Madeline McCann died on or near 29th April 2007.

2. Madeline McCann’s corpse was concealed and then disposed of.

3. A hoaxed abduction was orchestrated on the 3rd May 2007.

4. UK security agencies assisted in the cover-up of her death.

Mr. Hall looks at four scenarios that could have had a causal link to her death:

A. An overdose of sedatives or other drugs.

B. A freak accident when the McCanns were present or neglectfully absent.

C. An unprovoked assault.

D. Death at the hands of a paedophile that she had been passed to.

The Portuguese Police report of 10th September 2007 asserted:

There is strong evidence that the crime scene was altered, and some furniture was moved around. Those changes are indications that the abduction was a stage-managed simulation.”

The following in italics is from a statement made by Kate McCann to the Policia Judiciaria (PJ):

She now presumes that they were under the effect of some sedative drug, that a presumed abductor administered to the three children in order to abduct Madeleine, a situation that Kate refers to being possible.”

Kate McCann called the PJ liaison officer to request a toxicology investigation of the twins for signs of sedation. Gerry McCann, when apprised of his wife’s call, called the PJ to cancel the request.

However the McCanns did agree to a toxicology test in the UK, five months after their stage-managed simulation. The results showed no indications of sedation. Were the twins actually present in the room when the staged simulation was in full cry? If they were not sedated they would have woken up. They had evidently been moved to another apartment prior to the ‘discovery.’

It only takes 200 hours for all traces of a sedative to no longer be discernible in the body. There was no evidence of sedation by the phantom abductor or the McCanns.

Scenario B is given credence by the PJ report which states:

The minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia Da Luz on the night of 3rd May, 2007. At this moment there seems to be no strong indications that the child’s death was other than the result of a tragic accident.”

Both the cadaver dog and the bloodhound identified an area behind the couch where Madeleine could have died. If this had been a tragic accident, why did the McCanns not contact the emergency services?

Were they out on ‘the lash’ having left Madeleine and the twins unattended, and having returned to their holiday rental in the wee small hours, had rigor mortis already set in? The McCanns seemed to be inconvenienced by their children. They placed them in a day creche during the day and abandoned them every evening.

However there is a more sinister possibility that cannot be discounted. A picture of Madeleine in full make up might be dismissed as a playful diversion common in girls of her age. Or at least it would be had it not been for the presence of  Dr. David Payne. When it was disclosed in the local media that Payne was one of the Tapas 7, Doctor Katerina Gaspar, who with her husband had previously been on vacation with the McCanns and the Paynes, contacted Leicestershire police and made the following statement:

I was sitting between Gerry (McCann) and Dave (Payne) and I think both were talking about Madeleine. I can’t remember the conversation in its entirety, but they seemed to be discussing a particular scenario. I remember Dave saying to Gerry something ‘she’ meaning Madeleine ‘would do this’

While he mentioned the word ‘this’ Dave was doing the action of sucking one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth, while with his other hand he was doing a circle around his nipple, with a circular movement around his clothes. This was done in a provocative way. There seemed to an explicit insinuation about what he was saying and doing. I remember being shocked by that.”

Her husband Sergio confirmed that he had not only seen Payne inquire whether Madeleine at two years old had been groomed to give blow jobs, but that McCann had been making similar inquiries about Payne’s daughter. As the men had established a routine where they would bathe all the children, Katerina and Sergio kept a close eye on McCann when their daughter was being bathed.

Leicestershire Police, who claimed to be assisting PJ, held on to their statements for six months, only passing them to PJ when Gonçalo Amaral had been removed by UK government pressure from the investigation. It was a line of inquiry that Amaral would have pursued. Had he pursued this line of inquiry it might have led to Clement Freud and his attacks on young girls. Is that why the security services were keen to keep a lid on her death? Could one of their assets be in any way involved in Madeleine’s death?

At the outset of this piece I stated my terms of reference and a desire to only engage in speculation where necessary.

All we know for certain is that Madeleine is dead and that her corpse has been moved from its initial hiding place to another location at the direction of the security services. Her corpse will never be found.

As for the McCanns, would you let Gerry McCann anywhere near your children? What was Kate McCann thinking of when making up her child in a sexualised manner? How can fathers of young children be allowed to openly discuss grooming their children to perform oral sex? Why did Leicestershire police not interview McCann and Payne?

Why have Leicestershire Social Services not pursued the McCanns for neglect? Surely they should have a duty of care to the twins and a commitment to safeguard them from a father who thinks nothing of grooming an infant for sex.

Was makeup applied to Madeleine as a precursor to paedophile activity? Is there a causal link from this activity to her demise?

The Portuguese knew from the outset that Madeleine was dead and that the McCanns had staged a simulated abduction. The McCanns have failed to silence Gonçalo Amaral who had their measure right from the start. Kate McCann’s claim of working with corpses to explain the cadaver dog detecting death was disingenuous in the extreme. She is a liar of the first ordure.

Read this article while it remains published. Take a screen shot. Carter-Ruck might soon demand that it’s removed. As we saw with Mr. Bennet, the McCanns will stop at nothing to subvert the truth.




The Man Who Would Be King

Based on a short story by Rudyard Kipling, The Man Who Would Be King is an adventure film which follows the exploits of Peachy Carnehan and Danny Dravot, English military officers stationed in India. Tired of life as soldiers, the two travel to the isolated land of Kafiristan, where they are ultimately embraced by the people and revered as rulers. After a series of misunderstandings, the natives come to believe that Dravot is a god, but he and Carnehan can’t keep up their deception forever.”


The following transcript, in italics typeface, is taken from an article written by a South African financial journalist. I will add bold typeface to highlight the main takeaways:

Thursday afternoon’s joint media statement from the parties was a surprise. First because the settlement was far below the R2.7bn the tax court had awarded in SARS’s favour. And secondly because of the suddenly humble, extremely accommodative language attributed to King. The former tax fugitive maintained media silence after the announcement. So we were delighted to have him to chat to us on CNBC Africa’s PowerLunch on Friday. This was the first time King spoke publicly after the record settlement. Here’s the interview:

ALEC HOGG: Dave King is on the line with us. Nice to talk to you, Dave. I believe you were partying last night.

DAVE KING: Ja, I must say I did have a little bit of a party with my legal team in particular. As you know Alec, you’ve been involved in this matter for a long time, It’s been many, many long and difficult years. We did feel it quite appropriate after we left the court to go and have a little party.

ALEC HOGG: I was trying to work it out. It goes back to Specialised Outsourcing 17 years ago, but when did you start with the legal challenge?

DAVE KING: The issues with SARS arose around about 2000, so that’s 13 years ago. But from a litigation point of view in terms of the public eye and where you were probably perhaps first informed was 2002 when SARS got our first attachment order against our South African assets, so that’s over 11 years of high-profile litigation.

ALEC HOGG: How do you come to a figure of R706m? Clearly there would have been a lot of negotiation, but there must have been some rationality to it?

DAVE KING: There was no calculation as such to say ‘we came to a specific number’, it was very much a negotiation. There was an element of it. And where we really got to a figure was when I in fact started to engage seriously with SARS probably from about 2010. I found during the course of that exchange, as I started to give SARS some more information and SARS had a very, I think positive interaction with me. So despite the litigation, SARS was saying to me ‘David if you actually come clean and share everything with us; we know you haven’t done it up until now .’ I think it was fairly obvious there were criminal charges. There was a lot going on and I was just very determined to keep a tight lid on the information flow. But what I found was once I opened up to SARS and they started looking for information – started getting more information from me – we were able to refine and get a number of things I think that SARS thought…what was fair to the State and I thought was fair in the amount of tax that I should pay.

ALEC HOGG: You’re pretty contrite in the statement that came out last night saying that it was a mistake not to cooperate. Very different from the earlier Dave King.

DAVE KING: Yes. I think, as I was saying a couple of moments ago, when this whole thing started in 2002 I adopted a bit of a siege mentality. I saw it as an onslaught.

There were criminal charges and fraud allegations. There were exchange control issues and I really kind of took this onslaught approach. And I was genuinely – in fact very, very pleasantly surprised, when I did engage with SARS. They were tough in their negotiations, but I did find they were fair. They were open and if I look back, it is something that I regret that I didn’t do sooner.

ALEC HOGG: You also say you will be filing all the tax returns from your family. How many are outstanding?

DAVE KING: I’ve not filed any tax returns since 2002, so it’s about 11 years of tax returns I’ve got to get up to speed with.

ALEC HOGG: That’s a lot of work.

DAVE KING: There’s still a bit of admin to be done. We’ve got to the settlement which is the most important thing. There’s still quite a bit of paperwork that I’ve got to put in place, and it does involve me restructuring parts of my agreement with SARS with SARB. I’ll completely regularise my affairs; not only my tax affairs but exchange control compliance. It means a lot of assets that were previously held in offshore trusts, will now come into a South African Trust. So there’s more to this situation than really a financial statement. I have given an undertaking to the State. I’ve got this new chance. I will get my affairs in order and I will just make sure that I maintain a level of absolute total compliance and transparency going forward. It’s nice in a way to have a clean slate going forward.

ALEC HOGG: Dave, two other issues that I’d like to touch on briefly. First of all: Rangers Football Club, the great love of your life I suppose, outside of your family. You’ve been a director of the club. It has gone through all kinds of difficult times lately. Now that you’ve got this monkey off your back, are you going to be able to focus and maybe help rescue it?

DAVE KING: It’s something that’s on my mind. In fact I have had discussions over the last couple of months with the club, They will need some more funds. I’ll be interested in putting additional funds in by way of a rights issue, but what I’m not keen to do, is an acquisition of existing shareholders where the money goes to them and not into the club.

ALEC HOGG: You’ll get a lot of Scotsmen very happy to hear that news. And MICROmega, your company listed on the JSE, you did take over as the executive chairman a while back. The share price was up 27% yesterday. A potential Specialised Outsourcing?

DAVE KING: Well, I think if one looks at MICROmega, we have actually done quite a lot of work with the group. The unfortunate thing that MICROmega has had hanging over it for the last number of years, was SARS attaching the shares. So both from an employee perspective and from a shareholder perspective, people were saying ‘if I get involved with a share or I do this or I do that, is it possible the shares can then be taken away?’ So I think it is really good news from a MICROmega shareholder’s point of view and an employee point of view. I think as Adrian Lackay (or SARS) said in his interview, it gives me time to go forward with MICROmega. We’ve got a lot of value in the group. I declined an offer – an unsolicited offer – about two months ago to buy one of our South African subsidiaries for a value that’s over twice the market capitalisation of the company. So we understand that there’s strong inherent worth there. But as I say it really was seriously affected by the overhang of the SARS issue. From an internal point of view, we can now grow. There’s a lot of good things happening in the group, and I can now focus on MICROmega. I’m hoping for some pretty strong results from the group over the coming years.


King talks a good game about turning over a new leaf, but a closer look at his activities betrays his criminal intent. This interview was conducted on the 1st September, 2013. Laxey Partners refused to sell their shares to King. Colin Kingsnorth, a RRM of many years standing, threatened to call security to escort King from his premises. Kingsnorth could see right through this two-bit spiv.

Hogg touches on Specialist Outsourcing. Having pumped up the share price out of all proportions with improbable financial returns, King briefed analysts that he was in it for the long haul, while simultaneously selling his entire stake at the back door. When the price started to flag in response to his systemic dumping of the shares, he called the analysts to inform them that he was buying some more. He propped up the price until all that was left was a hollowed-out husk. Everyone who backed King lost their shirts. A few months earlier King, using a fraudulent business card with A.C.C.A. after his name, solicited funds from a Johannesburg orphanage. They lost everything. The children were left to roam the streets to beg. King did not lose a wink’s sleep over his shares heist. He has no social conscience.

Having manipulated the shares at Specialist Outsourcing with ease, King then turned his hand to The Rangers International Football Club. Paul Murray delivered King’s £25,000 in cash to Bill Stevenson for his hacked data. James Traynor then established a Twitter account, Charlotte Fakeovers, to publish sensitive information that painted the board in a poor light. The shares duly plummeted to an unprecedented low of 18p from their issue price of 70p, which was King’s cue to buy 14.57% from existing shareholders.

King used a trust fund, New Oasis Asset Ltd, to acquire his equity in RIFC. The South African Reserve Bank allows a maximum of circa £590,000 in foreign investment in any given year for trust funds. King’s shares in RIFC cost circa £2.1m. Which leads to the question of how he managed to circumvent exchange controls? All his assets and cash reserves, as part of the deal to avoid an 82 years prison sentence, have been repatriated to South Africa. Is King in default of the South African Prosecution Authority’s deal, or did a third party offset King’s restrictions with a £1.5m loan?

One can safely conclude that the Park family are exposed in RIFC as King is stymied by FOREX controls. How convenient for the concert party carpetbagger.

One wonders when the natives of Govan will wake up to the fact that they have been worshipping a false god?